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  1. Hope they release Europe ‘24 soon…I’d like to use the Amex Plat offer which expires end of year. (25K points when spending $1000).
  2. Well there are lots of other beers in the Netherlands, and of course many from neighboring Belgium & Germany. If a smaller line like Viking can offer decent beers (& wine) no reason larger lines can’t also. ‘The beer selection (or lack thereof) is my husbands pet peeve. Worste case was “craft” social bar on Apex which was anything but craft beers.
  3. Let’s hope to gets a refurb before that. In sad shape ….
  4. Here’s the link to the bar menus. Now, on other cruiselimes I’ve found that (even pre Covid ) they often didn’t stock what was on the menu. https://rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/hal-regular-and-specialty-restaurants/hal-beverage-menus/
  5. Thanks Bruce; will check regularly then (not like I haven't 😀)
  6. No option yet on our 4/29/23 cruise. When do those become available generally?
  7. Good to know! Celebrity is our favorite line and we have our first HAL cruise booked for April '23 on the Rotterdam (Fjords). What is the stockholder benefit w/ HAL?
  8. Nice if you can afford business class, but some of us have to fly economy - more $ for other trips that way.
  9. Indeed. Only worth taking Viking air if it’s free as there are lots of cheap airfares out there !
  10. Glad to see 2024 river sailings now on website. Hoping for some good deals to use a voucher !
  11. European River cruise offer - in email today: Reduced Fares plus up to FREE International Airfare Offer code "RCR" Expires Sept. 30th Wish they'd post 2024 river cruise schedule!!!
  12. Thanks for your 2 week live review! We were on last week in a balcony cabin - and concur that it was a marvelous ship and crew! After a very disappointing Med cruise on Vision in June, I was very happy to enjoy the wonderful entertainment and amenities on Quantum. Our cabin - midship deck 8 - was fantastic with more storage than we’ve had on Royal, Viking or Celebrity. We saw whales from our balcony on 3 different days!!! As for the customs lines, we saw a woman cut in the line about ten people ahead of us and when she was challenged, she pulled out pepper spray. Other cruisers called for security and when she denied her actions, she was loudly denounced. She was pulled out of line for about 20 minutes but was not arrested and smugly sailed through the line ☹️Pretty nervy to say the least.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to update us. Can’t wait to be on board soon!
  14. Yes, I am concerned also. We are leaving tomorrow too so will go to Seattle regardless. Don't think Royal is going to be too forthcoming to any passengers about ship issues however, not wanting to deal with mass cancellations/refunds if it can be avoided. I think they would have no problem missing more ports and giving us a token OBC, as was already done pre-cruise, however. A known issue has now been compounded by an unanticipated emergency. I could have cancelled then (and probably even now) but other options for Alaska in 2022 are severely limited at this point, so we decided to go ahead with the reduced itinerary. This certainly adds an additional level of concern.
  15. heads up for those on 9/5 sailing - price of “Evian” package dropped to $26 - so I cancelled and rebooked. That’s enough savings for an alcoholic beverage 😀
  16. Thanks for checking! We are looking forward to trying it. Mixing it up with specialties and dining off ship as we aren’t big fans of MDR food after our last experience on Vision.
  17. I made a reservation for Solarium bistro - before it disappeared from the app - and it’s showing on my calendar. We’ll see…..
  18. Thanks for the great photos and observations. Could you (and your wife) comment on how dressed up people are in the evening. Starting to pack and not a lot of room left after all the winter gear packed😀
  19. Are there a lot of kids on board? I thought they were back in school - they are here!
  20. Thanks for the tip on the taxi, will definitely do that! Have a great week onboard and maybe we will see you on the next sailing!!
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