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  1. Yes and have called Celebrity after 1 week and again last Thursday. Both times were told they were in the queue. I guess TA will have to call in about a week when he will want final payment. I haven't pushed him to call since last L&S he did for me he was on the phone for 8 hrs. Given that these actions move his income to late next year as well I don't expect the same urgency as I normally would.
  2. My TA submitted via the online tool on June 26 and we haven't been confirmed yet. On our roll call someone called Celebrity and they said it was taking 3 weeks. At this point I would call and try to get them to do it for you. Of course that will delay mine even more......
  3. I believe if you actually submit the request and it's accepted it will be final.
  4. To find out for sure what you can Lift & Shift to use their on-line tool where you put in your reservation details and it gives you your available selections. Start at this link and check "Select Program" under the "Same Cruise, Same Price" program. Any other speculation given on this board is just that. https://cancellation.celebritycruises.com/?brand=C
  5. No FCC can't be used for deposit. If your FCC is more than cruise fare minus deposit they will issue a new FCC for the difference.
  6. I think it's going to depend on if they think the crazy high pricing they have on most 2021/2022 sailings now will hold and they can sell new bookings at those prices. The CEO of Carnival was on CNBC yesterday and was saying new bookings for 2021 were within historical ranges. He also said that it was 60% new bookings, not just people moving bookings from this year. Another factor I believe will be if they actually have a return to sailing plan by then. Which i don't believe they will, at least not for the US. They may just say "you had your chance". I wish they would extend it as I have a great price on a 1/4/2020 Connie sailing that I'm still a little hopeful will sail. I don't think I will be willing to give up on it and shift it to 2020 before August 1. I'd like to have the opportunity in Oct when final payment comes along.
  7. Found this info on the new onboard experience with Adia starting some sailings from Germany https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23208-an-inside-look-at-aida-s-adjusted-onboard-experience.html
  8. Actually Galaxy and Mercury, they left the fleet in that order.
  9. Let's assume that everyone who participated did receive their points by now. If for some reason you didn't maybe that would be worthwhile posting.
  10. That's what they know at the moment. That date can change and I suspect it will for most sailings. I think you will see 1 or 2 ships start with short itineraries with few if any port stops.
  11. It's been delivered to Celebrity but I believe it's still sitting in the shipyard. It hasn't done any revenue sailings.
  12. I've stopped checking the Connie bookings we made when they first redeployed to Tampa. The rate we got was very good and we knew it when we booked. Going rate like you say is about double what we paid. But there's no way I'm ever paying $400 pp/pd for a sky suite on a M class ship even if it had been Revolutionized. I've had a RS on Equinox for that price.
  13. Or simpler yet, call Celebrity or your TA and get them to apply it. They have ways to get around their terrible IT.
  14. If you want to see what your L&S options are use their tool on the website. You enter your reservation information and it gives you the options. You don't have to submit the request but can use it as research. https://cancellation.celebritycruises.com/?brand=C I believe the OP is from the UK and refund of deposit I don't think is possible but they should inquire.
  15. Only reason you wouldn't keep the reduced deposit is if you move to a group rate with a TA. Celebrity requires full deposit on group bookings, but since you are just doing a placeholder that won't be an issue.
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