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  1. I agree but for a different reason. We don't know which ships Carnival used to secure their recent loans. If it was 'most ships' then the Cunard ships are likely to be included, if it was 'all of their ships' then obviously the Cunard ships were included. So selling the Cunard brand, and the ships, may allow them to pay back some of that debt and avoid the future interest payments but wouldn't raise large sums of cash.
  2. Ah! We both posted at the same time. I've just noticed "anchor" symbols against some ports on other cruises suggesting that they are planning to dock at all your ports. So that's good news. If they were doing evening tours and sailing very late (or even in the early hours) I'd expect to see the departure listed as "Late Night" rather than "Late PM" but anything's possible.
  3. Just realised that neither the website nor brochure say whether you're scheduled to dock, or tender so they're no help. On our last visit to Iceland in 2015 we couldn't get in to Ísafjörður because of the weather so can't tell you anything about it. Apparently this is not uncommon. There is a dock and Google Maps satellite view actually shows a cruise ship docked there but whether Fred plans to use it is anybody's guess. Seyðisfjörður has the dock for the ferry to Denmark but whether it's suitable for, or used by, cruiseships I can't say. Akureyri has a dock but we've docked once and tendered once so again I can't say what you're likely to do with any confidence. Maybe Fred would tell you if you called them? Not sure what you mean by "Has anyone done a cruise without a daytime stop ..." Like the dock/anchor situation I no longer see the definitions for the arrival departure times but it's along the lines of, Early PM = Midday to 4PM, Late PM = 4PM to 8PM. If I've completely missed the point just say.
  4. If the ‘new’ cruise costs 50% more than the ‘old’ cruise then presumably the deposit is also 50% more? Simply moving the deposit, even with Cunard’s 25% boost will not be sufficient to cover the full deposit on the new cruise.
  5. Hmm. Not sure what that says about us. Almost a decade younger than you, and started cruising with Fred 20 years ago.
  6. From 2006. An overnight on Queen Mary then QM2 to Hawaii. QM2 starts at about 4:15.
  7. The saga continues. Day 123 and my bank has informed me that Cunard’s cheque has been bounced by their bank! I’m hoping it’s because they’ve realised that they’ve sent two cheques. Maybe it’s just me but I’d have thought they’d stop the second one, not the first? Here’s hoping the second one goes through OK.
  8. Perfect for water skiing. You wouldn’t even need a boat😁
  9. I had the same problem. Maybe it’s just these masks, or my ears, or eyes. I found the solution was to twist the elastic at each side so that the elastic from the top of the mask went to the bottom of my ear, round the ear and from the top of my ear to the bottom of the mask. Sort of like a figure of eight, if that makes sense?
  10. Ah, but the problem with that is that you're thinking logically.😁
  11. Looks like I spoke too soon. Here we are a couple of days later and the cheque for the Cape Town-Southampton leg has arrived. Along with a second cheque for the Fremantle-Cape Town leg! majortom10 you’re not alone.
  12. Here's a compilation of clips from QE2, Caronia and QM2. Not for the queasy and probably not for those about book their first cruise. Surely there must be some others willing to share their Cunard videos?
  13. Day 118 and finally the refund for our Fremantle-Cape Town QM2 voyage has arrived. Still waiting on the Cape Town-Southampton leg but if I remember correctly it wasn’t officially cancelled until a day or so later. If I had any confidence that they were doing things in any sort of order I might expect that in a couple of days. But I haven’t, so I don’t.
  14. We’ve had QM2 and QV so we might as well round out the current fleet with Queen Elizabeth and a visit to The Black Sea in 2012.
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