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  1. They will provide beach towels in your cabin, no need to grab a pool towel.
  2. We were on Summit in Sept and LPC was not on the ship, don’t believe there were any plans to put it on the ship. This was after the redo.
  3. Actually there is an organization that governs cruise line casinos. Cruise Line International Association sets up standards for cruise lines and according to their mission statement follow Las Vegas rules. Unfortunately, they do not have a strong enforcement arm.
  4. In Juneau we did the best excursion on all our cruises. We took the Catmaran from the ship during the passage. We got much closer to the glaciers and went to an area the ship could not go to. Lots of wildlife and whales on the way back to meet the ship inJuneau. Can only take this excursion from the ship.
  5. The water may be different from Water mentioned in this thread depending on where and when you are leaving.
  6. You must be thinking of something else as I have seen almost the same sign in Vegas and Atlantic City. I'm sure there must be rules as to how they do it.
  7. Progressives generally have lower payout odds than non progressive machines.
  8. Why, we have so many places we can go without a passport.
  9. You can go on a hundred cruises but all it takes is once, all you need is an auto accident, you never know.
  10. So sorry to hear of Marilyns passing, condolences to her family. Her last thread was a real scoop, posting about the remaining Edge class ships being Jumbo’s. She will be missed. I don’t Have her Email but someone should send a link to this thread to LLP.
  11. Yes you can, I believe have 30 days although not sure on that time frame. I usually do it and then pick up a couple of perks from the TA.
  12. You may still see an ESA but not for long. They did grandfather those who booked before the cut off date who he was July 31, 2028. Also, hate to say this as far as allergies go but according to the ADA the dog wins.
  13. They did the same thing with the Century class ships years before, Century was built and then they added a section on the Galaxy and Mercury making them bigger. It was most noticeable inside near the dining room going into the lounge.
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