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  1. My experience is that the shorter the cruise, the more large family groups will be aboard. Groups with matching t-shirts, forcing their way through the crowd like a school of fish. Determined to have as much fun a possible in the short time, but not necessarily involving alcohol. EM
  2. I had that problem on an Oceania cruise. The shops were high end and there was almost no logo or souvenir stuff. One tshirt, I think. All restaurants were included. I ended up booking a massage. EM
  3. This is an interior cabin for two on Fascination. This is the standard configuration. But as I travel with my sister, and we usually don't share a bed, I knew there was another way to set up the beds. I did this as soon as we were in the cabin, didn't need to ask the steward to do it. My first Carnival cruise the beds were set up this way: This is a similar cabin down the hall with a rollaway/trundle. If you can stand to sleep in twin beds for the length of the cruise, you will have so much more space in the cabin.
  4. For that you need to ask on the Celebrity board here. And be specific about your concerns. EM
  5. From TripAdvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147354-d147880-Reviews-Cane_Garden_Bay-Tortola_British_Virgin_Islands.html
  6. But the problem is that you do not need a passport to do the closed loop cruise in the Caribbean. Yes, if you have traveled to the areas pinpointed, you would have had to have a passport. But if you have traveled there and could be refused boarding, you could choose to travel on a birth certificate and no agent would be the wiser. I am wondering if when they swipe your passport, it can show where you have traveled during the life of that passport. And then the cruise lines could all go to requiring passports. EM
  7. Your cruise leaves on March 21, and here is the Roll Call for it:
  8. A visit to Mr. Google tells me that Cane Bay Beach is on Tortola. A visit to the Ports of Call board here, under Caribbean, you will find Tortola near the bottom of the list. Try asking your question there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
  9. If you use a travel agent to book, or call MSC to book, they can find you a cabin that is available for both cruises. If you try to book it yourself online, you will have to do a bunch of dummy bookings to discover which cabins are available for each cruise. I believe on the day in Hamburg you can stay onboard, or get off and go see Hamburg (if you haven't already). The night before you will get a letter telling you what the procedure is. Usually you get a transit pass so you can bypass the check in area when returning to the ship. But hopefully someone will be along to give you more concrete info about Hamburg. Just make sure the ship/guest services know you are doing B2B (back to back) cruises. EM
  10. Essiesmom


    Celebrity sells Apple products in their iLounge. But they are not always the newest products, and nothing that requires a contract. Prices are standard, no discounts, but you do save on the sales tax, particularly if not from the US. EM
  11. What you are looking for is passenger space ratio. This is a calculated space per person onboard. Basically, the higher priced the cruise line, the better the space ratio. Mr. Google can be your friend https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/the-importance-of-a-cruise-vessels-passenger-space-ratio.html https://www.widgety.co.uk/media/W1siZiIsIjIwMTcvMDkvMDQvMTMvNDMvMjIvOGI5YzZmOWYtMGQ3MS00NTBlLWI4MGEtYTE4ZTZmNDFhNTg5L1Bhc3NlbmdlciBTcGFjZSBSYXRpby5wZGYiXV0/Passenger Space Ratio.pdf?sha=2994f7e05a8eb95f
  12. Since Armonia doesn't have the bells and whistles for kids that Seaside has, I think she would be a quieter cruise. But you are going to find that out in April... We were on Armonia late August for the Hurricane Dorian extended cruise. EM
  13. I've only done one TA on Celebrity, but there were plenty of activities on the sea days. We had two very good speakers and I think there was a third that did not interest me. I usually like a nice afternoon nap, but that trip I had a hard time fitting it in! One of the speakers was Nigel West on (military) Intelligence, and another speaker on SETI. EM
  14. Essiesmom

    Web check-in

    I just kept trying and eventually saw an email notification pop up that my docs were ready. I hurried and printed them before it changed it's mind... EM
  15. I was in 6030 and did not hear a thing. I think the production shows ended before 11pm and nothing after that. EM
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