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  1. I just tried this so hopefully it will work. I guess I will find out shortly.
  2. Not necessarily everyone but, to a high degree. At least it would be able to prevent an outbreak and that is all we can ask for.
  3. Sure thing....here is the link to Princess's announcement: Princess Cruises Pause Extension Into 2021 The first page has the language with the third bullet point and the last page shows the cancellations for the Ruby out of SFO at least through the middle of Sept, as far as the cancellation list goes.
  4. I believe those are on the list of cancellations per Princess. That's where I was getting my information. Note the third bullet point. • All cruises sailing through March 31, 2021 • All cruises longer than seven days sailing in and out of United States ports through November 1, 2021 • A small number of other cruises that will no longer be commercially feasible (see list below)
  5. Well, all cruises from California ports looked to be on the cancellation list at least through September 2021, even the ones that are under 8 days. It kind of looks like the Ruby out of SF and Crown out of LA are not going to get the green light even if they do resume operations in the spring. They may have had to work out some schedules with Carnival, which also sails out of those two areas. Whether they actually resume operations here in California in early 2021 is another story ... maybe they will, maybe they won't. I can't believe we're in another lockdown status here. Our numbers wer
  6. Since you will hit spring break and if things with CoVid have been brought under control, there will be a fair number of kids in on a Caribbean sailing ... if it is 7 days or less. We went during spring break once and it was a bit too crazy for me. Life on the ship was ok because it was controlled but, the ports of call were an absolute zoo. I wouldn't do it again.
  7. You may want to try again, I read that they were allowing an equal move from one ship to the other. I saw this posted on FB: (I know, I know, FB isn't the end all) "Good news - Celebrity is offering price protection on cancelled Edge sailings if they move to the Celebrity Silhouette."
  8. I read that the Health Secretary of the US Dept of Health and Human Services stated that Pfizer has a $2B contract for 100 million doses and an option for 500 million more. While I am not sure how these vaccines will be distributed but, the contract is with the US so, my assumption is that they would be made available to US residents. In the recent article below, Army General Gus Perna, who has been put in charge of Operation Warp Speed, went into his operations center where the plan to get the vaccine out to 300 million Americans by next spring is being orchestrated by military speci
  9. If the longer cruises have no chance of actually happening (until next November if out of a US port ... unless the order is modified), why would anyone purchase those extras? Am I misinterpreting your post?
  10. I tend to book on the Caribe deck whenever possible and usually have never been bothered by the ability of someone above looking down onto 'my space'. There was one time, though, I was standing at the railing while sailing through the inside passage, this total stranger from the Baja deck shouted down to me, "I sure wish I had a bucket of water to dump on your head right now". What the heck is wrong with people? Did he really think this was funny? Well, it wasn't ... guess he was in dire need of attention, regardless of how negative it was. Too bad that experience stuck with me ... this
  11. I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing to focus their marketing campaigns on younger generations, especially during the time of CoVid, which does tend to have a disproportionate impact on the health and outcomes in older populations. We are both Baby Boomers but, don't place any blame on cruise lines taking whatever measures are necessary to remain financially stable. Time will tell if their strategy works. I for one, love the all inclusive pricing. Princess began offering it even before the pandemic for approximately $40 per day pp over and above their base fare, which is an ex
  12. Bravo! Many key statements made here! Thank you for posting.
  13. I'd do it .... but, it would be great if they sailed out of my home port of San Francisco. Maybe Princess would let me volunteer, especially now that they put a hold on my 2 week cruise.
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