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  1. The SD website now showing first scheduled cruises to be May 22 on SDI and May 25 on SDII.
  2. Jim, looks to me as if SD I has moved over to St. Vincent. Is that what you are seeing?
  3. I'm no expert but it seems to me that there is always work to be done on these ships and better to do the work at a time when it's not possible to operate voyages with paying customers.
  4. Jim, I think they're planning to head to Portugal pretty soon. Not sure what happens after that. Perhaps drydock?
  5. We are not on that transatlantic voyage. However, the email we received yesterday notifying us that our earlier voyage was cancelled, lists all SDI voyages cancelled as follows: 2020 SD I Sailings impacted: March 22 March 29 April 5 April 11 April 27 Also, I heard yesterday from a senior crew member of SDI who indicated that the current voyage is their last in the Caribbean this season and then they will be taking the yacht to Portugal. So, it appears that SD inadvertently neglected to remove the crossing from their website.
  6. https://seadream.com/covid-19/. Better late than never, I guess.
  7. I am amazed by SD’s handling of this situation and I agree with you as to the fallout, Jim. Their response is not what I would expect from SD. I wonder how they will react to the recent State Department Level 4 Travel Advisory.
  8. We're playing the same game of chicken and at this point, our plan is the same as yours. Thanks for keeping us posted. My TA called SD this morning at my request and also was told that communication from SD on this point is forthcoming. Will report back when we hear from them.
  9. H-H, just to confirm - your March 21 SD1 voyage has been cancelled. Is that correct? Has anybody else out there received any information about subsequent voyages?
  10. For what it's worth, I just emailed SD and asked about the status of our April 11 voyage. Their response: "We are currently still planning for your voyage from Marigot to Bridgetown on SeaDream I, April 11th to go as planned. If there are any changes to the voyage, we will contact your travel agent (in copy)."
  11. Years of practice, indeed. Please keep us posted on this. We are booked on SD1 voyage departing April 11 which I expect to be cancelled as well. Thanks, HH.
  12. SDI is on the road now. Heading out from Barbados. We are due on board in 4 weeks. Will be interesting, for sure.
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