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  1. Regarding the taking of photos, the last cruise contract I read said said the line could take anyone's photo and use it how they wished. Getting angry about being photographed in a public place is a bit like getting angry because someone is using an electronic device. But we all do have our personal peeves.
  2. We find you need to be proactive if you want wine by the glass paired with each course or more than one glass of wine. We let the waiter know that we want our wine before the food is served and tell the sommelier the same thing. They usually make it happen. It only takes once for the food to be served and be allowed to sit until the wine arrives for them to get the message that you really do want you wine "paired" with your food. Because we are picky about the wine service we either do traditional dining or select dining at a table for two. Select dining and joining a larger table can be ackward it no one else is having wine by glass IMHO. Wine by the bottle seems to get more sommelier attention.
  3. Not loyal to any cruise line. Like many of them. For us Celebrity works when they offer an interesting itinerary. We like the large inside and outside cabins (compared to others like Princess, smaller Oceania ships, etc.); not interested in paying for a suite on any of the mass market lines; too pricey and delivers very little value for us. So our loyalty depends on what kind of vacation we are looking for. True travel, total relaxation, or a combination. Nice to have the choices.
  4. Celebrity's room service is better. Can order off of the MDR menu for lunch (sea days) and dinner.
  5. Anyone? Hate to open new thread to ask about refund policy?
  6. Thanks for all the information. Mostly likely will just wait for the Elite status. It is very helpful know all the details everyone provided.
  7. Can reach elite tier with 3 more points. Next cruise is 12 nights. Is there a way to get the 3 points added during the cruise? Any ideas. Thanks.
  8. So if you book early online, can you cancel later if you decide not to go the first night? Say about 2 weeks out from the cruise? Thanks.
  9. What are the hours for Cellar Masters? Are there any food options? On Princess, Vines with food from the International Cafe made for a great lunch option, is there a way to experience similar on Celebrity? Thanks for the list.
  10. So is everyone saying you must play all your NR OBC once? On Princess we might have $250 OBC but only played about $20 worth on video poker and then cashed all of the remaining out. Once the NR OBC was loaded into the machine there was no difference between it and cash on the account.
  11. So on Princess, was able to load NR OBC into a video poker machine, then play a few times and cash out. Did this twice with no problem. Ended up even on the two sessions. This does give you the chance to end up losing a bit. Can you do this on Celebrity?
  12. The information and menus in this thread are great! Anyone have a theory on what time to eat if you have Select Dining? In the Caribbean? We prefer the room to be a bit quiet with not every table used. Thanks.
  13. Wow, the world is just too sensitive. Soon no Halloween or Santa Claus. IMHO, expecting everyone to be concerned about an item of entertainment or marketing is not realistic. But if something bothers you it is good to point it out, just don't expect everyone to agree. Also demonizing companies and people over it may be a bit much.
  14. Yes, each person in the cabin can have a different package. Wow, seems like alot of plastic being used. I thought the lines were changing over to reuseble containers for water except for excursion use. Hope you find your solution.
  15. Love that the promotion includes Inside Cabins. We have reserved an inside on Apex with 3 perks for a good rate!
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