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  1. Say hi to me! We will be on it too (it's easy to find me. I'm the 30 some odd who will have 2 60 some odds that I call my parents traveling behind her like ducklings).
  2. I had an RCL agent change my bookings to NRD without letting me know that was how they were repricing it. I threw a FIT. The TA is probably not throwing the fit that needs to be thrown to get it back to refundable, and hearing that it's "impossible". Or they don't want to wait on the phone. Or they did know it was going to be non-refundable, but they snuck it in to see. When I got mine repriced back to refundable, RCL went through every phone call recording to see if my claim (that I always requested it to be refundable, and was never informed) was accurate. It took probably 90 minutes of my time. Does your TA work by herself or with a firm? I'd escalate as needed. We are only talking about $200, but it's $200. A good TA should make you whole- assuming that they can't produce any call recordings saying that you agreed, or emails where you just didn't catch it...
  3. I stand corrected. It may have only been some that we saw. Or my leader may have been trying to sound more important. I did notice that this website did not list being an IAATO member that I could see, but had "scheduled stops" that are only available to IAATO members (like Port Lockery).
  4. I saw sail boats down there. Our guide said that they were not IAATO members and if they showed up before an IAATO member, the IAATO member ship wouldn't disembark. I thought that was rude. However, it does look like a great experience for a cheap price. (relatively)
  5. I spent 4 days on Mauritius a couple of years ago. I did go to Port Louis, but the highlights of my trip were: Scuba diving Seeing the Chamaral waterfall/7 colored earth (it made the background for my login screen recently!) Ile de Aigrettes- I actually saw wild tortoises. I had never seen them before- including in the Galapagos Pamplemousses Botanical Garden (closest to Port Louis) St Aubin Rum Factory. I drove myself all over the island- it's a bit chaotic but possible. I don't quite know what you're into, but 1-2 of those could be done in a shore excursion visit. I might pick 1, and then if there's another close by add the 2nd.
  6. So Frustrated!! I sent my mom to change her soda package price. She cancelled the soda package on line but couldn't add the new one in. So she called... THEY CANCELLED THE MISTAKE DRINK PACKAGE PRICE ON A DIFFERENT CRUISE. She's now waiting for a call back for them to be able to reinstate that price. I'm furious!
  7. I would be FURIOUS if 4/7 of the Freestyle machines didn't work, because I also only drink caffeine free diet soda. I was on Empress and had prepaid for a soda package and made them refund me when there was no Freestyle (it said that there was, which is why I bought it. Only afterwards did I know that not all RCL ships have them.). I also love all sodas, other than Sprite zero... of course! I'd be at guest services asking what they plan to do to repair the machines. And if they can only repair later, what the compensation might be (half off soda or something). This does not answer your question, I'm sorry. I guess the answer is that you have to trek to the Freestyle machines for soda.
  8. I stayed in 7250 on the Quantum and the balcony was larger, but the one next to me was larger still (48 I believe). I would absolutely go for it. The one on 48 was probably 2x as big as the one on 52.
  9. My family would really like to get to the port early and I was thinking that we could drop off luggage and then go eat breakfast at a restaurant in Port Canaveral before boarding for the Harmony of the Seas. What's the earliest time that they would accept luggage? When we did this in Seward, the luggage handlers only got there at 10am. However, it was a nightmare in Seattle to do luggage, so my mom gets nervous now. I'd rather not get to the port at 9am and have to wait, but I also don't want to hear the worrying about "lines" if I don't have to either 🙂 Thanks!
  10. I've had the waitlist work before. I put my uncle down on as a spare person on an Alaska cruise with my family because his wife was very ill. I put a waitlist request for a balcony room in case he came (only on one of the two next door to my parents). She passed away. DURING HER FUNERAL the waitlist came available. We took it. He came with us (we only asked him later) and said it was the first time he felt comfortable since her death. We believe she had a hand in it because no one ever has the waitlist work out!
  11. I read today that One Ocean lost their IAATO accreditation due to not paying dues. This is really not good, and my heart goes out to anyone who is supposed to be on one of their ships. I hope that they can find space on another ship at this late date, and that travel insurance helps them do that. I know when I went last year I was in such a narrow window, that I don't think I could have found another trip.
  12. My mom got one and LOVES it. She does have the humidifier but never had a problem with it running out, so I don't know what setting she has it on. She can fit it in her backpack so she feels "independent" when she travels (Dad and I usually carry all of her luggage, but she feels independent, it's so cute). Hers was $1500 I believe.
  13. I lost my card once. We were waiting in the area for a tour, and port security found it. They gave it back to my mom when we were ready to go back to the ship. It was nerve wracking though! I knew it as soon as we left the port.
  14. Hi! Clearly you haven't been on One Ocean. They distinguished on our voyage between the "crew"- the Russians- and the "staff"- the naturalists and photographer and doctor hired by One Ocean. Also, as for the pedantic comment about boat vs ship, we are on cruise critic. Normally I sail on the Royal Carribbean ships. They're ~20-35x larger by gross weight than the cute little Vavilov. There's no definitive break between the boats and ships, it's all about perspective. From wikipedia "Historically, a "ship" was a sailing vessel with at least three square-rigged masts and a full bowsprit. Ships are generally distinguished from boats, based on size, shape, load capacity, and tradition." I see no masts on the Resolute. Do you have anything to add other than misusing words?
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