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  1. I see those insides...They are huge cabins, I stayed in one on Diamond Princess. I'm not seeing the balconies, though. EM
  2. You might ask on the Ports of Call board here for the Caribbean and the various islands. EM
  3. Those are HC cabins, but they are not cabins for more than two. I could not find any HC cabins for more than two on this ship. EM
  4. Being well covered over on Viking Ocean board
  5. The sales person probably did tell you that. And I'm sure they know better. I was in a jewelry store in Nassau and heard a clerk tell a woman that if she was wearing the jewelry when she debarked, she wouldn't have to pay duty on it. There are some things that you would not need to pay duty on. Some things, particularly crafts, that are made in the country where you purchased them. that's a rough simplification. Also, if you buy EFFY jewelry in a port of call or on the ship, you don't need to pay tax or duty because it is actually made in the US, so you are really taking it back to the country of origin. EM
  6. I see you are on Ovation of the Seas. The place to ask this is on the board here for Royal Caribbean. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/ When you click on that link, you will see in the upper right corner an box with the invitation to the Meet & Mingle. Click there and follow the instructions. EM
  7. I seriously doubt it would come to that. After all, what is she going to say when the judge asks her why she wouldn't consent for them to go? Not going to be a pretty scene for her. EM
  8. First of all, you are not going to the Caribbean. You are going to the Bahamas, same weather as Florida in Dec. Not really hot. The water at Princess Cays/Half Moon Cay might be a bit cool for swimming. Maybe pack what you would wear in late spring or early fall. tuck in a pair of shorts just in case. There is self service laundry on board just in case...EM
  9. Are you trying to find it using the roll call tool? Because the tool does not work. It never worked well, and since the forum revamp last Oct. it has been dismal. Or are you trying to search within the roll call forum, not for a roll call> EM
  10. I don't use any, nor does my sister. but we still pack 10-14 days of clothing in a carryon. She rolls, I fold. Yes, we do laundry. EM
  11. They will start decorating the first cruise following the Thanksgiving cruise. Shows will be the same, but there will be children's activities, and a show in the theater with the kids one afternoon. EM
  12. Cruisetimetables does not list anything between Jan 3 & Feb. 14. EM
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