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  1. So back to the original question... People (i.e. the mass market cruiser) now expects : Larger stable ships. unlimited internet vs. a $10/minute phone call. TV on demand programming. Outdoor movies and music. Accessiblity for cabins and all public areas. Larger cabins with larger bathrooms. Longer serving times in buffets, etc. More variety in entertainment. Quiet areas for adults only. Children's programs. Specialty restaurants. Drink package options. Late night options for drinking, dancing, dining... Non formal options Low costs. Cruising changed because the public changed. Luckily there are many lines serving a wide variety of tastes/wishes.
  2. How do you get notice of a sale? Email? Celebrity wide offer? Checking your booking? Thanks.
  3. They have one pool with a lift but a family member must be trained to use the lift, solo bathers or those who cannot or would not want to be hoisted into a pool are excluded from using the swimming pools onboard. The lift may be the solution Princess is providing. There probably is some concern about people using stairs with mobility issues internally with corporate insurance etc. Hope that you find a solution that you are comfortable with.
  4. Seabourn has hosted tables almost every night and most cruisers get invited at least once. So the people who like a hosted table normally get to attend a few times. They are hosted by different staff members and menu is exactly the same as other tables. It is fun for people who are like meeting new people and socializing. Also if you are booking suites on Princess, Seabourn is in your price range :).
  5. Some cards have a lookback period. Ours is 60 days for pre-existing. Check the terms and definitions closely.
  6. GeoBlue Choice defines Primary Plan as A Primary Plan is a Group Health Benefit Plan, an individual health benefit plan, or certain governmental health plan (including Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans) designed to be the first payor of claims for a Covered Person prior to the responsibility of this Plan. Medicaid, state run Medicaid programs, and Veterans Administration health benefit plans are not considered a primary plan under this Certificate of Coverage. GeoBlue Essential does not require a Primary Plan. So interpret that however is safest. I am not an expert :).
  7. Some private insurance covers out of county costs. So for some people their credit card coverage and their private insurance is enough. Was for us for years. Now many policies have changed including high deductibles so GeoBlue works well. And there are two forms of GeoBlue - one that works with a Primary private insurer and another that works with Medicare. You have to look at the details and know what you want to insure - there are always limits and items not covered. Just getting insurance may not cover what you want covered.
  8. Looking at the Princess website, there are a few cabins available on the TA. So your offer may have expired, but maybe another will come along. You got a very good rate so either way, you win!
  9. How old is this menu? Good choices but the current wines by the glass seem to be different and cost more? Thanks.
  10. Pools are an area where Princess is different. Depending on the ship, there are typically 4 pools, 2 which are adult only. There will be the Movies under the Stars screen at one and at night the movie will be well attended. NCL buffet and pub style eatery may be better than Princess's older ships. Princess has the Piazza with the International Cafe which has included lighter fare. NCL cabins are laid out differently. In particular the NCL balcony cabins have small sofas. Princess has a closet area. If you get an included drink package, on Princess you won't pay for the tips seperately. NCL nightime entertainment is generally more modern. Dinner dining seems comparable with NCL having more specialty dining offerings. Of course tastes vary and some will hate one line or the other. NCL has more dining and entertainment that can be booked before boarding. You will need to list actual ships to compare. Because even on the same line the smaller or older ships are very different from the newer ones.
  11. Agree with Coral's example. Also even if the group organizer does not have an expense charged by Princess; they may place a value on a spot at the "event" after all they don't allow other passengers to attend; spots are limited. Anything unique is enough for them to not want to refare. Not saying it is right or that maybe you could negotiate??
  12. Yes, ombud explained how their TA does that group. But each group is probably different and is treated differently as far as price matching, refaring and rebooking. Each group has different perks such as group events so are probably treated differently. My TA has a block booking that seems to be treated a bit differently. So far to the advantage but who knows for next comparision?
  13. Have heard that they serve soup. Any comments on the soup?
  14. I've know someone who loves to tell a "good" story. Since it does not hurt anyone it does not matter if it is not "exact". Would give him the benefit of the doubt.
  15. I missed this announcement. No balloons ever??
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