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  1. Following, we will be visiting many of these ports next year. Mostly looking forward to the Greek ports. Thanks so much for sharing.
  2. Contact your insurance provider. I have been able to move the insurance forward to a different cruise. As long as the insurance had not kicked in, you should be able to move. it.
  3. It doesn't look like many of you choose American, which is what I usually go on. Is Delta better? It seems more of you choose it.
  4. I have only read about Air2Sea on this forum and the cruise air forum.
  5. If booking with Air2Sea, I think I read that you can choose your own flights. Are you also able to choose your seats?
  6. I bring on the Walden Farms single packets. You can get them at amazon.
  7. I would only do the southern Caribbean in January.
  8. People, it is Easter. She is probably cooking up a storm and spending the day with her family. Give her a break!
  9. I have been looking at the 7 night sailings leaving from San Juan in 2021. I wanted to do a B2B but the prices seem so high. When I sailed from SJ on the Jewel in 2017 the price was much more reasonable. Am I wrong that the pricing is crazy high? What is the chance prices will drop to something more reasonable? I know, no one knows. This would be the sailings on Enchantment. I wanted to book these while on my cruise but hubby says no way because air fare to SJ is also high.
  10. I am just trying to get an idea of what I want to do. I can't even book yet since the cruise is in 2020. Thanks everyone!
  11. I guess I don't have enough info. I will go check out the Italy forum. Thanks.
  12. I guess I don't have enough info. I will go check out the Italy forum. Thanks.
  13. What is the earliest you would book leaving from FCO after a cruise? Supposed to be in port at 5:00 AM(I know, doesn't meant it will).
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