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  1. No, we would have gone to the shows but the passengers seemed to go straight to bed immediately afterwards. However it is dangerous to make comparisons. We went on a wonderful Scenic River Cruise from Bordeaux this year and it was very lively in the evenings. Lots of music, dancing and general good fun which went on til at least midnight. Our friends have recently returned from a Scenic Rhine cruise which they loved, apart from the fact that everyone went to bed very early. Each cruise and mix of passengers is different
  2. Enjoying your thread. Thank you. However I do have a question about the docking in Barcelona. We have embarked and disembarked many times with Azamara, always at the WTC, which is a great location and one of the benefits of Azamara. I could just walk off leaving DH to have a snooze onboard. On Viking and others we were in the 'usual' docking area necessitating using a shuttle bus, much less convenient. Was any reason given for the change of dock ? I really hope that this will not be the norm in the future. We are there next June.
  3. We enjoy Prime C too. Where does the beef come from ? Not sure what" not European Beef" means. I would like Aberdeen Angus from Scotland.
  4. What if the Essentials Package was included as part of a promotion ?
  5. We stayed in the Hotel l’Image in the centre of St Remy which was recommended on cruise critic. Great hotel with a beautiful garden, including a kitchen garden growing produce for the excellent restaurant, modern statues and a lovely swimming pool. The exhibitions at Carrierres de Lumieres change regularly and we saw Giants of the Renaissance including , Leonardo de Vinci, , Michelangelo and Raphael. Simply stunning. There is a guy, with the cruise critic name Hitner, who is a wealth of information particularly about France, who is a regular contributor on the Ports of Call boards.
  6. Can't match your travels but have been to the wonderful Carrierres de Lumieres in Les Baux when staying in St Remy. Have looked at shore excursions which mention Les Baux and this fantastic place does not usually feature so have a wonderful stay in that lovely region. Mind you we have usually been in the summer - hope weather is kind.
  7. This post has reminded me about that truly awful luminous green mint jelly offered with various types of lamb. In the UK roast lamb should be served with Mint Sauce made from chopped mint leaves, vinegar (on the old days malt vinegar, now often white wine vinegar) a little sugar and a tiny splash of water. Even the stuff in the jars is OK. Redcurrant sauce is also great, the great Delia Smith actually combines the two, which may be heresy but very tasty.
  8. Great thread - thank you. Interested to know why you didnt like White Night. It seems to be a highlight of many cruises, and I have always enjoyed it.
  9. Agreed Phil, but I also think that most of us do realise the harm the cruising industry can do to the environment and pressure on cruise companies to improve must be a good thing and will prove popular with their clients.
  10. Phil, not only you, but it was just the way the post was written - I know you and I realised that you did not mean the sentiments in a general way. We are all hypocritical to some point, but I believe that it is better to do something to help rather than dismiss those who want to try. I can't recall the exact wording. apart from the last line, but I see the post has now been removed (not my doing). Pressure from the paying public has certainly made the cruise industry pay more attention. On our recent Saga cruise, on a new ship, the Captain made great play of the 'Green' credentials of ship. In addition small things do help I think, for example in each cabin we were given refillable water bottles, the toiletries were in large bottles etc etc.
  11. Some posters seem to be indicating that they choose not to make any effort to reduce their own carbon footprint whether at home or away. Perhaps they do not believe the world is in trouble. Nordski has remained remarkably calm and collected despite some provocation.
  12. Thanks, good review but highlights the Shore Excursion problems again. We did a “have lunch with a local family” excursion in Kotor. The lovely lady who hosted it was extremely surprised and rather flustered when over 20 turned up when she was expecting fewer. Extra places were hastily laid and we squeezed into the available space. Luckily there was enough to go around but it just goes to show yet again the disconnect within Shore Excursion planning onboard.
  13. Sorry but I cannot see the link.
  14. I have given up on trying to get these emails. Went through a tortuous process last year - finally started to receive them - not had anything since July 2019 re perks of LCV membership. Havent got the energy to start again despite having B2B booked for next June.
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