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  1. Essiesmom


    Get a copy of Rick Steves' Mediterranean Cruise Ports and see what you can do on your own. EM
  2. Essiesmom


    If you do not have a drinks package and have to sign a slip, you can tip cash or add it to the bill. If you have a drink package and do not sign a slip, you can give cash. These tips would be extra, above what is automatically added to the slip or the cost of the package. EM
  3. Essiesmom

    Best Caribbean ports/wheelchair use

    El Morro: Slight uphill grade to the fort entrance Flat inside but then steep ramp to go up to next level You can walk all around on the upper level
  4. Essiesmom

    Arnival Pride with 1y/o

    Not on any Carnival ship. EM
  5. Essiesmom

    Amsterdam Tour Booked May 8th 2019

    You appear to be on a River Cruise, so maybe the river cruising forum here is a better place to ask. There are no ocean cruise ships in Amsterdam on May 8, 2019. EM https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruises-to-amsterdam-holland.html Nor any cruises leaving on May 8: https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruises-from-amsterdam-holland.html
  6. Maybe one of those online t-shirt places...you could put an ugly aloha pattern on the front and your BIL on the back. Hilo Hattie has some ugly ones, too: https://www.hilohattie.com/collections/hawaiian-shirts EM
  7. Essiesmom

    History of Cruises

    You need to start with books by this man: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/08/books/john-maxtone-graham-an-authority-on-ocean-liners-dies-at-85.html He lectured on two of the cruises we took. Between our cruises (2002, 2008) he had moved from a slide presentation to power point. No bad for a man in his late 70's. There were 'journeys' that were not crossings, specially arranged...Read Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad (1860's) and the journal of a man who tried to recreate this voyage in 1908, The Ship Dwellers; A Story of a Happy Cruise by Albert Bigelow Paine. I actually preferred the latter, have read it twice (was free for Kindle, as is the Twain book). My first two cruises were in 1972, ten days on Home Lines Homeric, $350 solo in a cabin with a bunk, sink, bathrooms and showers down the hall. EM
  8. Essiesmom

    Galveston Port Parking

    You might check on the Gulf Coast Departures board, under North American Homeports. EM
  9. Essiesmom

    Carnival Legend to Iceland

    Been sold out for awhile now. Probably within two weeks or less of listing. I'm on it. EM
  10. Essiesmom

    Princess Caribbean when do upgrades get offered?

    Welcome to Cruise Critic. You need to be asking this on the Princess board here, under Cruise Lines P-Z. EM
  11. Essiesmom

    Panama canal

    Click on the month you want to go. Partials are usually in the winter. NCL ships often do not show on this schedule, you need to check their website. You can tell the partial from the full transit by the map. EM https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruises-to-panama-canal-cruising-canal.html
  12. I really don't remember the xylophone from my HAL cruises. but I do remember hearing it on my first cruises in 1972/73, and on the Royal Princess in 1999. They chimed 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' as we left Buenos Aires. Haven't heard that tradition on a cruise since. EM
  13. Essiesmom

    Need CC advice on which Norway itinerary

    Geiranger We were there on QE2 in her last season. EM
  14. Essiesmom

    Celebrity Solstice - sofa bed question

    It is the size of a standard twin, perhaps a bit narrower but not shorter. EM
  15. Essiesmom

    Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line question

    There is a board here for that cruise line, on the main boards page, under Cruise Lines A-O. They have two ships, sailing from West Palm Beach. They have some loyal followers. EM