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  1. TA was Nov 1 and I thought they only cancelled to Oct 31. We cancelled TA last Friday also before final.
  2. You can place your bets on when they will cancel. Take final payment date and add 10. Best odds in any house!
  3. Spoke with neighbors of ours that live in BC and have their 2nd home in AZ. Basically they did not think that the Canadian gov't will let them come down this winter. It is about the medical care changes they have for being out of Canada as much as anything else. I do not see Canada opening up for travel in the near future, same with Spain, Italy and even the UK. We are looking at road trips now but even in the States, if you are from "A" to go to "B" you have to quarantine! Where there is a will, there is a way, just takes alot more planning!
  4. Alphabet soup RCL, RCCL, RPITA whatever. We have done many west coast departures since we also like to drive to the departure ports. Love the Hawaii cruises and Mexico is fine but after a while we like something different. It is as much about the life on board as it is about the ports. West coast US cruises offer great places to go but for us (love the CA coastal) it seems to focus on great oceanfront bars and restaurants. Now we are retiring and will have more time to fly and do B2B or just plan 2 or 3 cruises from an East coast port. They are all fun and I welcome getting back to being bored with the choices we have. Staying home is getting old fast.
  5. I was at the eye doctor yesterday. After my exam, I sat down with the lady that sells the glasses. She asked me which doctor I saw. I said No, I saw an ophthalmologist. She started to ask again then stopped herself. That's a good one, I have never heard that before. I doubt she will ever hear it again!
  6. Much of what I have seen and read has focused on passenger controls and enhancements. I have seen little information on what efforts are being taken to protect and ensure crews are healthy. So much is made of masks as they are a magic fix. A mask is a pain in the a.. but not a big deal and it seems more like a control thing than a fix to the virus. It is sad that the first efforts of cruise lines to return to service has basically crashed and burned. I hope that cruise lines work in concert to see what happened and find the weak links. The forensics of these events can go a long way to assist the lines to "figure this out". Royal continuing to say we are starting in October is nothing more than self assuring hubris. It remains to be seen if we are watching a slow death march or a slow emergence of a Phoenix rising.
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