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  1. Oh, that's a shame, went with him once!!! Very good tour guide.
  2. Whose Desantis? Never heard the name.
  3. Yup, you're right, that ship is to big. I prefer the smaller ships. Not a fan of mega ships!!
  4. Saw them 30 yrs ago, on my first cruise, was a clear night. Tried to video tape them, but all you could hear were people talkin. Was a good show!!!!
  5. Could change in an instant!!!! So don't hold you're breath!!!!
  6. Don't really believe it, cuz they'll change their minds!!!!!
  7. Well, don't think she would want that!!
  8. Yup, do believe that you're husband is crazy!! I don't ever plan on tryin swimmin in Alaska.
  9. Don't hold your breath, the gov will shut it down!!! In a heart beat!!
  10. Better not hold you're breath!!
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