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  1. Globaliser

    Signatures are bursting out all over

    It says "Save" to me. I wouldn't baulk at it saying "Edit Topic", even if it did. That is what you are doing the moment you click the button. Before that, you are only preparing the edit that you may make (but which you can change your mind about at any time until you click the button).
  2. Globaliser

    Any chance of getting a mobile app back?

    Bookmark this instead: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2477157-last-one-to-post-wins/?do=getNewComment Have you tried this? Go to the Content I Posted In stream. Change the first setting to Content items, comments and reviews. Then save that as a new stream - give it a unique name you'll remember. See if that works any better?
  3. Globaliser

    Pale Post #

    At this risk of sounding like Jacques Clouseau, that is what I said!
  4. Globaliser

    bad request when using forums on chrome

    https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2595440-i-keep-getting-this-on-my-chrome-laptop-forum-can-you-help https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2605896-frequent-bad-request-error
  5. Globaliser

    forum hosts

    Yes, because I reported a misplaced thread and it was moved to the correct forum. I have to agree that reports about other posts that seem to contravene guidelines do not always seem to be being acted on. But that is not new; it was happening before the software move. I don't know what the point is of having a rule that (for example) a thread must not be started with a recommendation for a tour guide if the rule is not enforced.
  6. Globaliser

    Rotterdam to Delft

    It's a train from Rotterdam Centraal. And you can get the metro there from Wilhelminaplein station, which is only a couple of hundred yards from the cruise terminal. Given how fast and easy it is by metro and train, why would you?
  7. Globaliser

    Pale Post #

    If you hover over the post, though, it will darken and become more visible - so that may be a partial solution for some purposes.
  8. Have you tried positively logging out and then logging back in again? Other similar error messages appear to have been related to not being logged in (or not being automatically logged in, if that is the way you are set up):- https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2606146-error-notice-you-do-not-have-permission-2f173h https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2602580-error-2f173l
  9. Globaliser

    Bold vs Non-Bold Topics???

    Chrome is my main browser (although none of the browsers I've tested show this problem). So I'd suggest the other tried-and-tested old standby: clearing cookies and cache.
  10. Globaliser

    Plans for Greenwich cruise terminal abandoned

    That will have as much effect as asking turkeys to vote for Christmas (or Thanksgiving). It's the cruise lines who benefit most from this dishonesty. I have no trouble with this. It makes clear that Southampton is not London. However, "London (Southampton)" fails that test, IMHO.
  11. Globaliser

    Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAX)

    That headline says what I've been saying throughout this thread: Norwegian may survive the winter, or it may not. If you buy a ticket for, say, next summer, you're therefore gambling on the outcome being one thing rather than the other.
  12. Taking up a challenge from @POA1 to see whether I can continue typing after inserting the tag. And trying it again, @POA1. When it all seems to work.
  13. Globaliser

    Cannot sign in on phone

    It's the only way.
  14. Globaliser

    Adopt A Stream?

    Yes, I have been mulling over this idea myself - just not got around to voicing it or doing anything else about it! I think it's a great suggestion.
  15. @POA1 is just lucky. And I think that @POA1 is actually particularly lucky. In other words, no problem here.