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  1. Just had several more Error 500 screens. Usually get around it by backing a couple of times. EM
  2. There is at least one cruiser that has sailed every Carnival ship. Her username is LHP, but I haven't seen her post much lately on CC. She used to travel with a special needs child, now an adult. Might be more active on the Book of Faces now. If you pick them all up, you could pick up a former Carnival ship by sailing a two night cruise on Grand Celebration fro West Palm Beach. I sailed her twice when she was Carnival Celebration. EM
  3. Your e-docs are your boarding pass, and all the other stuff that is good to read but not necessary to board. EM
  4. There are multiple threads about this on the Help forum:
  5. I don't believe there is a way to do that, but here is a thread telling you how to avoid scrolling through to get to the most recent post:
  6. You might ask on the board here for Celebrity, under Cruise Lines A-O. EM
  7. Start with the Circle Line cruises . Circle means they go around Manhattan Island, but they also used to do the cruises up to West Point. I was on one man, many years ago. https://www.hudsonrivercruises.com/sightseeing-cruises/ https://sail-nyc.com/browse-by-theme/hudson-river-cruises/ https://www.hudsonriver.com/things-do/hudson-river-cruises EM
  8. Can you arrive in one city and depart from another if you connect by train? And can you put a day or two between cruises?
  9. But you already know what law applies. It was explained by chengkp75 in post #8 of this thread, and acknowledged by you in a subsequent post #28. EM
  10. I assume you are meaning Caribbean Princess, which is CB, and not Sea Princess, which is CP? EM
  11. I've never paid for a hosting site. I have thousands of pictures on Photobucket, but I stopped usingthem when they started charging outrageous prices - it was free when I joined. I still have thousands of pictures there, but I have loaded the important pics to my computer and to Shutterfly. Originally, my pictures were loaded in my computer using Kodak EasyShare software, and some were uploaded to the Kodak Gallery. When Kodak went out of business, they sold the Gallery to Shutterfly. when I found this out, I uploaded everything I had in the computer to my Kodak gallery, and it automatically went into Shutterfly. I have since loaded hundreds, if not thousands more pictures to Shutterfly, posted many here, and I don't pay a cent. Photobucket has since lowered their prices to almost reasonable, and are actively wooing me, but I'm not buying. EM
  12. Just make sure you have closed toe shoes, and you can't wear a skirt. EM
  13. Anyone doing something so stupid is not thinking once, let alone twice...
  14. Are you trying to post from the same third party site? I remember a couple of years ago when Photobucket became greedy there was a long thread on the Photography forum about posting pictures, and imgur was a site that was not supported here. I had to go to Shutterfly and have not had any problems. EM
  15. You can also go to www.cruisetimetables.com, choose your ship, then your dates, and it will show your itinerary and a map similar to what has been posted. You can cop & paste, or do a print screen and print. EM https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruisesonallureoftheseas-06dec2020.html
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