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  1. This exact same thing happened on our Majesty cruise back in September. I was disappointed as Key West was the main attraction for me. But it turned out to be a great cruise anyway.
  2. Not wanting to derail this topic too far, but several comments have been made that cruising out of Miami is easier/ better than Canaveral. Curious as to why? I've cruised from Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa, but never Miami. Actually, I intentionally avoid Miami cruises because I've thought they would be too crowded, chaotic, and harder to navigate my way around. ( I live in Florida, so drive to the ports.)
  3. Hello, Any options to park other than the terminal @ $15/ day?
  4. Explore the ship, drop carry-on bag in the cabin, have a fruity cocktail drink by the pool.
  5. When I get my first adult beverage onboard. 🙂
  6. Origination. We are leaving Saturday 4:00 from Ft Lauderdale.
  7. Is it 90 minutes before departure time? This is usually not an issue for me, so I've never paid attention. Thanks!
  8. Is there a way to check in with the Royal app instead of printing a set sail pass? If so, how? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for this great comparison. I am sailing Empress for the first time in May. I was very reluctant to book it because Majesty is probably my least favorite ship. But I couldn't pass up the fabulous Bermuda itinerary. I am also sailing Majesty again next month. ( Because I couldn't pass up the great price!) 🙂
  10. I will be following, as I have never sailed on Empress, but am booked for May 2020.
  11. Absolutely. I am an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, and agree with the comments of the lifeguards. Water wings/ arm floaties, or whatever you want to call them, are terrible. I understand the fact that parents want to keep their children safe in and around water, however these inflatables are not the way to do it. Unfortunately they give both children and parents a false sense of security. They also teach the child to be in a vertical position in the water, which is not conducive to learning how to swim. I urge parents NOT to use them.
  12. Out of those listed that I have sailed, Enchantment would be my favorite by far. I have not sailed Mariner or Vision.
  13. I'm another Grandeur lover! One of my favorite ships! I cruised the Bermuda itinerary in April.
  14. Doing a search for an upcoming cruise in September, I see that Royal does not have any cruises departing from Tampa May-Oct. Curious as to why?
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