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  1. Sorry, he may have been wrong a few times, but he does give valuable insight. Between you and him, I would give his posts a bit more credence than your posts. Things change. After all this is basically an opinion board. I post on my experiences and you post on your experiences. He posts on his experiences and real world expertise. The real world does change.
  2. Oasis Class ships you make reservations for shows. You will be able to make reservations pre-cruise. I think it generally opens at about 100 days out, but it can vary.
  3. Thanks for the video. I first sailed on her when she was only a year or so old and the largest cruise ship in the world. Later on my my wife and myself took a few short cruises out of Port Canaveral. The last time we saw her in person was after she was transferred. She happened to be having a turnaround day in Barcelona while we were having a pre-cruise (Brilliance) stay there.
  4. This is basically my feeling. It took all this time to come up with this set of questions, when EU has come up with some requirements to restart cruising in their neck of woods.
  5. Do you receive medicare/medicade/VA benefits or will in the future? I am always amused about people complaining about socialized gov't provided medical care. Medicare/Medicade/VA is essentially that. But when politicians talk about take about those type of programs, the people raise their arms. How is providing covid vaccinations for free different?
  6. At one time I think I had the Schooner Bar glass and the Hurricane glass. I also think I had the anchor shot glass. The 2000 glass would be cool to have. During that timeframe were were doing Princess and Disney (I have a cool poster from a Disney 2000 cruise)
  7. However those employees were renting rooms and spending money at local establishments during the tourist season. This is very common in short season type of vacation destination. Think, ski resorts etc. There is simply not enough people willing to live in a town in Alaska full time just for 4 months of employment. Outside of the "season" there is not enough jobs/money to make living at the Alaska town full time. Thus potential employees move from location to location. I am sure the local residents who rent rooms, own restaurants etc, appreciate these part timers. With the shutdown the locals who rent rooms, own restaurants are taking a financial hit. Also
  8. Cruise lines per se won't have to have a vaccine policy all it take is a country on the itinerary to have a vaccination policy. Then the cruise line will check if you have documentation upon check-in. If you don't the documentation you will be denied boarding. They can point to the country's regulation for this. Doesn't matter if you promise not to get off at that port or not. As to sailing just to private islands outside of Labadee most if not all private islands are in the Bahamas. So if the Bahamas enact a vaccination policy, if would affect the private islands. Someone ask about where are you currently required to have vaccinations. Try enrolling in school. I am in my mid 50s and when my parents enrolled me in school all those years ago, they had to show proof that I had all of my shots.
  9. From what I have read the CDC just gave very, very broad guidelines in regards to what they expect. So even if the cruise lines spent weeks to submit a plan, due to the mood of the reviewing person, the CDC could throw it out unilaterly. While the EU gave more concise guidelines and seemed to want to work collaboratively with the cruise lines. I find the comparison to Walt Disney World apropos. Walt Disney World and cruise ships have similar crowd patterns. I.E. people standing in lines, going to shows, bunching up. The difference is that the CDC can dictate what the cruise lines do, but not what Walt Disney World does in regards to opening up. I imagine if CDC had the authority, they would not have allowed Walt Disney World to reopen.
  10. BCG experience is a negative for me. Their consultants make recommendations without any real world experience in the industry they are consulting on. It looks like this guy has actual experience in the cruising industry, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.
  11. The buying companies are mostly in a different target market than the Carnival Corp Companies. Yes there is some overlap, but not as much as you would think.
  12. The ships they are getting rid of were profitable before Covid, but probably not as profitable/passengers as other ships. Otherwise they would have been disposed of a while ago. Based on Carnival some of the ships being disposed of in the next 90 days were scheduled to be disposed of in the next few years. They are just accelerating the process. Targeting ships that were scheduled to go into mandatory dry dock in the next few months
  13. It would be an All-Inclusive. In regards to some of the other replies I grew up in Florida and spent my adolescent and teenage years at the beach. Went to college at University of Florida (just north of Ocala) where I would make periodically trips to my parent's house with college room-mates or a day trip to Crescent Beach. After college moved to the midwest for nine years. After that moved backed to Florida and have lived within the 10 miles of the ocean ever since. However the only time I go into the ocean is on a cruise or a long weekend at a hotel right on the beach. Going to a local beach, means I will drag sand and salt into my car, while being hot and sweaty. I will then need to get the car cleaned etc. I understand where John and LaLa moved to. While not "Florida" in most peoples eyes, it is Florida. It is horse country with horse farms that have campaigned horses in the triple crown. Florida is not all about beaches and palm trees.
  14. My wife confirmed that www.timetospa.com was where she made follow up purchases post RCCL cruise. Hope you find the product you are interested in.
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