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  1. For those of you asking about multiple cabins and only one couple in one cabin testing positive. We were not offered the option to not travel on the cruise and receive anything in exchange. It was explained that they will only provide for members traveling in the same cabin. We did fly to Seattle together and stayed in the same hotel room with our daughter and SIL, but that did not matter. UPDATE: Since our return on 9/28 both my husband and I have tested positive. So far we have mild symptoms, we thought it was a cold from all the rain in Alaska. Hopefully it stays that way.
  2. We got off the Encore on Sept 25, under our Platinum plan we ate at Cagney’s (fabulous) and booked the Italian Restaurant Onda for our last night since there was no LaCucina. We were told Onda is not a Platinum perk. They are offering LosLobos or the BBQ Restaurant. Wow, we are from Texas and the last food I want to eat on a cruise ship for my “Special Specialty” dinner is BBQ or Mexican. We were allowed to eat there and were comped by the MaitreD, which I appreciate, however, we found the food quality way below LaCucina and the atmosphere much like a diner with my Pet Peeve, no tablecloth.
  3. Update to my original post: COVID POSITIVE AT PIER I posted on 9/18 that my daughter and SIL tested positive at the port, we were scheduled to leave Seattle for an Alaska Cruise. They are vaccinated and had negative Covid tests results prior to departing our home in San Antonio Friday. After they tested positive they were provided a hotel room for quarantine. NCL said they would cover the costs after their insurance. They were allowed to walk around the grounds but were told they must stay away from other guests. They ordered Uber Eats which was delivered to the reception area and then the front desk left it outside their room. Everyday they received a phone call from an NCL Rep, their insurance provider and (I think the name was ) Medco, to check on them and ask if they were ok. Aside from too much togetherness, they felt they received excellent treatment. My daughter did loose her taste and smell on Sunday but by Thurs it was back. Other than that they were both asymptomatic thru the entire time. My daughter tried to purchase Covid tests for them to take the test prior to the ship’s return but none were available either locally or thru Amazon. I had the foresight to bring one with me but it was on the ship in my luggage. When we returned we met my daughter and SIL in the parking lot and they used my test. A BLESSING, they both tested negative. She called NCL and told them that they felt comfortable leaving. All along NCL told them they were free to leave at anytime but once they left the coverage ended. They were concerned that until they tested negative things could go South real quick so they stayed until we returned. We promised each other we will plan a new Alaska Cruise for next year so they get to see beautiful Alaska and we get a “do over”. Thank you NCL for taking excellent care of our family.
  4. For those of you that wonder, what happens if we test positive at checkin? Well, I’ll tell you from first hand experience. My husband and I left San Antonio yesterday for our Alaska cruise on the Encore today Sept 18. My daughter and SIL were with us. As recommended we all got tested for Covid prior to our travels. We all tested NEGATIVE. Hooray, we were on our way. This morning we all went to get the mandatory pre-cruise test required by NCL. Imagine our shock when both my daughter and SIL tested positive. They were both fully vaccinated months ago. Immediately they were whisked into a private room with security and an NCL REP posted outside. There they were given another Covid test and again both tested positive. The staff asked where their bags were and they contacted the Marriott hotel next door. Security and the NCL Cruise Director went to the hotel and retrieved their bags. ( I had already taken ours out as we knew they would be going there shortly) They we’re then driven to a local resort that NCL has contracted with to house passengers that test positive. Since then I have been talked to my daughter numerous times and she said she is amazed at how well NCL has been treating them. They are both asymptomatic and had no idea this was about to happen. They have been told they will stay at the resort until they both test negative. They are authorized to order room service and with be reimbursed up to $100 per day per person. I am thankful they did everything right and followed all of NCL’s recommendations. They did have insurance with NCL and are ever so thankful for that. My husband and I spoke with a member of the medical staff when we checked in, and after much discussion with the Dr on board we were allowed to board. I am heartbroken leaving them behind, although my daughter insisted. They have been in touch with their daughter and SIL that are station in Olympia WA. And all have promised me they will keep us updated everyday. So my best advice is get tested before you leave home, have insurance, and keep a good attitude if life hands you lemons. STAY SAFE and get VACCINATED.
  5. Yes, check out Bird’s Encore review for some great information
  6. The Italian Ministry of Health issued an ordinance on July 29, 2021 stating that an Anti-COVID-19 vaccination certificate for an European Medicines Agency (EMA) recognized vaccine from competent U.S. health authorities (CDC “white cards”) will be considered the equivalent of the Italian Green Pass where this requirement exists Took the above info from link mentioned above. Am I wrong or are our CDC vaccine cards acceptable?
  7. The last time we were Haven guest we received a leather card holder to carry our key cards in. Unfortunately it only fit our card and no room for cash.
  8. We did a TA on the Getaway in a Courtyard Penthouse Deck 16. I loved the convenience of just being a few steps away from the restaurant and bar. Our bartenders were the best and really got all the other cruisers talking to each other. We booked the Epic TA in Nov 21 and picked the same area. I think you’d love it like we did.
  9. Sorry, it must have been down for changes. I see it’s back up.
  10. I just looked at our July 27 Alaska cruise on Jewel and it shows no cabins available. should I assume we will getting word soon that our cruise is canceled? Yesterday there were all classes and many cabins available to book.
  11. We were on a 19 day TA when my husband contracted pneumonia. For four days he went to the infirmary twice a day for treatments. His bill was over $11,000. Medicare does not cover out of country services. We were thankful we had purchased insurance. You do have to pay the bill yourself and then get reimbursed. FYI.. make certain you have a credit card with plenty of available credit. We saw several families scrambling to get their credit extended because they had to pay a huge bill. We certainly learned our lesson and always get outside insurance. Do your research early so no surprises.
  12. We sailed on the Vista June 2019, our cabin was the corner unit and considered a Premium Vista, for which we paid a considerable amount more for. The room was so small and did not have a sofa but rather one chair in the corner. The balcony, while it wrapped around the corner was very very narrow and to sit on the 2 chairs one had to sit sideways. I would not recommend that room at all. BUT our friends had the cabin to the left of ours. Also a Premium cabin and their balcony was amazing and definitely worth the extra money. Our other friends had regular aft balconies and that would be where I’d book next time. The rooms were much larger than the Premium Vista cabins and the balconies were very spacious. Definitely book the Havana, it’s well worth the extra cost.
  13. I guess I am old school, I miss not having a tablecloth in the MDR. That subject has been beat to death and it doesn’t appear it will change. Goes right along with not dressing up for dinner. Join the masses or don’t cruise on Carnival, I choose to cruise.
  14. An easier question might be who hasn’t been able to use them on an already booked cruise. I’ve used them twice already. Good Luck and I would go for it. Worst case, I see people offering to buy them all the time.
  15. After 24 cruises and booking directly with cruise lines, we booked a Haven room for a TA with a local TA. Our cost was over $15,000. Never again will I use a TA. I was blocked from any communication with NLC. Since then our cruise has gone down over $2,000. Two weeks ago she told me she called NCL (at my request) and got us $250 OBC, BUT what she didn’t say was that it was a one time opportunity. I understand OBC is not guaranteed and I should be grateful, which I am, but in the future I’ll do my own booking.
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