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  1. Royal Caribbean and NCL created a "Health Sail Panel" https://www.rclcorporate.com/royal-caribbean-group-and-norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-form-healthy-sail-panel/ Just curious, could this be a first step to a merger.......
  2. Thank you to all our friends to the North.......
  3. I thin I think this whole thing may be what I have been saying about Celebrity for many years, they are consistently inconsistent.
  4. At the time of our booking the Premium drink package was not available to all in the cabin, only the first two. I booked the Premium non-alcoholic package on line prior to the cruise when they had a sale and used our on board credit from Celebrity. I did inquire about my son getting it and was told it was not including. Never saw anything on line and I checked at the time that it included everyone, as a matter of fact I had the same question for the free Specialty restaurants. That also was not on the website or any documentation at the time we booked. Didn't matter because none of the Specialties on the Summit appealed to any of us. As it was we got about 1500 in on board credit between Celebrity and TA and came home with a few hundred so I'm not complaining.
  5. Did Royal suite on Summit last year, adult son did not get Premium package. Wife and I received it. He is 34, does not drink and we bought him the Premium non alcoholic drink package.
  6. I may be a little off on that since my son is 6’6” and about 280
  7. they are pretty much accurate however the sofa beds are more for small kids than anything.
  8. The one thing you need to be careful of is the ships that have not been revolutionized, they have in the past made changes in categories and room capacity.
  9. Several cruisers on this board in the past have said their kids enjoyed Celebrity more than Disney largely because of the more individualized attention. My kids did the Big Red Boat years ago with Disney characters before DCL and the kids had fun but enjoyed much more their Celebrity cruises. A lot depends on the child. After many years on this board usually when you see someone knocking Celebrity's children's programs, they have never used them. There is a thing that goes back many years for some odd reason that Celebrity should not have kids on board.
  10. Just an FYI, if you choose AQ cabin, Blu is your assigned dining room, you do not have a seat in the MDR, they only serve breakfast and dinner every day of the cruise, no lunch. You can eat in the MDR by making arrangements. The menu is totally different than MDR and changes daily. The first day you will receive a letter requesting you come at a certain time but that is only for the first day and is absolutely not required, you can go whenever you want.
  11. Could also just be a ship thing, Celebrity’s been known to do that.
  12. Don't feel bad, I don't know how to feel since they still have me booked on my Jan. 2039 cruise. Wife wants to start packing but i told her its too early.
  13. On Celebrity you should not be getting points since the rules of the Captains Club very clearly state you have to take the cruise but in these times, who knows what they are thinking.
  14. Often you can get the best deals on the first night.
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