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  1. How do the regulations apply when cruise ships are chartered as housing/hotel for conventions/sporting events, etc.? EM
  2. Some port I could drive to, on a ship that I could afford a balcony on. That limits me to Charleston, JAX, Port Canaveral and Tampa. EM
  3. Old video...Sensation was way out, headed for Little Stirrup Cay over 4 hours ago. NCL Sky is in Curacao, along with Sun, Gem & Pearl. EM
  4. She is scheduled to arrive at the Panama Canal on Aug. 13, 2200 hrs. When she transits depends on if she has an appt., or not. EM
  5. This was suggested recently, perhaps last week... It is more complicated than you think. All staff would have to have different visas as they would be working in the US. There are other reasons outlined by @chengkp75. Perhaps searching back a few pages will pull up the thread. EM
  6. That might depend on which member of the family you married... EM
  7. Not all Norwegian musters were inside. This is NCL Majesty in Charleston, June 14, 2008, as seen from Patriots Point: All that orange below the lifeboats is guests at muster drill...
  8. Are the three of you going to share a cabin, with two scooters? I would first look for a ship with HC cabins for 3. EM
  9. I was lucky enough to get in two cruises in Jan, but had three subsequent cruises cancelled. All the refunds are in, and four credit cards have positive balances. I have a cruise booked for the end of Jan., and I just upgraded to a balcony for a minimal amount. I have my doubts as to whether it will sail, but if it doesn't, I will just transfer to the next year. So, I am saving a lot of money, and even more because last week I signed on the refi on my house. Not having to make a payment in August allowed me to go out and order a new fridge. Unfortunately, it won't be available until Thanksgiving weekend... Our local weekly paper reported last week that the school board has approved a lower budget for next year. There were funds left over from this year, probably the money that was to pay the bus drivers, gas, classroom assistants, crossing guards, cafeteria staff, etc. I feel sorry for those folks who really need those jobs. Schools are to be virtual again when they open in a couple of weeks. But that means my taxes may go down... We would love to travel locally - in our state and the neighboring ones, but our rates are skyrocketing with the testing that is going on. But the deaths in our county are only two (pop. about 63000) so we don't feel comfortable even eating out, although we do order for carryout about once a week. I think most of the cases are positives without symptoms. I was at the hospital last week and asked two workers if the hospital was slammed, and they said no, might be a case or two upstairs... EM
  10. Does your itinerary say whether you are docking or tendering at these ports? It's been 12 years since we were there on QE2, and we had to tender at Isafjordur. the town was right there, small and very walkable. We did not visit your other port. EM
  11. Marine Traffic shows a school of blue fish heading for/through the Florida Straits and out of harms way...I'm sure GCe will be joining them, as well as GCl, although she is in Freeport and could just head east... EM
  12. Fascination is currently in Cadiz. She is in the commercial area, near but not in the drydock. Whether she is there for a drydock, or to offload stuff is anyone's guess. EM
  13. Your best bet for a quick answer is to ask this on the board here for HAL. EM
  14. I had all of those problems...Was browsing the boards, and all of a sudden was logged out, and the login button would not respond. then it went to 504 Gateway Timeout. Then it finally came back, but when I tried to log in, would not accept password. Now I bring it up, and I am already logged in. You guess. EM
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