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  1. Go to any Hampton Inn or something similar and ask to see their conference rooms. From what I have seen on-board Royal Caribbean the rooms are similar. You may want to inquire about making sure tables are set up. Either before hand or once on-board.
  2. There was no legal precedent set. The cruise line offered it out of the goodness of their heart. To set a legal precedent, it needs to go to court. In your case they may or may not give you something to your liking. If not you need to take them to court (most likely a court of their choice, see your actual contract about suing the cruiseline and the court of choice) Actually the pour cost is about 20-25% plus the drink package includes the tips along with the nominal salary of the bartenders/servers. The Wifi cost to the cruise line is not zero. They have to have the uplinks/downlinks, wifi routers along with maintaining said hardware by technicians. The actual company that provides internet service through their satellites want payment from the cruise lines, so again their is a cost. In summary wifi is not "free" to the cruise line. Again I hope you get the compensation you desire. You may or may not. Eight months out you have a chance to make alternate plans.
  3. Why??? If the conditions that probably caused last weeks incident were not present or even if they were. Flipping flopping the ships would not necessary negate something similar happening to other ships. I imagine the investigation is still on-going about what may have caused the incident.
  4. Loyalty by a major corporation to anyone is a false narrative. There have been thousands of productive employees that have been employed by the major corporations for 20-30 years, that were laid off over last few the years while the corporations were making record profits. And I am not talking about corporations in dying industries. There is no loyalty by major corporations. While I support your right to complain, the cruise lines (leadership) have no loyalty to their loyal customers. Until there is a economic downturn or god forbid a disaster like 9/11 where the bookings take a hit, they will probably will ratchet down the benefits. If the benefits drop below a certain level take your business elsewhere. As a corollary. On the Oasis class ships there was only inside lounge that had views of the ocean...Viking Crown Lounge. Now it is limited to Suite class guests. We are currently taking a break from Oasis class ships. We are doing RCCL ships that have public rooms with views of the ocean.
  5. The key word is MIGHT and I imagine it would more likely be towards the end of the night and not around 7pm
  6. We were there on Symphony. There were plenty of loungers and now the umbrellas are free. I was afraid about how the water park would affect the experience, but since is in the middle of the island you don't realize it is there unless you face "inland". Our particular favorite spot hasn't changed except for the free umbrellas.
  7. In regards to planning... I have done a 12 day Med cruise with a pre and post stay in Barcelona, I had research hotels, excursions flights etc . A transatlantic cruise from New York City with me flying to NYC several days before my wife. Then afterwards staying in Bath for three days, and afterwards London for several days. That was interesting, between the getting me and my wife into NYC at different times, getting a hotel room for me in NYC. Getting both of us to the ship (me from a hotel in Manhattan, my wife from Laguardia). Then once arriving at Southhampton, arranging for a rental car of sufficient size to our luggage. Then figuring out Stonehenge is on the way from Southampton to Bath. I can on about this trip and the amount of planning research that was involved. The key part was the TA. I don't normally buy trip insurance, but for this trip I did because all of the moving parts Then a 7 Med cruise again out of Barcelona, this was relatively easy as I already had a general idea on where I wanted us to stay and restaurants for Barcelona, so the major research was the excursions. So I fully understand the planning involved in multi-leg trips My reference to apples to apples was in regards to this " d) if they gave us the amount in OBC’s on any of their ship lines then it would only cost them cents on the dollar...if they give you 500.00 off a future cruise it’s 500.00 of revenue lost..if they gave it to you as an on-board credit on Princess for say a drinks package it may only cost them 100.00. Hope that clarifies my position and suggestion." The potential revenue lost would be similar between a future cruise credit vs a credit to an OBC. You are now in a cabin at "full price" and buying a drink package at a discount. The cabin could have been booked by someone else at "full price" and the drink package at full price. So if you booked a cabin with FCC or booked a cabin with OBC there is a revenue "loss" There are several reasons why I don't book an inaugural cruise. The earliest sailing I would book a cruise on a ship in the build mode is for several months after the originally schedule inaugural cruise. I have read enough stories about shipyard delays and construction still going on during the initial sailings. I don't want to deal the additional stress. I don't mean this as sarcastic... again I wish you good look in getting your desired enhanced compensation. It has worked in the past.
  8. Not all ports have docks that can accommodate larger ships. Also the tourist infrastructure may not be present to handle 6000 people descending on a island at the same time.
  9. Some are saying how much damage was done to the MDR. Looking at the pictures and deck plans there were relatively few tables impacted by the collision. The vast majority of the dining room on both decks is usable. All they have to is cordon off the damaged section floor ceiling "walls" of some sort.
  10. First, Again thanks for your input over the years. Based on other posts in prior years and prior threads, by doing the math I thought 75 might be your graduation year but didn't want to jump to conclusions. Over the years you have corrected me on some of my assumptions questions, and statements and I appreciate that. So didn't want make a mistake again I missed the avator and Kings Point in regards tot the "kp" portion of your screen name. Happy Holidays and hope you will be enjoying time with your grandchildren.
  11. You might to make sure that you are on the MTD waitlist. Last year we booked HOTS directly through RCCL website about 2 months before. Normally first choice for us is MTD. The only option was late dining, however there was as a way to let them know that we really wanted to be wait listed for MTD. Lo and behold, we got MTD a week or two before.
  12. Bingo. I have sailed both Carnival (numerous times) and Cunard once (QM2). One was not better than the other, they were different and knew beforehand what the differences were. The one time I chose Cunard was I wanted to do a traditional TA cruise on an ocean liner as opposed to a cruise ship. I have also done numerous cruises on RCCL, Princess, a few on Disney, and one on HAL. For me, each cruise line is not "better" than another. They are just different and research so you know what to expect and what you like or don't like, then pick accordingly.
  13. In regard to d. Comparing apples to apples. For simplicity sake lets say the new cruise costs $2000 at the time of booking, with your your future cruise credit, you pay $1500. Yes there is a revenue lost, but the cost doesn't equal $500 as the cost is actually the cost of salaries of crew memembers, fuel and food (among other costs) For the drink package their will also be a revenue lose of $500 on Princess The true cost of the drink package is the raw cost of the actual drink package on Princess (things like ingredient cost, including alchohol, bartender/server wages/, ice, mixers, etc.)
  14. First off, since you are disappointed with the compensation offered so far, you definitely should ask for additional. Companies have been known to up the compensation offer In regards to insurance, for things like this, I am pretty sure they would be self-insured. However they may have a penalty clause in the contract with shipyard to recover some of the lost revenue. You have to keep in mind that there is a Carnival holding company and the actual Carnival Cruise Line. That means that for corporate purposes Carnival Cruise Line is a sister company to Holland America, Costa, and Princess. While I imagine it is possible to work our the detail corporately it is not just something can just be decided on by Carnival Cruise Line subsidiary. I have sailed on Carnival Cruise line ships, a Holland America ship, Princess and Cunard ships. And have read about Costa when I have thought about trying one of their ships. They are geared at different target audiences and have different price points. Most Carnival cruisers would not like Holland America or Cunard. Some would probably like Princess. May be a few for Costa (but I have read about Costa I would not recommend it.) In regards to insurance premiums, has anyone attempted to contact the insurance companies to see if they can transfer the insurance to another cruise. Since it is so far out and as long as you don't have a need to exercise any of this now canceled cruise, they may let you transfer it provided you change any of the provision. Can't hurt to ask. Again good luck with getting the compensation you desire.
  15. Yes "Chief" is chengkp75. cheng is short for Chief Engineer, not sure what the kp75, thinking the 75 may be a major year milestone in his ship going career. He has mostly worked on freight ships but did do a stint on a NCL cruise ship. He has been great in keeping us landlubbers for going off the boards about what may have happened and what the next steps will be when things like this happen to a cruise ship.
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