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  1. They are located in the cruise terminal as you exit. You set it up then.
  2. Yes, you are able to walk to the Quarter. We had a later flight, so we looked around the Ogden museum.
  3. It wasn’t the best barbecue in the world, but my husband and I enjoyed the taste and variety. The music was fine. There were some very enthusiastic people listening to the band and dancing along.
  4. When I had dinner at Q on the Bliss this month, our reservation was for 8:15 and the band was already playing when we sat down. During our meal they took a break, then came on for their second set as we were leaving.
  5. I’ve done the Haven on the Breakaway earlier this year and then the Bliss a week ago in Alaska. I love it. It was an amazing space on the Bliss. It was never crowded at all! That really allows me to unwind almost immediately. Plus there are some nice perks, such as Haven staff taking you to the front of a very long line to get on the ship as the weather in port gets colder and windier. As well as whisking you past the crowded elevators.
  6. I saw it on the Bliss. It was very high energy and fun. If you like pop music/concerts, you’ll enjoy it. I saw the production in Chicago this summer as well.
  7. I’ve cruised on both ships. The Symphony last year out of Barcelona and the Breakaway in March out of New Orleans. You can’t go wrong either way. There are a lot of activities on both to keep you busy. I was more impressed by the Symphony’s design. I loved the Central Park and Boardwalk sections. I also appreciated the original art work throughout the ship. The design of the Breakaway wasn’t that special to me, outside of what the Haven offers. I did like the Waterfront concept. The comedy was better on Norwegian.
  8. The Latisse was $60. I don’t remember the name of the pharmacy. Our excursion was in Playa del Carmen (we took the ferry over) and there were pharmacies everywhere! I’m sure the price would have been better off the beaten track. The Haven on the Breakaway has a small dipping pool, a small shallow pool with loungers, and 2 hot tubs.
  9. The Haven- being without it is not a cruise deal breaker, but boy was it nice! I found that there were a lot of places on the ship where we didn’t linger because of the Haven. We certainly stuck to the Haven restaurant for our meals because it was awesome. It’s just nice to have people that know who you are and what you like. It’s also nice avoiding lines and taking care of all services in one area. The sun deck was for ages 16+. Not too many kids were in the Haven area in general during the day and the pool and hot tubs were rarely used. We had two bottles of sparkling wine and a bottle of water for “free” in our cabin when we arrived. Butler- we asked for menus for some of the specialty restaurants and requested dinner be served in our room two nights out of the cruise. I also requested a pitcher of tea and pitcher of lemonade be kept in the fridge. Thermal Suite- not very relaxing. There was a lot of talking. The Haven was quieter, so I stayed there. Plus we had a spa room, so I just used the jacuzzi tub in the room. Best feature of the Breakaway- The Waterfront. Would have hung out there more if it wasn’t for the Haven. Most popular entertainment- Syd Norman’s Pour House. It was packed every night. Standing room only. Sometimes I would just listen to the show from the Waterfront area. The comedians were also popular, and funny. Harvest Caye- yes, the Deluxe Beach Villa’s are worth it, even if just for two people. Cozumel/Playa del Carmen- apparently a place to get medications, so I got some Latisse. The Port of New Orleans- embarkation was somewhat chaotic, but this may have just been due to Mardi Gras traffic woes. The Advance Check In luggage transfer service was great. I was glad not to have to carry my luggage around since we had a late flight and wanted to walk around the city a bit.
  10. So, I just got off the Breakaway on Sunday and used Advance Check In to transport my luggage from the cruise terminal to the airport. I’m happy to say that it all worked as described! They were easy to find in the cruise terminal and at the airport. We had a late flight and were looking for a luggage storage option so that we could roam around the city for a few hours.
  11. I boarded last week and things were chaotic. The Haven line was not well marked.
  12. Just got back from Harvest Caye last week! My husband and I booked a beach villa through the website just like any excursion. If they aren’t listed, you can always check with the Haven concierge to see if they are still available once you board. We really enjoyed the day.
  13. I took the train from Madrid to Barcelona a few years back and it was an easy way to travel. There was one snag though, my early train was cancelled and just tacked onto the next train departing the station. Due to my poor Spanish language skills and inexperience with rail travel, I was a little confused at the time (I didn’t need a new ticket and had the same seat), but it all worked out.
  14. Thanks for posting this! I plan to take note of the sights along the river on my next cruise.
  15. I tried to order just a Pepsi from a bar one night on the Sun and the bartender was trying to convince me that I needed rum in it! You just order away. Since everyone has access to the drinks service is quick.
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