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  1. On the Anthem can you walk indoors from the WJ to the indoor pool area? We are trying not to go out doors while we are on the cruise in the winter.
  2. Bumps, bad food can happen anywhere. Getting back to food, that is subjective to the individual. I can have the same dish and I could love it and my wife could hate it. I always take things in stride. What I love about cruising is, as soon you get on the ship you unpack, and everything is at your fingertips.
  3. Did you have dinner in the main dinning room?
  4. Anyone currently on the Anthem? How are the sea's, and so far can you please give an update on food, and entertainment and anything else.
  5. Obvious question. Crossing the Atlantic this time of the year, was it rocky or smooth?
  6. With all travel I book directly with Air, Hotel,Car Rental,Cruise. For the simple reason if I have a problem I can go directly to company and not the 3rd party online vendor. I have seen too many times, when people have booked a 3rd party online vendor and when they had an issue, nothing but problems trying too get corrected. This is my opinion after working in the travel industry for almost 40 years.
  7. When are you suppose to arrive in CoCO Cay and for how long are you staying before heading back to NJ?
  8. I think I would have rather gone to Port Canaveral and Nassau then Bayonne.
  9. But you paid for an 8 day cruise and if you stayed on your only getting 5 days. So you are probably better off rescheduling your cruise.
  10. Just watched the weather on NBC Local News. Looks like after Monday smooth sailing. Is RCCL offering any freebies because of the delay?
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