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  1. I should think the majority of cruise lines have only frozen lobster. I’ve never seen live lobsters being loaded onto a cruise ship. Why Americans get so excited about a lobster night I have no idea.
  2. You made me smile. As a Scot/European I agree that the metric system should be universal. Unfortunately, the US is out of sync with the rest of the world on so many issues and Viking have to pander to them and their inability to convert to metres, At our local university gym last week an American student jumped on the scales. He shouted to his friends ‘what’s 68kg in ‘American’? He’s at the top UK university and yet struggles with metric measurements.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Everything is of course subjective but I do value the opinion of a fellow Scot.
  4. I’d be interested to get your thoughts on EJ. We’ve sailed with Viking, Silversea and Celebrity. Thanks
  5. Thank you for your response. I agree with your comments regarding the Restaurant and World Cafe on Viking. I would be interested in your views on the average age of passengers on Viking versus Seabourn. Also are there more nationalities on one or the other? Viking seems to be 90%+ Americans. We came off the Viking Jupiter in early December after a three week crossing from Barcelona to Buenos Aires.
  6. We are thinking of booking a Seabourn cruise for the first time. Having sailed with Viking and Silversea in the past, what differences will we notice?
  7. I always look forward to reading your contributions. I generally agree with your views and value your comment. As a fan of Viking , they would be my choice for a world cruise. That said, I think they need to update there offering.
  8. Viking Vesta will be longer and wider than current ships. Having looked at the deck plans, they look identical to the current fleet. There will be more cabins but where will the increase in width show itself?
  9. Abdi and Ian were our favourite waiters on Jupiter. They were very professional but also good fun. Papillon was on the front desk and he tried his best to find a table in the right section for us. ⭐️
  10. Get to know the crew member on the front desk of the restaurant. No matter your category of suite they will always try to seat you where you prefer.
  11. Viking is an excellent cruise line with wonderful crew. I hope they read comments such as yours. In my opinion, they need to widen the demographic of passengers both in terms of age and nationality and enforce their dress code. I believe a new class of ship will be joining the Viking fleet shortly. Perhaps Viking should use this as an opportunity to look at their whole offering and make changes where needed.
  12. This was not our first cruise with Viking, On previous cruises the average age was probably 65. The transatlantic cruise possibly attracted an older demographic because of the number of sea days. Don’t give up on Viking. They are a great cruise line with wonderful crew,
  13. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. We disembarked Viking Jupiter on 6 December having sailed from Barcelona to Buenos Aires. We were told by a senior crew member that there was a high percentage of passengers in their 80s and 90s. There were a large number of less able passengers. This made moving around the ship and getting on and off the ship slower for others. Many of the less able signed-up for the walking tour of Recife. They didn’t last long and ruined the tour for others. Many of us more able had to apologise to the guide for abandoning the tour, As for dress code, jeans, grubby t shirts were frequently seen throughout the ship in the evening. One woman was in the Explorers’ Bar in the evening in her bath robe. Viking didn’t seem to challenge anyone. Adding fuel to the fire, it seemed that most of those making no attempt to reach the bar of the dress code were American.
  14. I agree somewhat with your comment. However, getting to know the crew with whom you have interaction does help. They do appreciate genuine friendliness and it does perhaps get you a better table, where possible, in the restaurant. 🤣
  15. Having just completed a TA Barcelona to Buenos Aires our preference is decks 4 or 5 and more midships to forward. There was a noticeable vibration towards the aft of the ship. We had calm seas but our choice f cabin would work in all conditions.
  16. From the tone of your message, I doubt if you really want my definition. What is appropriate for a river cruise may not be so appropriate for ocean cruising. There was no formalwear on my cruise nor did I expect it. By ‘dressing smartly’ I was meaning ‘smart casual ‘. If you need that defined then please do a google search.
  17. You have to obtain an underground card and credit it with Pesos. Easier said than done! The Hilton Hotel told us that the city was sold out of the cards. Our options were to ask at an underground station or to approach a stranger and ask them to swipe us through the barrier. The first station we went to didn’t have cards but they sent us to the next station, two blocks away, which did have them. We got one card and swiped it twice each time for the two of us. Unfortunately I left the card for the cleaner of our hotel room or I would have posted it to you.
  18. I agree with your comments and at the port talks, Jennifer, the tours manager clearly laid out the physicality of each tour. When I spoke to her afterwards, it seems that many passengers overestimate their capabilities. Sadly the same individuals could not care less how their disruption of a tour impacts others. Our local guides were lovely and tried their best under difficult circumstances.
  19. I’ve just found the details for the Buenos Aires shuttle bus. It leaves from the Plaza Hotel near Florida Street.
  20. Apologies, I don’t know the shuttle bus stop in Buenos Aires. My menu comment relates to my position now at home. If you are going to Buenos Aires enjoy the city. It is very walkable and if you are happy to use the underground you will get to see so much more.
  21. We returned home on Saturday from the above amazing cruise. It was an epic journey on a lovely ship with friendly and attentive crew. Viking provided excellent speakers and very professional guest entertainers. I am thinking especially about the tango show that we had on our final night on board. The resident singers and musicians were good although I was alarmed to hear that ABBA/The Beatles are going to be returned to the Star Theatre. One of our shows was music from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I would suggest that we need to roll the decades forward if new customers are to be attracted. I know dress code is a touchy subject but it has to be mentioned. One lady appeared in her dressing gown/robe for trivia in the Star Theatre at 12.15, for afternoon tea and also in the Explorer’s lounge. The majority of passengers dressed smartly in the evening but there was a high percentage of people who made absolutely no effort whatsoever. Jeans, t-shirts and tops which were only suitable for gardening, in my opinion, were all too visible. I was amazed that such items were even considered for packing never mind that they ended up in the suitcase. The included tour in Montevideo was exceptional and is at the other end of the spectrum to that in Recife. One senior crew member told me that there were many passengers in their 80s and 90s. We had many sea days which would attract an older demographic. In Recife we had an included walking tour and passengers were asked to meet in the Star Theatre where group numbers were assigned. Groups were then called in order to follow a crew member shoreside. We then formed a line behind our local guide. It took 30 minutes for all of my group to get shoreside. Groups with higher numbers had already departed before we set off. Within 10 minutes of walking the moans started. The group came to a halt as our guides were quizzed about how to get back to the ship. Some wanted to be taken directly to the shuttle bus stop in town, others wanted the guide to arrange a taxi. It was a 90 minute walking tour which a large number of people should have rejected due to their physical abilities. At the same time one person wanted to go to the toilet. Over the next 5 minutes others followed suit and our group was going no where. Along with others we apologised to the guides and headed off on our own. Viking must accept some responsibility for this shambles. They know the age profile of passengers and a walking tour is perhaps not the best included tour in a hot and steamy Brazil. At home now, the weather is grey, wet and cold. The washing machine is going nonstop and my ironing will never be as professional as that provided by the Viking crew. No menu and wine list is now offered at mealtimes. Hopefully it will not be too long until we are back onboard a Viking ship.
  22. Does anyone know if Jupiter has Starlink? We sail on it shortly.
  23. I see there are two TA cruises leaving from Barcelona, one on 15 November and one on 17 November.
  24. I agree with everything in the comment above. However the cruise starts on 15 November in Barcelona not 17 November. I wouldn’t want you to miss the sail-away.
  25. Hi, can anyone tell me who the Cruise Director will be on Viking Jupiter in November?
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