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  1. Try the Florida Departures board, under North American Homeports: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/314-north-american-homeports/
  2. There is a board here with lots of info about Miami hotels. Called Florida Departures, under North American Homeports. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/314-north-american-homeports/ I have stayed at many hotels near Miami airport, but not Residence Inn (yet). EM
  3. Grand Cayman is always tendered. The others will be docked. EM
  4. Entertainment is live in all venues with possible exception of the disco. We spent our evenings in the White Lion Pub, just behind the theater, as we were watching the US Open tennis. They had two TV channels, ESPN & ESPN2. The other channel usually had soccer, but sometimes baseball. The Bar del Duomo always had a band and singer. White Lion had a singer/keyboard and she was good. WE didn't do any excursions. EM
  5. We found the ship very easy to navigate. Decks 5 & 6 are most of the interior public areas. Since you are Aurea, you will be assigned La Pergola restaurant, deck 6 aft on starboard side. The specialty restaurant, Sure & Turf is on the port side aft: Looking at the stern of the ship, you see an area covered with a tentlike structure. That is deck 6 behind La Pergola and Surf & Turf. There are tables there, but I don't know which restaurant uses them or if they are shared. All of those areas on the stern are public. The topmost is outside the buffet and has tables. The others seemed to aquire loungers at times, not sure from where... I went out on the port side the morning of our second visit to Cozumel (we were on the extended Dorian cruise) and someone had fancied sleeping outside... WE love music, and thoroughly enjoyed the shows in the theater. Singing, dancing, acrobats, a little bit of juggling... The food is good, not great. Some things they do better than others. Our cruise had 1100 'Americans' and 900 'Europeans', generally speaking. We thought the European women dressed up a lot more in the evenings than most of the 'Americans'. Not just on the elegant nights. EM
  6. Only if I could have that new cabin for both weeks. I have had to change cabins several times, and find it a major nuisance. EM
  7. I wouldn't take one to Miraflores, because you are going to go through the Miraflores lacks the next day on your ship. Since I can't see what options are offered, if there was one that takes you to the visitors center for the new locks, I would take that. But, you are not obligated to take an excursion if nothing interests you. The biggest excursion will be the transit the next day. EM
  8. The latest, as of today: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21575-storylines-to-build-lng-powered-1-000-guest-residence-ship.html
  9. Essiesmom


    Welcome to Cruise Critic. You have mistakenly posted in an area for people to try out posting pictures and adding attachments to their posts. Noone who can help you will see it here. You need to explore the main boards page and discover the many places to ask your questions. For instance, there is an area called Ports of Call, where you can ask questions about your embarkation ports, and places you are going to visit. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2-ports-of-call/. Under this area, you would scroll down to South America, read and ask your question: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/47-south-america/ The second place to seek information is on the ROLL CALL for your cruise. A ROLL CALL. Under the help topics is this sticky thread which will explain it: One caution: To find your ROLL CALL, do NOT use the roll call finder tool referenced, as it is currently not working. Go to the ROLL CALL forums on the main boards page, scroll down to your cruise line, click on your ship, and look for a thread with the dates for your cruise. Join in by clicking on 'Reply to this thread'. EM
  10. If you get to baggage claim and your bag doesn't come out on the conveyor belt...check with the baggage office. Mine didn't, because it had come in on an earlier flight!. EM
  11. I have begun to measure ship stability - or lack thereof - by how many extra flights of stairs I get on my ancient Fitbit One. There have been many on some Carnival cruises, and on Celebrity and Divina. But absolutely no extras on Seaside or Armonia. EM
  12. Try going to https://www.cruisetimetables.com/#depports and choosing a departure port that interests you. There are a few that list some departures into 2022. that will tell you who has schedules out that far. Early times yet. EM
  13. With four people I would not do less than a mini-suite on Princess. Other cabins are small without seating. On Carnival Spirit, I would do a cabin oceanview (OV) or better. I have done Alaska twice on Princess in inside cabins, but the first time I was solo, and the second with my sister. I like Princess for the wonderful naturalists onboard. EM
  14. Mahogany Bay is a Carnival Corp. created resort. There are shops there, and a nice beach, chairs available. there is food, not free. Although Costa Maya is also a created port, there is a nice free pool there. EM
  15. As labeled above the pictures, they are of Puntarenas. EM
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