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  1. boontj2003

    Skier 52 - Cabin Question

    Skier52, I have lurked all over and cant find an answer. We booked blind room 9103 balcony on Seaside. Will we have a glass balcony? Ridiculous question but I really love to look out at the ocean! Thanks!
  2. boontj2003

    Skin Rashes on Labadee???

    sea lice for sure. We were in the Bahamas, we all swam in the same water, daughter was the only one affected.
  3. boontj2003


  4. boontj2003

    Independence of the Seas Questions

    ...and, we were on the Indy pre refurb. Wow, she looks amazing now! As usual, the staff is awesome and the cruise was fabulous! Enjoy!
  5. boontj2003

    Independence of the Seas Questions

    Just gof off Indy in December. There is a charge for the escape room and my kids tried to go but it was booked within hours So make sure that's the first thing you do! No wristbands and DONT depend on the Royal app. It stated that Quest was at 11 or something but the true time was 10. We missed out on great seats.
  6. boontj2003


  7. Lynn, thanks for the information! I just signed up so we will see if there's any added benefits! And you will LOVE the Adventure. Great lay out and awesome staff. Enjoy!
  8. boontj2003

    Grandeur-Deck 2

    Can you share the super good deal? lol
  9. That's a great option considering the taxi's charge per person. Just to go to the beach round trip was $40 for 2 people! Thanks for the info!
  10. boontj2003

    Currently on Indy send me some questions

    We sailed on Indy prior to the changes. I personally didn't care for the layout of the ship. We seemed to always have to go thru the casino. Nothing stood out with the staff but to me, there is no such thing as a bad cruise!!
  11. boontj2003

    Walker and wheelchair rental

    We have the same problem. Cheapest solution, rent a wheelchair or walker from Walgreens. $50 refundable deposit and $20 for the week! Sure beats the white glove $189!!
  12. I just tried to book Alaska 2020 and saw the dreaded interst charge to pay monthly. That’s the first time I have seen that. I’m using a travel site that will give us more bang for our buck w a TA and will pay then!
  13. Yes, tell them you want to speak to a supervisor. They should all be based in the US. I do that for ALL foreign calls