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  1. I would book a tour to Ephesus. It's an amazing place, so much history and beautiful too! I second the shopping/restaurant area at the pier. Funny story, after our tour of Ephesus, we still had a bit of time so we walked through that shopping area and found all sorts of goodies for our kids. But, we got so caught up in all the fun, we literally had to RUN to make the ship and we were literally the LAST PEOPLE to get back on our ship! The cruise folks were yelling at us and waving their arms; it was crazy! We can laugh at it now. (Not WS) Get off and enjoy!!
  2. On our back2back2back in the Mediterranean, during the change over days, my DH and I left the ship to go tour the city. It was just like any other port day for us. We had our ships card (to get on and off) and our drivers license plus money of course 🙂 We never had our passports with us on any of our 25 days.
  3. SailMaine We are traveling on the Surf in 2 weeks and have a stop in Bequia. Can you tell me what you did that day? We have several ports I'm still struggling with and this is one of them. Did you do one of WS tours or on your own? Thanks!
  4. The first time we cruised on WS was on the recommendation of my sister in law. We both received on board credit for the referral. It was a nice added benefit to our first WS cruise. The person making the referral gets the credit on their next sailing. We have referred other friends since our first cruise. If you can help someone decide to cruise on WS by referring them and they fall in love with the line, what’s so bad about sharing? I'm happy to share my info if you want to pass along your email address.
  5. We did use Uber once we were in our apartment in Lisbon. Since it was the very first time I had ever used it, to be honest, I didn't know how to do it at the airport!
  6. Hank Many years ago, we did a 17 day land tour of Italy including 5 days in Rome. I wanted my family to experience Pompeii but also wanted lunch in Amalfi and a stop in Sorrento. The lady who's apartment we rented recommended https://www.benvenutolimos.com/ I was able to negotiate our own tour that included a driver for the day. We got picked up at 7 a.m. to begin our long day but we didn't have to drive and got to see all the sights we wanted to see. It wasn't cheap but when you divided it up by the 4 of us, it worked out. Perhaps they may be an option for you...
  7. We Hate Tourism Tours was WONDERFUL! http://www.wehatetourismtours.com/ We did their lunch tour. Ended up just being my DH and myself along with our guide. He took us to a delightful restaurant where we sat for almost 2 hours talking and learning about our guide, his city, his country. Afterwards we went to their offices and met several other folks that worked there and had some Portugal's famous liquor. It was one of the best things we did! We also took their tour to Sintra. While we enjoyed that tour as well (about 8 of us in a van), we didn't like the last stop and wished they had spent more time in Sintra.
  8. There is a taxi queue outside baggage claim. You can stand in line, give the person the address you are going to and they tell you how much and give that information to the driver. It was very easy; I just had the address written on a piece of paper. Our cab driver didn't speak very much English but we managed just fine. Lisbon was a wonderful city! I hope you have some time to spend exploring!
  9. Typically there will be two different singers/groups. One will play in the lounge and one in the Compass Rose. There will be a crew talent show one evening that’s not to be missed. You will have an on board evening bbq with one of the groups playing and there will be dancing including line dancing the crew will participate in. You may have a local group come on board one night with Singing/dancing but not always. You make your own fun and entertainment. We have met some really fun people and closed down the dining room and then Compass Rose. That’s it. But to be honest, most of their itineraries are so port intensive you won’t be staying up too late so you can get a jump on tomorrow’s activities. We sailed a similar cruise on Wind Surf last fall and enjoyed it immensely.
  10. Baldtomato We did the chocolate tour through WS five years ago (we were going through the canal today!) and enjoyed it. We had our two teenage sons with us and they seemed happy to be there with us. You do walk throughout their farm and see many flowers, fruits and the cacao. They show you the process of harvesting from the tree to making the chocolate and at the end we had a lovely sit down with fruits, chocolate and such (see pic). The folks were very kind and I’m happy we did this tour. It left us time to walk around the small town and we stopped for some of the best ceviche I’ve ever had. We did buy some chocolate nibs and they were a very dark chocolate. In Quepos we booked individually the Rappel & Canyon Day Trip through Quepos Canyoning. It was actually a half day tour and was the most fun we have had as a family. We all loved it! http://quepocanyoning.net They have more than just zip lines too including rappelling down a waterfall (that’s me in the pic!). It was quite the adventure!
  11. I just realized no one has responded to my questions. Anyone...?
  12. Yesterday we received my husband's letter and our two son's. Mine is nowhere to be seen. I figured if mine doesn't come today or tomorrow I'll just copy my husband's and send it in with my WS number. Our two son's are correct but I think they're missing a cruise or two on my DH.
  13. reedprincess: Thank you so much for all this great information! I should have posted the times we will be in each port. On Pigeon Island we will actually be there overnight plus the following day for our beach picnic. We have been to Pigeon Island for a beach picnic so if we miss part of that it's OK. What I'm also trying to figure out is which port is best to do the zip line from. I didn't realize there were 3 of them and the 2 I mentioned seem, on paper, a lot alike. I like lots of zip lines but also a shorter commute would be nice. I don't really know what all we plan to do on St Lucia besides the zip lining. I would like to sail on a catamaran by the Pitons but am limited in walking too long and far due to recent foot surgery. One other question if you don't mind...do you have any suggestions for dinner out while we are at Pigeon Island? Sometimes it's fun to enjoy the area in the evening hours. Thank you!
  14. We have 3 stops in St Lucia on our upcoming Captivating Caribbean cruise on Windstar's Wind Surf: Castries, Pigeon Island and Soufriere. There are 2 different zip lines in St Lucia: Rainforest Adventures and Treetop Adventures. Has anyone done either one or both of these zip lines? What did you like best? What did you enjoy the least? Which stop would be the easiest for accessing the zip lines? We have zip lined in Costa Rica and Colorado and we think it would be fun to do in St Lucia. Thanks!
  15. My husband and I are dreamers when it comes to looking at cruises. I will print out itineraries with prices far in advance and then sit and watch what happens long before we actually book a cruise. What I really want to do for 2021 is visit my relatives in Italy, visit Tuscany, and hopefully add on a Windstar Cruise, preferably one that does the Croatia area. But when I saw the Black Seas Cruise I became intrigued...
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