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  1. "Run Judy run" I heard as my husband and I did one connection through CDG, but we made and had a HUGE wine on board!
  2. When Olive Garden first debuted Many years ago and it was a novelty and my BFF from Sicily thought it was good, what can I say. Everything I learned about Southern Italian cooking was from her. I never let other opinions influence my actions, if it is good FOR ME, that's all that matters. I have not been lately but my son in law likes it too and he is a foodie and an excellent cook. Our very first foray into REAL Italian restaurant was Lunas on Canal st NYC, she was our guide and that food rocked!
  3. It so good to hear your great review!πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ Ab fab!
  4. I was looking at the Tamarind menu and there are about six things I want to order and now I want the wasabi tenderloin too! Thanks! I may have go twice to both Tamarind and Canaletto!😁 I am so excited! This cruise sounds wonderful!!!!!!! I love good food!
  5. My husband and I used to go to Lucy’s Italian in the 70s.πŸ˜‹ Hershey park was our favorite place when we were young! I loved Central PA! I can’t wait to try the seafood pasta at Canalettos.πŸ˜‹
  6. Not all schools/colleges have spring break at the same time. My granddaughter and I are going the week of April 12. Atlanta schools are the week before. School calendars vary from state to state, district to district etc. BTW, I am paying 2400$ for a balcony on Oasis deck 8, but no Coco Cay, Labadee instead.
  7. Mechanicsburg? OMG I grew up there! It is my home town, what a small world!😁😁
  8. Thanks for feedback, I think we will go!😊 I want to go to Tamarind too.
  9. I love Italian food more than any other cuisine. I visited Italy many times in each of the regions. My sister in law loves it too. I always said I wanted to eat my way through Italy! Anyone been there? Had a favorite dish?
  10. T2 is awful. It just has a terrible pizza place/restaurant, a Starbucks and a Bagel kiosk.
  11. I love the concept, but that is way to much salt for me and I LOVE salt (but have to watch my intake).
  12. Ab Fab!😁 Do I see bouillabaisse on the menu? I LOVE it! I just read through the the thread and I see they have regressed to the old format, bummer. 😞
  13. We are in cabin 7115. We should say hi on board!😊 Those aft suites look LOVELY.
  14. Me too! I am bringing a very good bottle of champagneπŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸΉ maybe even two! We are stopping at Total Wine before our hotel.😁
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