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  1. lbfluffy

    Prominade deck on Grand

    Thank you for the answers. We plan to do a lot of walking.
  2. lbfluffy

    Prominade deck on Grand

    I can’t remember how many laps,equal mile on that deck. Also last cruise high winds closed the stairs when going around the deck so I had to cut across. Is there a better walking deck?
  3. Does Manzanillo take American dollars?
  4. lbfluffy

    Photography package on Grand

    Yes I think it is a bit high.
  5. We leave on December 3rd. Currently on our 10 day it is $199 for the all inclusive photo package. We paid $99 last year on our 15 day. I’m debating if we should do it, but shoot we still have a ton from last cruise. I love photos, but I can tell all the posing aggravates my hubby. Looks like the price won’t go down.
  6. I just did that myself. I originally paid $52 a day now it is $49 a day.
  7. lbfluffy

    Las Caletas Beach bathroom/changing room?

    Yes this is my favorite excursion. We go everytime. It is a bit dark in the bathrooms, but not a big deal.
  8. lbfluffy

    Apple watch

    Great suggestion. Thank you
  9. lbfluffy

    Apple watch

    Thats great to know
  10. lbfluffy

    Apple watch

    Thank you. Yes we have time changes on our cruise so my husband will wear is other watch as well.
  11. lbfluffy

    Apple watch

    I have an Apple Watch with cellular. I just got it and am excited to get my activity in. I do not want to use my cellular or internet so that I don’t get charged. Is it best to turn the cellular off and put it in Airplane mode? Will I still get my rings? I’m so technology challenged, but my hubby wanted to get me something for Christmas, I know early but he does that.
  12. lbfluffy

    What's Your Favorite Drink?

    I love the Moscow Mule
  13. lbfluffy

    Lesson learned I hope

    Yes the 3pm was the time the final boarding was allowed. I guess the way she said it was confusing. I know there are different boarding time. But the 3 pm time was the final time they could board. Her mom sister and niece were in different vehicle and had to drive up to get her since her car broke down.
  14. lbfluffy

    Beverage package discounts?

    It would have been nice to have it on that cruise. We booked a little too late. But we got a great deal, our agent gave us a group rate. It worked for us because they had the buy one get one for $1, but I read those are gone.