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  1. Don't forget: - Status Match to Diamond - Invite to sit at the Captain's Table - Tour of the Bridge - Future Cruisce Credit It has nothing to do with asking nicely - you have to smear their palm with $$ €€.
  2. Or the ship being scrapped, which ever is the longest.
  3. Have you checked Gpoogle Play or Apple if there is an app available?
  4. It was readable and well written. The only problem I has was I had to read it from 10 feet away then run the 10 feet to scroll down.🍻
  5. Time to update one's computer. The MV Iran Deyanat was taken in 21st. August 2008, that is over 11 years ago. Not fake news but old news.
  6. A question. Did you type your message wearing binoculars?
  7. Could this be the result of overindulgence with the Classic package?🍻
  8. The pirate thread in the Gulf of Aden is literally at ZERo risk, since the very heavy presence of international naval units. Thousands of ships pass through this area each year, when was the last attack that you heard of? There are more dangerous places because of piracy, i.e. West Coast of Africa - Nigeria or Malacca Straights near Singapore. Don't worry - be cruising.
  9. Seriously, there are things that can happen, weather, novovirus outbreak, immigration & customs. I like to have a backup plan so I don't have to worry and can enjoy the cruise. Have a great cruise (with plan B in your back pocket).🍻
  10. There are two large threads abouts, about the Rhine and Danube, giving actual uptodate information - including levels. In the past we could say how the river conditions would be in a certain month, but these days all predictions have gone out of the window. Even a crystal ball doesn't help. Some areas that are controlled by locks are less impacted by water levels, these being: a. Passau - Vienna on the Danube b. River Main and Main - Danube Canal. c. River Moselle
  11. Take a taxi, they are cheap, reliable, especially if you have luggage. ..
  12. To paraphrase Fawlty Towers: "Don't mention the cruise"
  13. The Pfelling measuring station hit 290 cm this morning. Must say it's not looking too good for the next two days, no rain in sight.
  14. Maybe this excursion has been mothballed.
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