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  1. Good observations TAD2005. I actually had an alarm go off when I disembarked an NCL ship, but it was because they owed me money rather than the other way around. It was under $4 and I just decided to leave it behind as I didn't want to wait in line for the refund, but the had an officer there to pay me out as I left the ship.
  2. Well, they weren't following their own policy since my son was 11 years old and should not have had a $60 hold since he is under 18. I will admit that I probably forgot that I was informed of the hold amount as I do the check in process months in advance.
  3. How about a reminder at check in?
  4. I understand why they do it, but I also think they need to be more transparent about the amount being held. I travel a lot and don't believe I've ever had a hold placed on my card by a car rental agency or a hotel that was beyond a few hundred dollars ($200-$500). Other lines simply make incremental charges as the cruise goes on which is how the avoid getting "burned."
  5. Three people, which amounts to $2520. We had also prepaid our excursions, our beverage package, and our dining package. In addition, we had some onboard credit, so the only charges we accrued were the daily service charges. Thus, this hold far exceeded any actual charges made by us onboard.
  6. On our cruise last summer aboard Konningsdam, the hold on our credit card for a 14 night sailing was excessive (over $2000). When I asked at customer service, they said that was the norm. Since it was only a hold and not a charge, I didn't push the issue, but I was surprised at the amount.
  7. I never ended up booking the cabana after asking this question a year ago. The entire cabana area was closed for the entire two week Norway cruise and not a single cabana was in use. In fact, some of them were being used for storage. This, obviously, may differ in Alaska where the temperatures tend to be a bit warmer.
  8. I'm pretty sure this is only true of the two newest ships. I do know the Koningsdam had them by the nightstands.
  9. You can ask the head waiter to see the next day's menu the night before. A family member has to do this in order to preorder her meal as a result of a food allergy.
  10. I don't believe you'll find any of this information on any cruise line. However, if you have specific dietary needs, call HAL has suggested above and don't hesitate to speak to the head waiter in the MDR for a chef at the buffet for guidance.
  11. My TA was able to get us a complimentary upgrade from an interior to an ocean view because of a price drop after final payment. I was willing to pay for an upgrade, but that would have resulted in a loss of perks to go to any category higher than an ocean view.
  12. When we disembarked in Copenhagen on another cruise line, we received the same message. However, when we disembarked, albeit early, there were plenty of taxis available.
  13. As of last night, the availability I had seen is back and process are a couple of hundred dollars less per person, so maybe it was a price adjustment going on behind the scenes.
  14. I think the website might be having issues as there were a number of cabins on the Veendam in July that we're still available and all categories are all now showing sold out. Seems unlikely that all those cabins would be booked over the course of a few hours.
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