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  1. I signed my granddaughter and I for the river tubing early in the morning and we will go El Moro after.
  2. It is!!!!! I was shocked, only nine people so far.😮 We had around 80 or so on Adventure. I have been checking everyday, just got into their site and nothing yet, bummer😜
  3. OK.😃 I have been trying to access Royal's site all day, something is wrong. Have you tried today?
  4. My good friend wanted to join me on my first solo try, a week before I sailed on Adventure Feb 1 . I added her to my itinerary and thought for sure they would make her buy at least the refreshment package (I had the 18$ special😁). No one said anything and she was not going to volunteer, but she does not drink that much and payed for her drinks each time.
  5. I do know about the pushing and shoving!😜 Yes, the earlier the better. We usually go back to our condo and rest for a few hours then return to the park. Last time we did that my daughter got a fast pass to Flight of Passage FOP, so we were able to go twice!!!!!!! We also get the premier parking pass, worth every penny IMO.
  6. I have to agree big time. I go to Disney every year and know it quite well and the kids will be shattered if you do all that and it won't be fun for them at all IMVHO.
  7. It is, I was in one and loved the large balcony and loved the view. I would take a nap outside on the balcony with the sound of the ship's wake lulling me to sleep......bliss. The steel did not bother at all.
  8. The devil is in the details😜. Also reading through the policy is like reading War and Peace!
  9. I was worried they would not have alcohol allowed, I know my priorities are all warped🤪.
  10. I have been on five cruises in 8 months, I was never sick and was quite diligent about sanitizing and washing hands. I just returned from and eight day cruise and I was just as careful, but I still picked up a cruise crud with no fever a day after I returned home. I have cruise in April with my grandaughter but it will be the last time for quite a while. I can not fathom being quarantined for 2 weeks. On a land based trip, I have more control over my environment. There are too many variables with cruising that are out of my control and I don't care for it at all.
  11. I love to use it. However I am silver medallion on Delta and get upgraded quite often. They don't upgrade in this program.
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