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  1. Do you mean the links at the head of a cruise line forum that named each ship in turn, so that you could be shown threads about that ship? They were only ever a shortcut to search, so to get the same thing simply use the search function.
  2. Go to the CC boards home page. Go to the Royal Caribbean roll calls forums page. Go to the Grandeur of the Seas roll calls forum page. Read down the list until you find the roll call thread for the 28 March 2019 cruise (currently the tenth thread on page 1). That took me about 15 seconds. (It took much longer to type that list of things that I did.) I really struggle to understand why this seems to be so difficult for so many CCers. It would probably help, though, if CC were simply to disable the roll call forum finder tool completely, so that nobody is misled by it.
  3. It shows for me, on page 1 of the Grand Princess roll calls forum. It took me about 10 seconds to find it.
  4. Who knows whether or not the UK will still be in the EU then! Not even that is certain. I suppose that is true but there isn’t a lot of time left for anything except a hard Brexit. Now, tell us again when it is that you're coming to the UK?
  5. The indicators being talked about are not "critical safety features". Both their usefulness and their effectiveness are controversial. Of course, it will now be politically impossible for Boeing to continue to list these as options, but it is still an open question whether an AoA indicator or an AoA disagree warning light would have made any difference to either accident. In particular, you have to distinguish between things which might have afforded the crew an opportunity to diagnose the flying problem when it arose and therefore apply the correct fix; and things which might have made a difference simply because they might have halted the flight altogether because of the airline's pre-flight procedures (after being re-written to take into account the fitting of one or other of these devices). It is not as simple as saying that if these pilots had had these devices, they would have instantly known what to do to fix the problem when it arose. This is why these two devices will, at most, be ancillary to the main fix of the problem which appears to have resulted in the Lion Air accident. Aviation is never as simple as it can appear to non-experts, including the non-expert media. After all, 737s have two AoA sensors, which could simply disagree - whereupon you might have to distrust both because you can't know which one is correct and which one is wrong. Airbus 320 family aircraft have three, and can work on a majority voting basis. Does that make the Airbus aircraft better, on the basis that one faulty sensor out of three will get outvoted and you will still have a correct reading from two? Tragically, Murphy always has a way of puncturing inadequate analysis.
  6. You should remember that it'll be in the moderators' discretion whether or not to delete the thread. Even if it makes uncomfortable reading for you personally, points made by others can be helpful to CC members in the future, particularly if they set the record straight, explain the cruise line's processes and procedures, or correct some misunderstanding. "I don't like what other people said to me" isn't always a sufficient reason for CC to delete an entire thread.
  7. Don't buy a ticket. Just use a contactless credit or debit card.
  8. I think if we have that situation I will have to make my DH fly backward. The only time I enjoy facing back is in an aft balcony...... I'm never quite sure why people think it's such a big problem to fly when sitting facing aft. You barely notice any difference, and then only for a few minutes at the beginning and the end of the flight. Otherwise, you just cannot tell. I spend a lot of my flying hours in cabins that basically have the same number of forward- and aft-facing seats. A good test is waking up in the middle of the night when there is very light inside or outside the cabin: it often takes some conscious mental effort to work out which way is forward, precisely because it feels no different.
  9. SW1 is one of the London postal districts, covering a large area. It may be good enough for a minicab company to give you a quote, but it is not the hotel's postcode. Or, more accurately, it is only part of the hotel's postcode. These are much more specific. For example, the Rubens Hotel is liked by many here, and is in SW1. Its postcode is SW1W 0PS, and that postcode is in practice unique to the Rubens. Many other hotels, particularly hotels of any size or significance, will similarly have unique postcodes.
  10. Sorry if I'm being slow here, but aren't all A/Z and B gates all part of Terminal 1 at FRA? A quick look over the last few days shows FRA-CPH flights operating interchangeably from A and B gates, although with a preponderance of the former. Doesn't matter whether they're operated by LH or SK.
  11. And remember that the Schengen immigration border is drawn around a different set of countries from the EU customs border. Fly from France to Germany: no immigration, no customs. Fly from the UK to Gemany: immigration, no customs. Fly from Norway to Germany: customs, no immigration. And I have encountered exceptions. On a trip from London to Stockholm to Kiruna, I had to clear immigration, collect my bag and then re-check it before proceeding to the domestic flight. If I had been crossing a customs border, I would have cleared customs at Stockholm.
  12. It's not the "autopilot" that is the subject of some interest...it's the MCAS which is an automatic trim system that is always engaged unless the crew manually overrides with a particular procedure. If undesired operation of the MCAS was the underlying problem behind either or both the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines accidents, it's important to note that this is not an issue which "begins when the auto-pilot is engaged". MCAS operates only when the autopilot is disengaged.
  13. Go to the Spectrum of the Seas roll call forum. Start a new thread ("topic"). Remember that this roll call thread will not appear on the roll call finder. But with only two pages of threads, many of which aren't roll call threads at all, it couldn't be described as hard work for anyone else to find the new thread.
  14. It occurs to me for some reason () that we may also need a sticky thread about how to get from Heathrow (and Gatwick) to various frequently asked-about points in central London.
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