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  1. One thing we have definitely learned......you cannot trust the cruise lines to do the right thing in protecting our health and well being.
  2. US is certainly not the highest in terms of death. The latest numbers I saw in the paper today was that the US had 303 deaths per million and Canada 179 per million. Belgium is sitting at 807 per million. I have no doubt that Brazil will be much worse.
  3. This decision cannot be a surprise to the cruise industry. It has been talked about and rumoured for at least six weeks. It is a the right decision. Recommended by public health care professionals and acted upon by the Government.
  4. Simply not enough data for us to make that call at this point in time.
  5. I believe that there was significant risk to opening ports post July 1. Thousands of tourists would be coming into Canada-passing through twice. Not to mention the crews. Those tourists would be from around the world. From countries or regions in those countries that may or may not have had effective covid19 programs or those areas that opened their economies prematurely. This is, IMHO, far too great a chance to take at this point in time. Clearly, Canada's public health authorities were of the same opinion. Fortunately the Canadian Government followed their recommendations.
  6. Lots of Brit tourists and expats in Cyprus. To my knowledge very few cruise ships. We spent 2 weeks there this past October. Enjoyed it very much, plan to return. I would assume that this does not apply to the Turkish side of Cyprus.
  7. No surprise. It is the right thing to do. Recommendations by health professionals are being implemented by politicians. Makes sense.
  8. No, because we doubt very much that it is possible. Cruise lines have proven that they cannot enforce their own rules such as dress and poolside chair hogging. What makes anything think that they can enforce social distancing? The cruise lines may talk a good talk about this, but I very much doubt whether they would walk the talk. Even if distancing was enforced, we doubt very much whether we would enjoy the cruise so why bother. Much easier for us to simply select an alternate travel option.
  9. I believe the challenge that some ports and some countries will have in accepting cruise passengers is that the passengers on those ships can come from, and do come from, many countries. Many of those countries will have done an outstanding job in controlling the spread-country wide. Other countries will not have done such a good job. Some countries may have a situation where different regions in the country did a much better job while regions in the country have a big fail. The latter presents a problem for some small countries, island nations and otherwise, who do not have the funds, the medical facilities, etc. should a covid eruption occur. Not much different than right now. Their only chance is to close the port or the country.
  10. They seem to complain about everything from the popcorn through to the design of the recent builds. Really....how many have actually voted with their their wallets and their feet? Perhaps ponied up the dollars required to enjoy a cruise on a premium line and buy the product that they say they want. They have a huge expectation gap. They are buying a mass market cruise and expect the premium product. It will not happen. Some constantly hearken back to the standards of twenty years ago. How about spending in today's dollars what they spent 20 years ago? Don't see a rush to do that and move up to a premium cruise line.
  11. My understanding is that Mr. Ashford is also responsible for world hunger. High time he was gone.
  12. From our perspective, booking a cruise now is like buying a pig in a poke. We do not know if the cruise will actually depart. We do not know what the on board environment will be. We do not know if we believe that this onboard environment will interfere with the pleasure we derive from cruising. We do not know if the itinerary is solid...whether or not the ports listed will be open, let alone their respective venues. We do not know what the cruise line health precautions will be nor do we have any confidence in what they claim. All we know is price and an advertised itinerary/date. Even the ship could change prior to departure. Certainly not enough for us to make a deposit or accept a time sensitive FCC.
  13. We have spent time in both. They are very different. We very much enjoyed both....for different reasons. We like Porto but one reason for that is Porto is the gate to the Douro Valley. We had an enjoyable two days in Porto followed by six days or so touring the Douro Valley in a rental car. This was by far the highlight of the area for us. So much so that we plan to go back. We did not even plan to go to Douro. At the start of an extended trip we snagged an amazing one way air fare to Douro. We looked it up, were impressed, and booked. From there, we took a low cost TAP flight to Rome to board our Med cruise. Portugal is a wonderful country. There is so much to see, extremely friendly and welcoming folks.
  14. One thing is a given for us. We will certainly not depend on the cruise lines telling us when it is safe to start cruising again.
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