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  1. My husband and I are dreamers when it comes to looking at cruises. I will print out itineraries with prices far in advance and then sit and watch what happens long before we actually book a cruise. What I really want to do for 2021 is visit my relatives in Italy, visit Tuscany, and hopefully add on a Windstar Cruise, preferably one that does the Croatia area. But when I saw the Black Seas Cruise I became intrigued...
  2. I've been thinking about a cruise up/down Croatia for 2021 when I came across Black Sea Sights & Turkish Delights. It would "connect" to Secrets of Croatia & Greece via the Corinth Canal. The Black Sea cruise hasn't been offered since 2014 or so due to the problems in the area. Has anyone done this cruise (or something similar)? The price is pretty high (as is many 2021 cruises) and if I add the Secrets of Croatia I could be priced out. So, just wondering what your thoughts are on the Black Sea cruise. It's the only one so I'm sure that's part of the price problem. Thanks! https://www.windstarcruises.com/cruise/northern-europe/black-sea-sights-and-turkish-delights/?id=843&sid=4145
  3. In Quepos we went on quite the adventure with Quepo Canyoning. http://quepocanyoning.net/ Our two teenage sons were with us on the Panama Canal cruise so this was their pick. We all had a blast!
  4. No, you still have to call. Here is my question and the answer from John Delaney when he stopped by Cruise Critic in October. My question: Is there any plan to upgrade the web site so we could see the availability of cabins on individual cruises? It would be nice to see the availability prior to speaking to a representative. His answer: We are planning a major upgrade to our reservations system in 2021 which will also link to the website and provide real time cabin availability and pricing and easier functionality for booking shore excursions and completing pre-cruise documentation.
  5. The company that made the cork purses that we bought in Lisbon is Montado. I also saw the same brand in Sintra. They are absolutely beautiful! They have a website that shows all their beautiful products. I thought I had the name of the shop that we found them in Lisbon but I can't locate their card. They had two shops with one being close to the fort. If I find the name I will come back and post it. When do you leave?
  6. Here is the Wind Star as she approached the bridge during our Panama Canal cruise in December 2014/January 2015. You really don't think she's going to make it!
  7. I called Seattle today to pay our balance on our January cruise and was offered the same "deal." We already get free laundry (cruise is a Star Collector) and at $1250 or so per person we kindly said no. That's a heck of a lot of alcohol 🤣
  8. We will be in port on Thursday, January 30, 2020 from 1 p.m. - 10 p.m. I had been looking at Windward to snorkel but it looks like we miss the afternoon sail. I'm not very good at snorkeling (in fact the idea pretty much terrifies me!) but this is the one place that seems to have the best snorkeling and I really want to try it again. Do you have any ideas for this late of arrival into port? I do want to have time to explore the town and the shops as well so I don't know if a snorkel/sail trip will even work out. We could do a sunset cruise if there are such things on a Thursday night since we are in port until 10 p.m. We love to eat, drink beer and wine, shop, and visit with the locals. Thanks!
  9. Ski Mom 2

    Car Rental

    We stopped at maybe 4-5 beaches. The first one was my favorite and we stumbled upon a fabulous place for lunch right on the beach. Folks from our cruise had made reservations 2 months in advance for lunch and we just got lucky and got a table. Best day ever! After that we stopped at an overlook and two other beaches where where we had a cocktail. Last beach stop the husbands did a little swimming. If you got a car car right away you’d have plenty of time to drive and stop a few times. We would love to return to St Barth’s!
  10. We’ve been told about a restaurant by the name of Champers. Do you know anything g about it?
  11. Ski Mom 2

    Car Rental

    We were there several years ago with friends that had been to St Barth’s before. The rental cars right where we came off our ship had no availability. We asked at one of the shops and they directed us to the Thifty car rental that was run out of another shop near the Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant. While the husbands worked out the details, my girlfriend and I wandered through some of the stores. Once everything was set, they took us to the airport to pick up our BMW convertible (might as well do it right😉 when in St Barth’s). We drove from beach to beach, from bar to bar and had a lovely day including a fabulous lunch on the beach. We were told to have the car back before 6 pm since that’s when Thifty closed and we needed to catch a ride back to the port area. We cut it almost too close for it took a long time to fill up the car. Luckily we made it and they took us back to the port area where we had another hour to shop before boarding.
  12. So would you say this is one stop you can do on your own? We are stopping on our Wind Surf cruise in January and we really enjoy walking around, eating, drinking, shopping and getting to know the locals.
  13. Well this is an interesting dilemma for sure. On one hand, no matter if you go back to your original cabin or you keep the upgrade it looks like you’re due back some money. Would you be happy going back to your original booking? If so I’d go for the most return. What you don’t know is if they upgraded you because they knew the price was going to drop. I would call and ask. It has probably happened in the past. I would think you have the last say in what happens and if you don’t like the answers you stay with the upgrade at your original price. Do keep us posted. I’m interested how this plays out.
  14. As we wandered down one of the streets of Valetta we stopped in front of The Pub where all of these people were waiting for it to open at noon. They were a lovely bunch so we waited with them. At noon the bar opened and we all got in and ordered a pint. Turns out The Pub is where actor Oliver Reed ordered his last drink during the filming of The Gladiator. We were surrounded by lovely English folks come to pay their respects to Oliver Reed. We had a rip-roaring time! The restaurants name was Salvino’s and we made it right before they were closing for lunch. We were the only tourists in the place and the owners were wonderful and set us up with a delicious lunch and a fantastic wine. We had a lovely time in Valetta!
  15. We will be watching! Thank you for your response and for the wonderful crews on board!
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