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  1. 'Five monkeys in a single trench coat" ROTFLMAO😁
  2. Grease Harmony July 7 Wonderful show No behind the scenes. I have seen many shows on Broadway, and in the West End of London and except for backdrops it was very well done and comparable to many Broadway, West End productions. Mamma Mia Aug 22 Allure No behind the scenes Ab fab production with limited set productions, but the talent and enthusiasm were incredible. Seeing Mamma Mia again next Monday!😁 It will be different seeing it at night with a glass of wine, I saw the others as matinees. I will probably start to dance!🤪
  3. I was petrified at the ATL GE off airport site. Everyone in the waiting area was super quiet and the reception guy boomed "passport please" as soon as I walked in, no smile, no greeting, no eye contact and was just abrupt. 😲 I drove 45 minutes to get there and asked to use the "facilities", the look I got from the "greeter" would scare anyone, he just pointed to the door and said "in there". The interviewer was not much nicer. Manner classes for public employees should be mandatory! If I didn't have such hideous drive back, I would have stopped somewhere and had a drink🙄.
  4. I tried to check in on line the other day and it was as convoluted as you said, and as I got to the point of actually inputting my CC information in, it rejected every one of my CCs and I had to call them. All my cards are FINE! I told the rep that I have never encountered such a ridiculous web site and they need to simplify it ASAP!
  5. I was looking at some of those excursions, but they seemed rather short. I was thinking of taking Uber to Escambron, renting some chairs and umbrella and doing it on our own. You think that would work? I am an avid snorkeler/diver so I am ok with shore snorkeling.
  6. I LOVED Harmony but it has one seriously major flaw, no pool in the Solarium. I loved Allure's little pool it was wonderful. I got hot sitting there and every half hour or so, I cooled of in the pool, it was great! I will be avoiding her because of that issue.
  7. Yahoo lines, really? Totally unnecessary comment IMO.
  8. I was surprised when I received a 50$ OBC from my TA on the second day! It was not expected at all!
  9. Don't forget the 2% cash back for the year, mine should be a good amount this year!
  10. Won't let me participate at all. In fact, I just tried it now and once again it would not let me use it.
  11. I tried twice to use the the Royal Up and the site would not let me do it.
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