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  1. At the top of every page, in the pale blue menu bar. Guidelines. EM
  2. If you want any kind of space, shade or not, you need to get there early. My sister is hard to get out of bed unless we have an excursion. Arriving onshore after noon, we had a very difficult time even find a spot of grass large enough for two towels. I love the pool there, but if we go again, I will try to book a cabana. EM
  3. This was as dressed up as I got. Was a formal night (when they still had them)
  4. Great news! (It's about time...). EM When I transited on Splendor last year, there were several cams evident on the port side of the ship that were either left over from the construction period, or inuse internally. I wondered why they didn't put one online.
  5. I thought they all sounded like the quips the CD makes on the Welcome show. EM
  6. And apparently Host Carolyn thought it was not allowed, because it has been removed. I have posted that same link many times without objection. EM
  7. They are called 'flo dentil'. or dental floss bikinis. EM
  8. You need to go to the one that people seem to be following, or the one created first, go to the Report Post feature in the upper right corner of the first post in the thread, and report the duplicate roll call, pasting in the link to it, and request they be merged.
  9. Are you sure you don't mean a Luggie scooter? That's all that comes up when I google Luigi. EM
  10. I don't think they had slavery in Australia...More likely refugees from Africa. But a reading of a short history of immigration to Australia does not mention any from Africa. EM
  11. Yes every cabin has a hairdryer in the desk drawer and a mini-fridge that is more of a cooler. Some people bring a wallet full of singles, but you can bring larger bills and have them broken down at guest services. You might want to tip the person who delivers room service, or the bartender that learns your preferences... The piano bar entertainer who plays all your requests... There are laundromats on many decks. I no longer know what the cost is, or how busy they are. If you bring lots of electronics, bring an outlet multiplier with multiple usb ports. Make sure it is not surge protected. EM
  12. Check with your cruise line about the wine. Usually it is one bottle per person 21 or over. Not two bottles per cabin. Since your daughter isn't quite 21 they might hold one bottle, or make you pay corkage on it. EM
  13. I have a site that lists TA cruises, but unfortunately it is not saved on this laptop. I will try to come back to this thread when I am on my desktop. EM
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