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  1. I contacted my TA and told him need a gallon of distilled water! He contacted Celebrity and they will have it in my room upon arrival! Friends did this numerous times for their CPAP machine!
  2. Can anyone tell me where Celebrity Ships are now docking in Barcelona? We will be boarding the Constellation on Transatlantic November 6th!
  3. In Barcelona the Hop On Hop Off bus is great to see so much! You can pick it up at Plaza Cataluna! Sagrada Familia should not be missed! Book the tickets online! We book our tickets for about an hour before sunset! When the sun is setting it is incredible coming thru the stain glass window! The cathedral is an amazing thing to see!
  4. Years ago Celebrity did a Wine Cruise from Ensenada to Seattle! We boarded buses at the Marriott near the and were driven to Ensenada. Overnight we sailed up to San Diego and spent day there! Each port we could bring wine back to our cabin!😃 We then visited San Pedro, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Astoria, Oregon, Victoria, BC & Finally Seattle! If Celebrity did this again I would book it!
  5. We meet cruise line agents in the arrival hall last year! They walk around with signs for your cruise lines! You literally can’t miss them they are that visible!
  6. Each person in cabin gets the same benefits ! So each of you gets one bag on your 11 night cruise!
  7. If this is just a day stop for your ship just take the shuttle to WTC! This is near Las Ramblas where there is so much to see and do! It lead up to Plaza Cataluna! The main market is on this street and El Cortes Ingles (department store) has amazing restaurant on top floor! At Plaza Cataluna you can get the Hop On Hop Off bus!
  8. I never thought Celebrity would get rid of the Century, Galaxy and Mercury since they were able to enter all the ports in Bermuda! I was wrong since they dock at the Dockyards and if passengers want to visit the other towns must take the buses and ferry! Celebrity fills the ships going there & saves # of ships needed for same number passengers! I have been surprised that since the line has received new builds that none of the older ships have been sold off! If they do decide on selling off one of their ships when the next new builds arrive I expect it may be Constellation! She is not expected to be revolutionized next drydock! Summit seems to be a favorite when there is a ship needed for a charter!
  9. Yes, the retaliation we are talking about would cause a domino affect! KLM possibly could be denied access to U.S. airports! Wonder what would happen to KLM & Delta’s sharing then? Hopefully Netherlands and U.S. can come to a compromise!
  10. I was surprised that JetBlue may loose their landing rights at Amsterdam for next summer! https://thepointsguy.com/news/jetblue-amsterdam-flights-cuts/
  11. Last year we were on the Edge Transatlantic last year to Ft Lauderdale and the disembarkation was awlful! Global Entry wasn’t even being used! The lines for everything was outrageous! The Federal Government has two different systems for cruise ships arriving !😡
  12. The port the cruise ships are being forced to dock at is about 20 minutes from airport but 30-40 minutes from downtown Barcelona by walking. It is Moll Adossat!
  13. We have had Global Entry for many years and the technology has improved drastically since then! Today you just walk up to scanner and the agent tells you you ok! First step is to submit your application. If you’re unable to get an interview it can be done upon your arrival back in the U.S. from overseas! This was a big change from when it first started. Highly recommend Global Entry! We have used it often and only had positive experiences!
  14. Yesterday we visited MGM Empire City Casino in Yonkers, NY! We gave the MGM Membership Desk our Celebrity #’s and MGM Card! We are Elite Plus and they upgraded us to Gold! Great because in about a week going to Las Vegas! Since we are Gold do not pay Resort fees!
  15. We did tour #2 back in beginning of November and found it interesting! We are 74 & 70 and didn’t find the tour tiring!
  16. Gunnywife, We are on the Celebrity Silhouette sailing out of Southampton on July 13th! We were wondering what company are you using to go from Heathrow to Southampton? This is our first visit to the UK!
  17. We sailed out of Miami with Celebrity September 2021! There were signs and employees at every step in the process to guide us! We were extremely satisfied with Celebrity and their boarding process!
  18. Yes, we actually had diner with the travel agent who did the arrangements for the family! It was a very festive cruise and often they had activities everyone onboard joined in to! Family loved what Celebrity did for this wedding!
  19. The wedding was not huge! There were about 30 people besides the bride & groom! About seven years ago we were on a cruise where over 500 people were attending a wedding onboard! It was an American Guy and an American-Indian Woman! They had a fantastic time!
  20. My Wife and myself were on the Edge just prior to Covid! We watched a beautiful wedding being held in BLU! The venue is beautiful enough already normally but had it fixed up for this wedding! in 2024 we are having our 50th anniversary and thinking of having renewal ceremony onboard!
  21. We purchased $300 Euros from our local AAA office! AAA doesn’t charge any transaction fees for anything over $200. Banks will often add a transaction fee on the purchase price. On previous travel to Europe we were able to find ATM’s associated with our bank. We weren’t charged foreign transaction fees! I doubt we will ever find this again! We flew in to Venice and at the airport they had luggage carts! They had a change machine that if you input a dollar it gave you a EURO! At that time the rate of exchange was extravagant! People were lining up exchanging their dollars!
  22. We were on deck 11 the week after they installed the outdoor movie! In our cabin we heard nothing from the movie and was surprised since Star Wars was playing! All during the cruise, in my opinion, we heard very little noise!
  23. Susa, Go online and find flights you want! Then contact Flights by Celebrity! previously I have given them my flights!
  24. We are on the Celebrity Edge at end of October from Rome to Ft Lauderdale? We were wondering what the weather will be like in Rome Cartagena,,Corsica, Mallorca, Gibraltar & Bermuda! Will it be like the U.S. Northeastern temperatures and should be pack this way? Thanks!
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