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  1. Thanks for posting the screenshot... it's not showing up for me on RCI's site. The last date I see for that 4 night Western is April 12th. So strange.
  2. I just cancelled an Air2Sea flight from Copenhagen to Toronto scheduled for May 24 and it was booked and shows as "refundable with fee". From what I understand, normally, there's a $200 fee per ticket (I believe that's the amount) if you cancel. Due to the Covid19 situation, the $200 fee was waived for each of us and we were refunded the whole amount back to our credit cards. It only took a week to get it back but we're still waiting for our cruise refund. I believe we also paid $15 each when we booked the air about a year ago. Our flights were booked on American Airlines who
  3. That's great! I just priced out a cruise for next June and the difference between refundable and non refundable was $760 ! 😲
  4. Waiting for approx. $12,000 CAD from two cancelled cruises...(Celebrity Transatlantic and 11 day Baltic on Jewel). Also have a deposit of $960 CAD with RCI for a cruise in 2021 which was booked six months ago. In addition to the cruises, we've also got airfare for three different flights that were cancelled.😲 .... Just way too much !!
  5. I don't think any of the ports are open yet. I'd honestly be surprised if your Jewel cruises sail but who knows right now. We all figured we'd have received the cancellation notice by now. Most of us have had our flights cancelled so it makes it almost impossible to get there . We were scheduled to sail Celebrity Reflection Transatlantic to Dublin then fly to CPH from there but that was cancelled. Good luck with your cruise!
  6. Our Baltic cruise from Copenhagen on Jewel has not been cancelled yet.. we're sailing one month from day-- May 13th !! 🙄 Since most flights have been cancelled, there's no way anybody can get to CPH .. wonder how long we'll wait till Royal cancels?
  7. Also read this today.. It was Vancouver they were talking about.
  8. Everybody's comfort level is different but at this point, we still plan to cruise on our Celebrity Transatlantic in April and our Baltic cruise in May. We are waiting another month or so to make our final decision but leaning towards going ahead unless most of our ports of call are canceled. Life is for living!
  9. The FCC's will have each individual's name on them...doesn't matter who paid for the cruise. You will get four certificates and they do have to be used by the person they are made out to so you wouldn't be able to use all four on a booking for you and your wife.
  10. I haven't used them yet but I just signed up for a day tour from Dublin to Cliffs of Moher and Galway so I'm following along. Their reviews on Trip Adviser are very good so that's what I went by when deciding to book.
  11. I forgot to bring hairspray on our Vision Transatlantic this past April and the only place that sold it onboard was the Spa.... Price for a small spray bottle was $34.95 USD! Needless to say, I went with messy hair until we got to Ponta Delgada!!
  12. We were on an Explorer 7 day Western Med cruise May 7th (Barcelona to Southampton) and we had lobster tails on the second formal night. They were smaller than the ones we had on Vision on our Tranastlantic but much tastier and of course, our waiter brought us two or three each!
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