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  1. A group of us shared a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and the bartender put it under the beverage package.
  2. Get Viking’s OK. They’re not running a bus line. There are LOTS of local regulations regarding discharging passengers that they have to comply with, so you need to check with them first.
  3. You don’t have to pay them - Viking will take them off your bill. Apparently a great many people do, but Viking does not want us to know that.
  4. If you have to, then it’s not really a tip, is it??
  5. Perhaps you do… Consider: - An airport contract employee pushes my wheelchair from Gate 1 to Gate 60 in American’s MIA concourse. - A restaurant receptionist gets us a cab in a torrential rain storm in a large city. - A railroad porter takes our heavy bags along a long platform to the front of the train. - A Good Samaritan runs to return my briefcase with my heart meds and lots of money inside. Etc., etc., etc. Not sure why folks will spend $10-20k on a cruise and not give 2€ to a guide. (And once again I remind myself that I HATE tipping threads.)
  6. Can you imagine, some people tip when they don’t even have to!! What’s this world coming to?? 😉😎
  7. Perhaps by suggesting tipping, Viking gains a leg up on driver and guide availability and preference to work Viking excursions. Pax pay and Viking benefits ( not that there’s anything wrong with that.).
  8. I think the noise level is the result of the drink package (or free beer and wine with meals). That’s why it’s quiet early in the evening and unbearable as the night wears on.
  9. Jimmy Buffett didn’t invest in it either. Fins up, Parrotheads!! 😁🏴‍☠️🦩🍔🍹🏖️
  10. Sort of like working hard to get airline or hotel status. How has that worked out for folks???????
  11. I’ve heard you called a lot of things on CC, but NEVER modest…!! 😎
  12. But Viking doesn’t have a top tier level!! 😳 Why give perks if you don’t have to? 🫢
  13. I yield to the superior traveler! 🤥
  14. Sorry, but we can’t, because we’ve done… ONE MILLION CRUISES !!!!!!!!!!! 😉😎
  15. Just got offer FC524 in the mail. $1000 off per couple for itineraries of 15 days or more, $500 for shorter Past guest discount of $400 per couple. The language is confusing - “If you secured a booking with us before 5/1/24”. That MAY mean you have to have a current reservation on the books for a future cruise. It also could mean “If you’ve cruised with us in the past.” Any insight would be appreciated.
  16. If a private owner were looking to sell off his company, I suspect he might be able to maximize his return by going public to take advantage of inflated market value vs. pure book value. 😳 Just sayin’!
  17. Perhaps well run, but what financial strains lurk beneath the image? Getting through COVID was not easy.
  18. They lose money on every sale, but they make it up in volume. 😉😎
  19. Half of Windstar fleet has no sails.
  20. Doing the Viking River Bordeaux cruise this Fall. An almost entirely wine-driven experience.
  21. Our daughter is in the business - Jackson Family premiums. She’s absolutely loving it! And we’re loving the substantial discounts she gets!! 🍷😋
  22. We’ll be at Grgich Hills next week. I’ll bet they have a bottle or two of Chateau Montelena still around!! Also going to Freemark Abbey - it’s going to be a great week!!
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