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  1. What is the easiest way these days to get from Carnival Dock to Mendenhall Glacier? We will have 8 adults, one who sadly has MS and so walking long distanes sometimes tires her out, other times no issues. Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.
  3. We will be doing a 10 day Alaskan cruise out of San Francisco On the Carnival Miracle June 2022. Since it’s such a long cruise, I will need to check in with my office several times, just to answer emails and do a few quick things. I don’t mind doing this, since they’re giving me two weeks off at one time for this trip. Question is we have a truly unlimited Verizon hotspot that works very well for us. Are we close enough to shore traveling up to Alaska to use this hotspot on sea days, or would it be better just to spend the money and purchase the Internet package with Carni
  4. We are in this cabin next year. how was engine vibrations and noise?
  5. We are sailing the 10 day Alaska trip on the Miracle in June 2022. We booked several months ago when it appeared to us 2021 wouldn't happen. We are traveling with couples. We booked early enough that we are full Aft balcony on Starboard side and one couple has the full Aft balcony on the Port side. Hopefully by 2022 things are back to normal.
  6. For those of you who requested a FCC, any chance of a cash refund will end on Dec 31 correct, so you must request by then? Also, we paid for our cruise on a Credit Card that we carry zero balance on. If we decide to request a refund near the end of the year (based on the status of cruising) do you know how those refunds are being issued? Are they crediting the credit cards or are they refunding via cash? We don't need to carry that large a credit on our card. We have a 2021 cruise booked for late that year. It's the only cruise we will do in 2021 or 2022 (other reasons for th
  7. Thank you. Is there a penalty to ask for refund after the FCC is assigned do you know?
  8. We were booked and PIF when our 2020 Celebrity cruise was cancelled (like everyone else's). When it was cancelled we opt'd for the FCC but now are thinking we may not cruise at all in 2021 due to many factors. Does anyone know how they are handling this? Are we still able to get a refund and what the penalties will be? Thanks so much!!
  9. Thanks for sharing this. Didn't know we could get ours stamped on the ship. Adding a reminder to my calendar now 🙂
  10. I am looking to find more information on this excursion. We have it booked for August but I really don't know what to expect and if it is really worth it. Would really like to read some comments for those who have done it. is it worth it? why this over just staying on ship. Anyone have photos and/or video taken? For some reason I am just having a hard time finding this type of information. THANKS.
  11. Can anyone who has done one of these in the past few years share their thoughts, good and bad? We are looking to do one next summer. Most of what I read is from years ago so looking for more up to date information. How was transportation? Hotels? How was luggage handled, etc. Thanks
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