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  1. I don't think you are going to get any different answers here than when you asked on the Celebrity board. The bathroom is probably more than twice the size with no sill, roll in shower with seat that folds down. If you go to cruisedeckplans.com, choose your cruise line, ship, and then on the left are the cabin categories. Scroll to your category and click on handicap. If there are any pictures there will be a tiny camera icon. Click on it to see pics. Actually, the HC bathrooms are pretty standard in all categories. EM
  2. Mary -Lou, all you need to do is post a link to this thread on your roll call...Rather than trying to explain it yourself...EM
  3. I could live in Venice. The ambiance... Same with Hong Kong. Or Manaus. A house on the river to watch the traffic...EM
  4. I think this used to be possible, but the people who did it are now too old to remember... EM
  5. I've scoured Royal and Regal on cruisedeckplans for pictures of deluxe balconies with beds separated. All of them have one nightstand between the beds, and one remains between the bed and the couch. Maybe noone asked for both to be between the beds, or that one is fixed in place? Perhaps you could ask on the Princess board if anyone has had it moved - or tried. EM
  6. I'm getting off Insignia on the 23rd, could walk across (figuratively speaking) Dodge Island and board Seaside...But there are those at home who want a Thanksgiving dinner...EM
  7. You can use wifi on your phone/tablet while on airplane mode. If you don't want to buy a wifi plan onboard to check emails, find a cafe on the island that offers free wifi, or wifi for the price of a drink. Or just follow the crew to where there is free wifi. EM
  8. It appears from the roll calls that the OP is on Regal Princess Nov 24 and moves to Sky Princess for Dec. 1 cruise. EM
  9. Unless you have a minisuite on Princess, there will not be a coffee table, or a chair other than the one at the desk. The crib will probably be a Pack n Play or similar size. For better suggestions, we need to know ship and cabin type. EM
  10. Food, glorious food...My sister wants to know if there is anyplace onboard Insignia that she can get a cheesesteak...Otherwise I will have to go out to get one tonight, as we sail Sat., travel to Miami Friday...And corn chowder is already on the stove for tomorrow...EM
  11. Water seems to have receded some, not walking on catwalks now... https://www.skylinewebcams.com/webcam/italia/veneto/venezia/piazza-san-marco.html?w=522
  12. We travel carryon only, so storage isn't a problem. Will there be a drill to practice with the oars? EM
  13. More Joy, and note that by the time she got to Cocoli Locks, most people had lost interest...
  14. Spirit class balconies do not have a 'door' that can be opened between balconies. However, the balcony partition swings out and is clamped to the railing, partially obstructing the view of one of the balconies. However, quite a few years ago they stopped allowing aft balcony partitions to be opened. These are open balcony partitions on Pride in 2011, when aft balconies could not be opened. EM
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