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  1. What we have noticed on CC is that when cruise line zealots (of all brands) compare their beloved cruise line to another that they most often focus on the negative. They also seem to want and expect an exact carbon copy experience-both ship and cruise. We tend to focus on and enjoy some of the differences between cruise ships and cruise line vs. a focus on the negative. If you look for it, you will find negative things to say about all cruise lines and cruise ships.....including HAL. Perhaps it depends on one's outlook.
  2. I have no idea what the people in Pt. Roberts, WA. are doing. Their only land access to the town is through BC.
  3. We have friends who are dual citizens. They have homes in Kelowna and in the Tucson area. They appear to have no issue driving across the border. Others are having their RV's ferried across the border by commercial firms. to places like Syracuse and Buffalo. They fly in, pick up the RV's and go. Still others have winter homes and keep automobiles in the US. They simply fly down as usual. A firm in Quebec has organized a package to move RV's to Syracuse that includes a charter flight into that city. The customer picks up their RV at the airport. In a similar
  4. This is one of the reasons that we are not booking anything. Shopping air to Europe in 2021 on a few routes but certainly no intention of booking. Same with cruises. It is not just whether we can board. We want to know what the on board environment will be and what the port stops will actually be with some degree of certainty before we book anything.
  5. We always book our own air, our own hotels. Have done for years. The exception is cruise air. But in 20 plus cruises we have only found cruise air to be worthwhile in terms of price, routing or airline twice.
  6. My guess is that the folks at Celebrity have a good handle on what percentage of their customer actually read or post on cruise critic. Even if it is probably low single digits. Same for the other cruise lines.
  7. In general, we do not NEED a good TA. We certainly prefer to a cruise line CSR or cruise consultant, or a poor TA. But.....we do not want a poor, inexperienced TA either.
  8. We did seven weeks of independent travel in Mexico last winter. We decide on the the inter city buses for this very reason. Worked out well for us.
  9. We have had excellent experience with insurance carriers. DW fractured several vertebrae in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago. She had what only could be described as first rate hospital care. Submitted a claim to our pension plan carrier, Manulife Canada. Claim was satisfied in full within 10 business days with no questions. We were not even asked for boarding passes to prove that we had not been out of the country for more than 60 days. Last year we had to cancel a booked tour to China. Our credit card had cancelation insurance. First time we have ever used it. Same t
  10. We emailed our TA to book us on a certain late booking Celebrity10 Caribbean. She gave us the price and OBC details then asked me to call her back. On the phone she said forget the gty . I can have you assigned to a first rate balcony cabin without going in the pool. She went on to say that her agency had a small group on the ship. Hence the cabin assignment. But she also increased our OBC to match the group, told us we would be invited to the group cocktail event, and that we could join gratis one or two of the group excursions. We saw the group on our booking but never
  11. Not booking ANYTHING. We are watching prices on a few air itineraries for next fall but do not plan to book anything.
  12. It is not just about the usual commission sharing. I can sometimes being able to take advantage of group pricing that the agency may have on a booking on that particular ship/itinerary. We have benefited from that in the past. Or it could be an agency very anxious to book a certain cruise line because they are about to hit the cruise line tipping point where they get more revenue in one way or another because of exceeding their volume of business targets. So they pass on more incentives to you in order to get over that revenue target. Or it could be that they will t
  13. I would be very surprised if Canadian ports or our borders are opened before June. Covid vaccination rollouts do not happen overnight. And if they are, I certainly hope that proof of a covid vaccinations is a requirement for entry.
  14. It might be the perfect time. Perhaps few others are doing at this time. We always have passports that have at least eight months on them. Six months required for some countries, and we often travel for two months at a time. In the scheme of travel expenses, passport costs are not worth concerning ourselves about.
  15. I am certain that there will be a sale. The real question will be is it really a sale?
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