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  1. Back from vacay, checked Swans score, saw another loss. Looks like it was a real beating. I guess we can put a fork in the Swan's for this season. I did enjoy reading about the weather during some of the matches. Is it unusual to get snow during the games? At least in Canberra (I think that's where it snowed, rained, sleeted. Everything but locusts 😉 ).
  2. OK, excuse my ignorance on this but I have been avoiding downloading any Princess apps until we get much closer to our Feb 2020 cruise on CB. I have not loaded any Princess apps so far, since we are a long way out. If I complete checkin online using my desktop, then download the new improved (for Android!) app, will the info transfer? Or, do I need to get the app (for Android) and use this to checkin? I'm a little confused as to sequencing. But, TBH, I don't need a Medallion, so a card is fine with me. Thanks for any clarification you guys can offer 😄
  3. I agree with the above posts--if you think you can't walk it, request help. The airport isn't huge but is still a pain to navigate. And Delta schedules a lot of flights with ridiculous layover times. We used to use them a lot coming from Europe, but so many missed flights, we stopped. Granted, this was coming home, so not as critical, but still hard to run to the gates.
  4. Well, clearly you are in a great position to drive. We live in Albuquerque, so not that close to a port. Our solution to "not flying" is to take cruise that depart/arrive in the US. In November, we will take an Oceania Amazon River cruise that is RT from Miami. That is one of the biggest reasons we booked it--no international flying. If we lived near a port, we would never fly!
  5. Hi all Not strictly a cruise question but related. We are thinking of spending some time at Universal Orlando after our cruise. I have searched on google about doing this and there is a wide range of experiences, many of them several years old. Has anyone, sort of recently (say, the last year), used Uber to get either too of from Universal? How did it work? Did you meet the driver at the "drop off area" or did you use the Hard Rock hotel? Any experience you have would be helpful Thanks. PS: Even Uber drivers are saying it is a mess to get to the drop off location and it's hard to find their riders. that was from one of the most recent google results I could find (April 2019).
  6. OK, I attached 1 pix (don't want to bore everyone!). It shows a section of the new roof and some of the wrapped parapets. If you look at the brown house next door, that's mostly what our old roof looked like (but they recently had the edges of theirs repaired, the silvery stuff). The old roof was tar and gravel; the new one is modified bitumin. Modified bitumin is supposed to be lighter and cooler. We'll see! I added 1 more, just to get a closer look at the parapet wrap. Now back to the Swans. So disappointed they lost again. Seems their season is ending early. I had such high hopes for them after last season.
  7. They sent me pix--looks good in them. We'll have to go up and check it out when we get home. I'm just glad they're done.
  8. Hi mates! Waiting to see how the Swans manage to lose another game, so I thought I would post roof update I am happy to report that the roof is done! We delayed our annual trip to the lake by a day because they were supposed to finish Monday. But they didn't. In fact, they didn't finish until Wednesday. Glad we decided not to wait until they finished. As a bonus, they also were able to repair our parapets (the tops of our walls that extend up past the roof) just in time for the big rains that hit the past 2 nights!! It took them awhile but they finished before the rain, so a happy ending. A minor miracle! Maybe the Swans will win, another minor miracle???
  9. Do your best, and you have a place to stay when you hit Albuquerque. I hope you like dogs--we always have at least 1! Well, that is still pretty warm but not like July or August. The jail is is pretty cool too, I forgot about that. A real piece of the wild west!
  10. Wow, I hope that wasn't during the summer. Those are some HOT places (and by hot I don't mean fun ) Did you see where they store the old planes outside Yuma? Quite a concept.
  11. 40-50. We have 500 Rising against the sunrise. On the field (yes, you can actually walk out on the field, up close and personal) it is a truly colorful and majestic sight. Plus, they also have special shapes "rodeos" and nighttime balloon glows. And the ever popular splash--where the balloons descend down to the river (the Rio Grande) and try to touch their baskets into the water and then rise up again. Very cool.
  12. Mic if you ever come to the Balloon Fiasco, uhh, I mean Fiesta, we have a spare room you are welcome to. No kidding. It is held right behind where my husband used to work. Alas, they are closing that facility by the end of the year, so no more free parking. But there are other ways... It is a spectacular sight.
  13. Yes, that is true Still hot up there but further north helps a little. Sante Fe--did you stop at the Opera for a tour? You drove right past it. It is world famous!
  14. Yep, thems the ones!! We have a major advantage over some places. because of the altitude, our temps drop 30 degrees at night, so we get some relief. Unlike Phoenix and Las Vegas.
  15. Yep, we visited in March/April. And we spent most of our Australia time in Queensland, where it was blazing hot and humid. At least we get a dry heat. That's a local joke, and it's true but it is still pretty dam hot!
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