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  1. Hello, Tiki_Man's more obsessive compulsive half here! We are looking forward to boarding SDII is Marigot on Saturday, but have never sailed from this port before. (Our 2017 Thanksgiving cruise was rerouted to sail from Antigua due to Hurricane Irma.) Do any of you SD veterans have any pro tips for us? We will be staying at Sonesta Ocean Point, so will taxi over to Marigot, but where to go from there? Many thanks in advance! Mary
  2. I agree and will make this request for future voyages. Thanks for the info, Zimmy!
  3. Does this vary between TAs? We have only received emailed paperwork to print and sign ourselves.
  4. Pirate, are you on the SD1 March 2 sailing? If so, we will see you onboard!
  5. Our TA's package of perks always includes a spa credit, so I just have to force myself to go to the spa each trip. 😉 I have enjoyed the aromatherapy and deep tissue massages, but would not repeat the traditional Thai massage. My fault for not knowing what it entailed - the therapist climbed on my back and used her knees (and feet too, I think!) to work on my back. For me, it crossed the line to pain, and I almost asked her to stop. Thankfully, it transitioned to a more typical massage for the second half! The spa therapists are so nice and eager to please. I look forward to spending time in the spa when we are on SD 1 next month!
  6. I had to consult with Tiki_Man on this one, because he is the earlier riser prone to get a cup of coffee and wander the decks while I get dressed in the morning. He notes that on our previous SD sailings, the published 9:00 time was when tender service to the port commenced. He recalls that ships were generally still underway until 8:00-ish. Also, he reports that coffee is usually available at TOY Bar starting at 6:00--6:30, if you would like to be caffeinated for your morning wanderings! Lookimg forward to sailing with you!
  7. Fantastic! We can't wait! It will just be my husband and me this trip, celebrating a week away from work. :) Y'all have picked a great way to celebrate, looking forward to meeting your group.
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