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  1. Oops sorry - meant to post this on my Apex TA roll call🙄
  2. For anyone needing to fly Southwest after the TA, the new flight schedule just opened up today. Was able to get a NS from FLL to MDW. Hopefully price comes down a bit, but they are still less expensive than AA or United, and we can avoid O’Hare!
  3. Same old story😞 they still insist the cruise is sold out - which is why it’s not bookable on the website. When I asked why there are NO Brilliant lady sailings to book after April 19, they continued to insist that all those were sold out too. I think they just want to hold onto the funds as long as they can.
  4. Love Ghent, but wasn't a huge fan of the cuberdons as I'm more a chocolate person!! If you go, be sure to take the canal boat tour and visit St. Bavo's Cathedral (home of Adoration of the Mystic Lamb altarpiece) & go up to the belfry (with the golden dragon on top) for great views.
  5. I have to say I'm impressed by your culinary inquisitiveness. We love trying local foods, and drinks, as well and find the best souvenirs are often in the local markets & stores. So many people gravitate to familiar places (think McD's, Subway, etc.) or only eat on the cruise ship. Trying the local cuisine is a huge part of travel. Our first trip to Belgium was mostly for the beer and chocolate and from that we discovered our favorite country anywhere with wonderful people, architecture, and yes, food & beer😀
  6. Great pics! We visited copenhagen on a land trip in 2018 and took train out to Fredericksborg Castle - you could spend all day there, it;s an impressive palace with lovely gardens.
  7. Sounds great! DH loves German beers so will be more than happy to explore that aspect of German culture further😀
  8. Thanks for the tip; I signed up for one of our sea days on TA. The Elbe river cruise does 2 days in hotel at beginning (Berlin) 5 nights on Elbe on the ship then 2 nights in hotel at end (Prague), or reverse. Our friends did this cruise and loved it so thought we would try it too. There are good prices for Nov. 2025 and $25 deposit!!
  9. I was able to use OBC at casino in February on Reflection but read here on CC that practice has been discontinued. Can anyone confirm?
  10. Thank you so much for your wonderfully informative review and excellent photos and tour info! It’s a lot of work to do these reviews while on vacation, and much appreciated. I was intrigued by the art tour and will now definitely sign up for one of the sea days on the Apex TA, TY! Will also add Le Bistro lunch to my ever growing list of dining must-dos (i love lamb so will choose that day!). Enjoy Berlin; we are opting to go to Rostock on that stop next year on Baltics cruise as that is a long way to go for a few hours. We have 2 days in Berlin as part of a Viking Elbe cruise in ‘25.
  11. Wow that dinner sounds great. We were planning on trying Raw on 5 during our TA a it will inquire about the Indian dinner too. What was the cost?
  12. Just saw that Virgin Red is offering Med cruises in June and July 23 for 80k Virgin points, which is a great deal. It does however lend credence to the thought that Med cruises aren’t selling and makes it more likely that Brilliant Lady won’t be added for Med itineraries next year imo.
  13. Agreed. Transatlantic deals get snapped up early by veteran cruisers and prices are definitely higher and cabin choices more limited. It will definitely be harder find a flight deal (especially with points/miles) as lots of people pounce on those as soon as they are released.
  14. I agree. I’ve been asking the question about “ what happened to Brilliant Lady?” On every social media post from Virgin I see. “
  15. At this point we are making alternate plans and hoping for enough compensation to get a Caribbean cruise in winter out of this! Oh sorry not supposed to be speculating about compensation 😒
  16. My first VV also and agree there is good reason to look at alternate plans. What is the ta you reference?
  17. Yes I saw that too and would agree that this cruise is unlikely. I had got on chat with Birgin a couple of days ago and was told : “I can guarantee that your voyage is still set to sail. It is just sold out currently.” seems like B to me and very poor customer service
  18. Sounds good. What is I’ve only paid the deposit so far?
  19. Curious - what were previous compensations?
  20. I agree. Can’t book air fare home either as I use points and that usually incurs a cancellation fee.
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