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  1. Globaliser

    Navigating boards

    If you're thinking of the ship-specific roll call forums, they're still there, exactly where they used to be. General discussion about specific ships is in the forum for the ship's cruise line. There never were ship-specific forums for these threads. In the cruise line's forum, the easy search tool to pull up some threads about a ship is accessed through the drop-down menu "See posts about:" a few lines below the heading and just above the thread listing.
  2. Globaliser

    Delta Changed My Flight Times Barcelona to Detroit

    They will change it, because as far as I can see the new times mean that the connection is no longer legal. The Minimum Connect Time for this one looks like it's 1:25. Delta would probably automatically rebook the connection when some automated process discovers the illegal connection, even if you were to do nothing. It might simply take several weeks. Personally, I'd take the 3:10 connection at JFK. I might even have picked that originally over the other options, although I don't have a US passport.
  3. Globaliser

    Air fare question

    However, when looking at that graph it's always wise to remember the old one about the statisticians who drowned while crossing a river that was, on average, only two feet deep. Although that graph may be an interesting exercise in averages, the corresponding graph for each specific flight on each specific route on each specific travel date will be different. And there is no way of knowing the final shape of each corresponding graph will look like until the moment the aircraft pushes back from the terminal building on departure.
  4. Globaliser

    Can't Post

    Probably more an indication that the following words at the top of the Help forum aren't yet sufficiently big or bold: "Also, your question may have been asked by other members and answered -- please browse those as well."
  5. Globaliser

    MSP Connection Time

    Why would you even begin to assume that the flight from AMS to MSP will be on time? If you're concerned about whether you have enough time to make it to the next flight, a delay on the AMS-MSP flight is likely to be your biggest single risk. If you're planning to get from one flight to the next, it would perhaps make more sense to say "assuming that the flight from AMS incurs a fairly routine delay of about 2-3 hours ...".
  6. Globaliser

    More Norwegian Air Transatlantic Service

    Bloomberg has published some details about the covenants: book equity value higher than 1.5bn NOK and more than 500m NOK of liquidity. AIUI, Norwegian may already have had some covenant waivers, so your speculation that this round would involve more than just another round of waivers seems logical. The article also refers to Norwegian having had to lease the A380 again to rescue passengers stranded at Gatwick because of the drone incident. That must have cost money, and this time there is absolutely nobody (other than any business interruption insurance) from which the company could claim it. So all in all, it seems quite telling that the adjective selected for the current liquidity position is "satisfactory". FWIW, a fuller version of the statement containing that adjective is:-
  7. Globaliser

    flights to Barcelona

    Then I don't understand why you say you have "booked a one way to Toronto and then one-way to Barcelona", as opposed to "a one-way flight from Charlotte to Barcelona through Toronto". If it's all in one booking, then it doesn't sound like there's any difference. If what you're really saying is that your TA could get you a much cheaper fare than you could get from the airline directly, then that's a different matter entirely. That can easily happen, particularly if you are looking for one-way long-haul fares which are typically more expensive than round-trip fares. TAs (including cruise lines) can get access to contracted rates for one-way travel that bring these down to the same sort of level as half of a round-trip fare, but those rates wouldn't be available to the general public. There's nothing "funny" in that, either. That's just the way the industry works. It makes perfect sense: non-stop itineraries are more valuable than connecting itineraries because they're faster. Things that are more valuable sell for a higher price. If you want to test that, try buying a cheaper RDU-CLT-XXX flight and flying only the CLT-XXX. You might find some difficulties at the gate, probably caused by the airline trying to protect the more valuable CLT-XXX product from being used at the price of the less valuable RDU-XXX product. Figuratively speaking. If you had actually booked a a one-way ticket to Toronto and then another one-way ticket to Barcelona, you increase the risks of a big travel disaster. A good TA would give you some tips and warnings about how to reduce the risks.
  8. Globaliser

    flights to Barcelona

    Does that mean that the Charlotte - Toronto flight is on a different booking from the Toronto - Barcelona flight? If so, I hope that your TA has taken all the necessary precautions and given you all the necessary health warnings about this approach. It's not "funny" - it's a situation that is commonly seen - but there are reasons why it's cheaper to do it one way rather than the other, and if you're unlucky those reasons can come back to bite you.
  9. Globaliser

    First time with Princess EZ Air

    For a MAN-EUR-USA itinerary, some European connecting points will require security re-clearance, but others will not. It depends on the regulations in the connecting country and the physical layout of the airport buildings at the connecting airport. I think that AMS is an airport where there should be no formal security clearance required. However, for all USA-bound flights there is always the possibility of additional security, typically at or near the gate.
  10. To revert to an earlier theme, there's an in-town airport at the London end!
  11. There's nothing complicated about this. You can easily buy a one-way train ticket and you can easily buy a one-way air ticket. FWIW, the disruptive engineering work is usually on the tracks rather than the trains.
  12. No. Different sites handle cookies in different ways. A new software setup on a single site may use different cookies from the old software setup. The new software setup may use cookies coming from a different domain from the domain used in the old setup. And any tweak to any software setup may require different cookies to work. To get a cookie to work, it has to be just right for the current software. So no, it is simply not true that a cookie is a cookie, except in the most basic description.
  13. You were - unless you always kept your computer on and modified your browser to auto-refresh every 15 minutes or so even when you weren't at the computer. In all probability, you simply never saw it. If you always used the same browser to look at CC, then the instant you came back to CC you would be logged in again. To see that you were logged off, you'd have to use another uncookied browser to come to CCt to check your login status. Unless you can positively say that you made such a check after you'd deliberately had a period of CC inactivity, then the chances are overwhelmingly that you were automatically logged off - just like everybody else was - and never saw it.
  14. Globaliser

    Need to login every day

    Even on CC, the automatic login was generally working for most people until a week or so ago - and most people could actually see it working because it took several seconds. Let's see if this weekend's update fixes the problem.
  15. Even if you never actively log out, every time you leave CC for a while you will be automatically logged out after a period of inactivity. That's how it worked in the old system and that's how it works in the new system. What some CCers have long relied on is that CC will automatically log you back in when you come back to CC (which is different from not being logged out). For some people, that automatic login process is now more visible than it used to be, because it takes several seconds. For other people, the automatic login process is failing for some reason. For yet others, it seems that even a manual login is not sticking for the duration of a browser session. It sounds like you're in the second group. Let's see what this weekend's update does.