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  1. Some like having bed by bath so that they have a more spacious area (such as it is...) by the veranda. If you want to park a scooter in the cabin you really need to have the bed by the veranda to allow enough space for the scooter.... tight but you can still get around it... and not take up a handicap cabin for someone who really needs the features of one.... these are a couple of reasons for wanting to know before hand....FYI
  2. So..what is the current deal with the ABCs? at one point it looked like you couldn't go to Bonaire and last I heard you need a covid test..what 72 hours before Aruba... something like that. Frankly after I cancelled the August and November cruises... I stopped keeping track of current cruise covid events
  3. Wow, I had no idea... well all of this drama would explain why cruise lines are changing itineraries. Kinda glad I cancelled my Nov cruise to KW, GC and the ABCs... wondered at the time if it would become a mystery cruise... not sure what the status is for ABCs these days...
  4. I wonder why Key West is cancelled... I know GC had concerns about Covid..but I thought Fl legislature over ruled Key West ban... I wonder if they are reducing the number of ships going there to help satisfy residents...vs total removal from the schedule.
  5. I believe Celebrity is sailing with 95-98% vaccinated... so I suspect that once they hit a certain level they would not allow additional unvaccinated (they do ask vaccination status when booking)... so I would call and ask about children.. In theory they want everyone vaccinated..but unlike Royal they are meeting CDC's stricter vaccination standard thus allowing passengers to be unmasked... On Royal ships they have more children so everyone masks in public areas.. and not in a few vaccine only areas... Unless things have changed in recent weeks. I do know that some Islands now require vaccination which may have impacted Royals protocols...but I haven't followed closely since Aug.
  6. Interesting.... I am not aware of this data in the US...anyone know... I have never heard a discussion of this and the CDC. I know CDC has a system for cruise ships.. never heard of one for airline travel.
  7. Have you ever seen reports of a covid outbreak on a specific flight? Probably not, unlike cruise ships... passengers come a go and covid status is discovered much later and usually never tracked back to a specific flight. Because you are on a cruise ship for an extended period and they test.. you find cases.... if you don't test passengers you never know.
  8. I did pull my invoice... I usually look at the website and then call and confirm with a live person.. They then send an invoice. here is how the Feb cruise was handled as far as perks are concerned.
  9. Looks like they may be phasing in a new layout... I was able to see drinks and wifi for my Dec cruise..under orders... then I went to look for the same info for my Feb and Apr cruises and the pages look different with not order history or other key info. I tried looking at calendar hoping the order history button would pop up but no. So not sure how you confirm drink package
  10. It was a close call. if we had chosen the no frills pricing ... factoring out gratuities...which you pay anyway... the difference...between a could of different cruises was $50-$60/day for the two of us. Being Elite... I am usually satisfied with CC cocktail hour... so normally I would go with the cheaper fair. But being longer cruises... it is nice to have more than 90 minutes wifi to check email and stay somewhat intouch. And this way I can have a frozen drink post excursion or a few specialty coffees..without finding myself doing the math. We have only had one 4 perk cruise before and on that occasion I found myself writing down all the drinks and calculating costs. Well since DH like McCallum that really threw off the math...and we did better with the package. But without that type of thing we would have saved some going with the no frills.. But after many months of being cooped up..figure I will splurge and not nickel and dime these trips. I actually sent if the price guarantee form... with screen shot of the All included banner with the cruises I was booked on and copied Celebrity management... got a call. They didn't give any special deal but the woman was wondering what specifically I saw that gave me the impression All included was part of the deal... so I told her the steps and also suggested that...I liked it when you could see the NR vs Refundable deals and be able to compare... the way they used to do it... it now appears that when you go through the page with the loyalty number, resident location..that they send you to the best pricing... without regard for other deals.... I don't know that the flow was the same in the past. Anyway.. shortly after my call I noticed that the banners were gone. It could be that they were already modifying it and my call was not the cause...of the change
  11. What I liked about a set location for CC cocktail hour.. was that you were likely to run into the same people... so guess we will still go the Sky Lounge anyway.. favorite spot on the ship especially when leaving a port...
  12. Does anyone know if they still hold a Captains Club cocktail hour in the Sky lounge? We liked meeting people at these events and wondered if they have been reinstated. I know the drinks are loaded on the sea pass..but just wonder if people still congregate in the Sky Lounge for this.
  13. This was our experience. Received the resident's discount email...hit booking link... searched for my cruise...found it... among a list of others... at the time there was an "Always Included" flag. So I continued on to find significant savings vs my original booking. But one of my cruises was with in 90 days...so I called. After going around and around with the agent... she told me that my current price was less than the newer AI pricing.. I kept telling her what I was seeing on the screen was significantly less. After bitching on CC.. I went back to the original email and in 4pt font..it noted that the new promo did not include AI. So I decided to complain to Celebrity. Told them that it was misleading to have the Always included flag up when the pricing was for no extras. I noticed the next time I checked that the flags had been removed. I do with they would develop a matrix...so you could see all the deals and compare.. perhaps set it up so you could insert cabin number and it would give you a price for each option with perhaps key items highlighted. Anyway one can dream. I thought of switching to the no options pricing... but after removing gratuities the savings... were about $50-$60/day for the two of us. So w might save a bit...but nice thing with AI is that I can check email a bit more often than I would normally and wont think twice about ordering an extra drink or two without thinking about the bill. But you do have to be careful when repricing to make sure you are comparing all the features you want
  14. I don't know if luggage valet is back up...but if you like that service... I am pretty sure 10:20 is too early for that. Personally... I don't like any needless stress the last day of the cruise. The thought of spending my last day at sea strategizing my departure is not the way I want to spend it. Also if the luggage valet service is running..for $25/pp your luggage is taken from the ship to the airline and the next time you see it is when you get off the plane. Now with the pandemic I am not sure this program is working... but if OP is thinking about the timing now.. I have an idea that they might be like me and spend too much time the last day planning the departure.... I would move the flight and buy an extra book for the airport.
  15. I am not a big drinker.... usually just relied on Captains Club cocktail hour to cover me. I am wondering we have the "Always Included" promo... and I wonder... can you get sparkling wine with that package? Frankly it doesn't matter if it is Champagne or just a white sparkling. Also can you get cappuccino with that package? Also what kind of frozen drinks on that package? Thanks
  16. I was more pissed at myself for going through the hassle of filling out the forms for a discount than I am at Celebrity for having a banner indicating that the deal included the Always Included benefits... I think deep inside I knew it was too good to be true... I had seen so many say how much they saved.. and thought perhaps there were big savings for me as well. I do wonder if anyone went to reprice their cruise and ended up with a cheaper cruise but with none of the wifi, drinks and gratuities.. that they expected. I may still go back and reprice.. I need to think about how much drinking I plan to do to see if it is worth the extra $500-$850. I have to say that we usually do not get perks..but we had 4 on our last cruise and it was nice not to have that feeling of needing to keep track of expenses during the cruise. I did reach out to Celebrity to complain about how after clicking on booking in the Resident discount email... I ultimately found my cruise with the banners saying always included.... and they did fix that..so that this will not keep happening. So to those who said..read the fine print...you are correct... I do wish they would use a larger font.
  17. I went back to the email and noticed the 4pt font exclusions...too bad that the 16 pt font flag said different. But live and learn. The error was up until just a few minutes ago.
  18. Okay, so I filled out the price guarantee form for three cruises.... then decided i should call about the Dec cruise which was past final payment. I was told that the promotion did not include "Always included".. and that the price with that was actually higher than what I paid. What pisses me off is that... the web site specifically noted the Always included for all three cruises I am taking. And the flags still appears this way a day later. You would think that their Web group would fix it. I wonder how many booked a new cruise thinking that they were getting the Always included. Which gets back to the term Always.... I think they should call it the "sometimes included" or "In this promotion included".
  19. This does tell me that there is a cash flow issue..which is understandable given the situation. I do understand...however... it gives me pause to purchase packages and excursions far in advance. I have three other cruises booked with Celebrity..their sister line... so far I have not looked at any extras... I want to wait until I get this cash back. I don't want to have too much sitting out there when it could be working for me.
  20. Back in early August, when Royal changed protocol for sailings out of Nassau...to require masking... we received a notice that if we wanted to cancel that we would be able to get a full refund (vs future credit). I decided to take advantage of this and I called and cancelled. The confirmed that I would get a full refund..including airfare. It has been just about 60 days since I cancelled... I did get port charges back and $400 that does not tie to excursions and dining packages we cancelled..nor does it cover airfare.... so not sure what that small portion is for. I am wondering how long it usually takes for a full refund... Any experience out there with this?
  21. I need help understanding the section I highlighted... does this mean the price drop has to have occurred within 48 hours of when I booked it? I booked after the final payment date of around Sept 8 and it has obviously been more than 48 hours... if that is what they mean..looks like it might make sense to cancel and rebook... get FCC and apply that to one of my later cruises... am I reading this right? For a request submitted after the due date of final payment AND the booking is within 48 hours from creation, the following applies: Request for a Lower Cruise Fare Celebrity will apply an onboard credit to the booking in the amount of 110% of the difference in price. Request to Add or Change an Added Value Offer Celebrity will 1) apply an Added Value Offer to booking and 2) go to prevailing eligible cruise fare NOTE: If either the new cruise fare or Added Value Offer is not combinable with any promotion associated with the existing booking, or changes are being made outside of promotional booking window, the existing promotion will be removed from the booking. No refund or exchange will be given on a promotion offer (added value) NOTE: An Added Value Offer refers to an amenity added to your booking, such as an onboard credit, specialty dining, shore excursion, etc.
  22. Question... I paid off Dec cruise at the beginning of Sep.. now there is this residents deal...but it is post final payment... When this happened on Royal... I was able to get the difference as an OBC...but it does not look like that here... Has anyone cancelled (using the 48 hour cancellation) and then rebooked to get the lower price? Not sure that would be worth the hassle...but wondered if anyone has gotten a OBC after final payment price reduction.
  23. If I recall.. the originally started the Always included program.. and later added simply sail. I think the Simply sail option is added when booking a cruise within 90 days of sailing. It looks like the goal was to have all inclusive..but then people didn't want the extras..so they added a stripped down option...but did so closer to sailing to help get more passengers. They probably used the Always included initially because that was the intent. There have been discussions about using the term all inclusive...but then you get into the specialty restaurants and other options issue. They should probably develop an acronym for gratuities drinks and wifi...
  24. I cancelled my Nov 22 Connie cruise.. because of Grand Cayman...and for a time it looked like there would be issues with some of the ABCs as well... I cancelled in August.. I assumed they would say something sooner...but it is still showing up on the itinerary for Nov 22
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