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  1. I agree as far as the ships are concerned. Have also cruised on both plus the somewhat similar Viking Ocean ships. The cabins are excellent, much better than on Azamara. However, I think that Saga must improve the seating in the Grill, and upgrade the offerings in the MDR to get close to the others for dining. 3 choices for the main course is not enough. I know there is an always available section but that is the same on the other lines too. Presentation not exactly 'fine dining' However we thought the specialities were good.
  2. In August I phoned requesting a quote. I phoned Wichita and hoped that the service had improved since I had previously experienced from Guatemala . In my opinion nothing had improved. The phone was answered, I spoke to someone saying I wanted an Azamara quote, they sound surprised, put me on hold. I waited but gave up. I tried again later and the same thing happened. I am from the UK and apparently pay for these calls. I then filled in an online form asking for a quote on the same B2B I am already booked on. The reply said "thank you for your booking let me know if I can assist you on anything else" I replied that I didnt understand since I was enquiring for a friend who was interested since in the UK online prices had dropped. The reply said that they didnt quote since I was already booked and that there were no lower fares ! That was untrue since I was monitoring prices precisely because I was already booked and the balcony cabin price was now very close to the OV I have booked. I also asked them to confirm what benefits I might lose if I transferred my booking to a balcony. That was 22nd August. On 2nd September I asked if I was ever going to get a reply since I understood that the move to Wichita was meant to improve customer service. The reply came with a quote which confirmed that prices had reduced on one of the cruises by £732. In the meantime my friend had booked on Viking. I was invited to contact my TA to get a price to upgrade but I was not told what benefits I would lose. (on board booking by my lovely friend Lottie). At the moment I will continue to read these boards to see if I can make any sense of the rules. Just back from a Saga cruise, the back office customer service was brilliant and puts Azamara to shame.
  3. We took the local bus from St Tropez to Lovely Sainte Maxime which actually goes past Port Grimaud ( which I am not keen on )Had a really great lunch then returned on the ferry. Fabulous day.
  4. I think Sanary are always pleased to see a cruise ship in port. We also had the band, drinks and snacks whilst visiting on Star Clipper. One resident said that Sanary was like St Tropez used to be 50 years ago and they wanted to keep it like that. I did actually visit St Tropez in the 60's so perhaps that is why I still like it there as well, whilst many do not. Memories of a misspent youth !
  5. The price point on this cruise indicated that it was not in the luxury class. However it was extremely good value.
  6. Sanary sur Mer is one of my favourite places first visited on our first ever Azamara cruise. Such a lovely place. We did a Cassis shore excursion from Marseille last year and it was a shambles. They told us it was their first visit and that things would improve. Evidently they still haven’t got it right.
  7. Lovely place. For those without OBC to burn it’s easy to visit by train or bus. Lots of information on the ports of call section.
  8. We are back in Sete on Journey next year. I really hope we have the same Azamazing evening. It looks wonderful.
  9. Went to Sete last year on Quest. We were so lucky to see the fantastic water jousting. Large rowing boats being rowed towards each other as fast as possible with the jouster standing up on the prow with a long pole trying to push the guy on the opposing boat into the water. The whole town is partisan and the competitors march around the town with a band. I believe that one of the Azamara Captains took part some years ago.
  10. Just a warning that the lines to book East to West and Coast to Coast were very long. I spoke to one lady who waited one hour. Very short line for The Club. We went just a few minutes after 3 and the lines were already very long. Most people (including us) did not realise they could only book one restaurant. Someone walked along the line taking 'waitlisting' bookings. The system could, of course, tell if any booking had already been made.
  11. We have been on both Royal Clipper and Star Clipper. A really wonderful experience.
  12. Hi Wacktie, I went to the Spa 4 times. Twice when no one at all was there. Once a lady was on one of the warm stone beds, and once when two men were in the pool but they got out after about 2 minutes and went to the steam room after telling me which was the strongest bubble area. Cinnamon went on the last sea day at about 4 and I went after I saw the choir and various members of the crew sing, so about 5.45. Not a soul there apart from a cleaner. I found a robe after opening a couple of lockers but all had fresh very large towels in. I thought it was lovely. Most people didn't even know about it, and some of course would not have been able to get down the not very steep steps. On Viking they also provide rubber slip on shoes. On Saga I did see some in a bin outside the sauna since they warned that the floor was hot but not in the changing rooms. This area was really not promoted at all. The Captain did mention the lack of drying lines as well as complaints about the hairdryers. Also they will change the rather confusing current dual number and letter for each level (ie Deck E was Deck 7). Plus the poor lighting inside the lift where many could not see the deck levels without close inspection. He also mentioned that the new ship will have a rather different layout with a ceiling being put completely over the MDR whereas on Spirit there is a large opening up to the Club area. I think that is to do with noise levels as we could certainly hear celebrations from the MDR whilst in the club. All in all an enjoyable cruise with exceptional weather. Back to Azamara next June where we will be the "old buffers" rather than the "spring chickens"
  13. Back from the Saga cruise. We did have a very good time and met some lovely people but are rather relieved to be going back home to Azamara next June. Then of course we will be "the old buffers" rather than the 'spring chickens" on Saga. However Spirit of Discovery is a very good ship. Our lowest grade cabin was splendid with a wider balcony and, of course I hate to say it, lovely bathrooms with big glass showers. Will certainly return in a few years.
  14. Forgot to say that the very large Library was excellent. Very wide selection of books plus a good coffee machine. Also two jigsaws - don't indulge myself but I saw many stop to add a piece or two. We were on Deck 7 so walked through the library often to get to the front of the ship.
  15. Glad that everything is going well. By the way I do agree about the sound set up in the Theatre. Singers often overwhelmed by the band. We thought the singers and young dancers were working very hard but perhaps need more experience. Also some of the costumes seem to fit very badly. Is there a seamstress or tailor onboard who could make a better job of turning up their trousers. I only say this because we were often latecomers into a packed theatre so had to sit right up at the front. Probably wouldn't have noticed further back !
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