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  1. I agree that the planned 2021 itineraries have nothing to compare with our cancelled June 4th and June 11th 2020 cruises. What good is a FCC if the itineraries are not appealing. Have been looking a Oceania and they seem to have some possibilities. We only want to cruise in the Mediterranean or Northern Europe. We love Viking (and friends have had exemplary refunds etc) but do not like their repeat itineraries. In these difficult times, Azamara need to offer something extra, especially since many of us regulars are not impressed with their current erratic performance and lack of management visibility.
  2. Well I know the answer to part of the above question. My friend, who paid our deposit whilst making an on board booking with her credit card, has received the £500 deposit refund. The balance was paid to my TA by debit card at the end of February and I understand from her that Azamara 'take' the payment from the TA's account on the due date. My TA says that although she did receive some Celebrity credits yesterday, mine was not one of them. I presume that since the deposit has been repaid now then Azamara have processed my account so it is possibly on its way. Many on this board seem to have been repaid in a variety of ways. Has anyone else, especially those in the UK, been in a similar situation? i.e: the deposit refunded but still waiting for the balance.
  3. I presume those who are now receiving refunds to their credit cards booked direct with Azamara ? Our deposit was direct to Azamara for our June 4th B2B although this was actually paid as an on board booking by a good friend to get maximum benefits. The booking was then transferred to a TA. The balance being paid to our TA on a debit card. I wonder who will be refunded and how ? My TA, my friend, or me ?
  4. Don't think this would have happened in the UK. I believe the deposit would have been lost. I also think that one's personal situation in regard to refunds, affects how this whole affair is viewed. I would, I think, be of the opinion that people should just wait for their refund and it will all be OK in the end if I were not actually owed money by Azamara. In other words it is easy to say "be patient" if one is not actually waiting for a refund.
  5. Not sure what this means. Is it OK to fill out the revised form.? Was the original aborted because it contravened guidelines and if so how ?
  6. I did not know there was a “Corporate Team” in the UK any more. What do they do exactly ?
  7. hamrag It was just out of curiosity. At the moment I have asked for a refund and am prepared to wait for a refund. Of course if this process takes more than 60 days then I will think again. I do not blame my TA and I certainly want them to survive. They are a small family firm. At the moment we are not in a position to make plans to cruise but Azamara have not covered themselves in glory and we may well choose Viking next time. We have been with them twice but they do not have the itinerary flexibility that attract us to Azamara.
  8. Would you be prepared to name the cruise company that have already refunded your money ? Thank you.
  9. Have just spoken with my Travel Agent (a small one). Just confirming with her that I would like a refund for our B2B since our cruising future is uncertain due to DH having current health problems. She told me that so far they have not received any cash refunds at all from any of the many cruise companies they represent. Her confirmation cancellation invoice says "client will receive full refund of monies paid, once received from the Cruise Line, this may take up to 60 days".
  10. Had a look on the Celebrity Board but cannot locate this. Could you tell me the name of the thread ?
  11. Slightly different question. I have asked for a refund via my Travel Agent rather than fill in the online form I could have completed from a link online. I will presumably be credited (eventually) with the deposit paid direct to Azamara and the balance paid to the Travel Agent, That amount included a small discount. Does the Travel Agent end up with any commission for the work they have done ? I presume they retain the remaining part of their original commission. I work with a small Travel Agent and they are having a really hard time at the moment. They did try to persuade me to go for the 125% FCC but DH's current health problems may continue so cruising may be off the agenda and a bird in the hand etc etc.
  12. Thanks Bonnie, I did realise just after I posted that our second cruise was included in the list of cancellations. Both cruises had fantastic itineraries so very sad they will not happen.
  13. Don't understand why the earlier sailings have a later date to request a refund. Why can't Azamara check what they send out. However we have decided to ask for a cash refund on our two June cruises. Such a shame but at the moment we don't know when, or indeed if, we will be in a position to cruise again. I looked at the price of a similar cruise to one of ours next year and it is far more expensive so even with a 125% FCC we would be worst off. I hope we can cruise again and will be looking for a good deal but prefer cash in my bank account rather than Azamara's.
  14. Yes I would like to know the answer too. I did pose the question on another thread but it was deleted along with some very cross postings by someone who seemed to have lots of financial information about the parent company. Our June 4th now cancelled, which had 4 free days due to moving up to Discoverer, so I have no idea what happens to them. We are also booked on the June 11th cruise which will doubtless be cancelled next month. DH has new health issues so we certainly would not get a 'fit to cruise' letter from our GP.
  15. Thank goodness Corinne, one less thing for you to worry about at this difficult time. Kudos to Azamara for doing the right thing in the end. Thinking of you and dear John. We were notified this morning that our June 4th cruise is cancelled but so far not the June 11th although this will inevitably be cancelled too.
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