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  1. Great! I am still waiting for mine which was a month earlier and a couple more than were later. Glad to see someone is getting their money back.
  2. Again ... I never said it was going to happen ... which is why I said, 'that is another question'! There were exemptions given in these cases ... but I guess I should have used the word, 'exception' for the nit pickers. I've read they are / were looking into it ... that was my only point.
  3. It's not what 'I want', it is what the administrative powers that be will do.There are exemptions to the PVSA given under extreme circumstances without changing the law via congress. Whether or not this would be an extreme circumstance is not a decision for any of us here on these boards to make. I highly doubt it will happen .. again, this is why I stated 'that would be another question'.
  4. I was kind of thinking that same thing. They still have to keep the ships in operating order, even though the crew required would be at a minimum. Even if they lost money on taking a cruise out in August, it might be worth it for them in the long run in consumer confidence. ???
  5. Exactly why I said 'that would be another question'. Times are different than ever before. It really would depend on how badly the US government is willing to get business back up and running. Even though cruiselines are not paying US taxes, a lot of US businesses (and tax payers) are affected by the shutdown. Nothing political here ...
  6. Count me in on that cruise without any stops, especially if it were up in Alaska where the scenery is the main attraction! Just think, it would even keep the port charges to a minimum. But, I realize that is just me as I am not one to travel for the ports as much as for cruise itself.... oftentimes, we don't even get off when in the ports. At 50% capacity, that would be a dream cruise IMO. I see that Canada is considering allowing cruiselines to stop to pick up supplies but, no passengers can get off the ship and of course, no embarkation / disembarkation in one of their ports. I don't know how this would work out in light of US maritime laws. I'm sure when the cruiselines start back up, they request an exception to the PVSA .. whether or not they get it, that is another question.
  7. That should not be a problem unless you completely switched banks with your credit card. For example, there is a big box store that used to accept American Express and a few years back, they switched to Visa. The American Express card, on which I had paid for a cruise, was discontinued. When I had to cancel, there was nowhere to refund the money. It was fixed but not without quite a bit of hassle and that was during normal times. If you simply had to get a card replacement because of a data breach but, used the same bank, there should be absolutely no problem. They have an account for you which has your old and new card numbers on file. It should all transfer over to that account.
  8. No, it's for Bottom Line Technologies but, they handle the checks for certain refunds from Princess, amongst other companies. For example, we had refundable OBC from one of our Princess cruises and were paid via a check via Bottomline Technologies. Another time, we got a check for a Future Cruise Deposit that had expired ... again, through this company that contracts with Princess.
  9. There are some premium OV cabins that I've seen. For example, the Grand has a few premium OV cabins, forward on the Lido and a few at the very aft on the Aloha deck. The ones on the lido are a bit larger and have floor to ceiling windows and the ones on the Aloha deck have a view of the wake. I think a few of the grand (and maybe crown) class ships have the aft ones. But, maybe (repeat, maybe) the Grand is the only one with the Lido premium OV cabins as described above. I think they are balcony cabins on other grand class ships.
  10. I think this may be the number you are looking for: RegionUS and Canada Contact Emailmemberservices@paymode-x.com Phone Number+1 877.443.6944 Phone HoursMonday - Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM ET
  11. Some banks have a longer than usual delay in posting the refunds to make sure there is no fraud involved. The delay could actually be caused by working through the dispute so you won't get the refund x 2. Not criticizing you at all .. just explaining what I've learned through this whole debacle.
  12. You pretty much covered it ... I would like to add gift card reimbursement to the list. I guess we will just wait and see.
  13. I agree as well ... the new search function is terrible now. I've found a trick or two to get down to what I am looking for but, it was still made to be very user UNfriendly.
  14. We just received a portion of a refund today for an April 4th sailing. Two different credit cards were used and although my TA mentioned that it would go back on the credit card on file, that is not what we are seeing ... well, hopefully not anyway. I believe the banks have different processing times on posting these credits ... hopefully, the other one with the larger amount on it is just a day or so behind.
  15. I certainly will. I am only seeing a partial refund for my one cruise as it was paid for on two different credit cards. The one card already posted it ... the refund on the other card is probably just sitting in pending status for the time being. Some are probably quicker than others on processing these refunds. But again, I will definitely come back and relay information regarding refunds for my May sailing ... only one credit card used in conjunction with an FCD and gift card.
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