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  1. This made me recall my mistake several years ago. I bought a subscription to Cruising World thinking it would be about.... well cruising. Nope, it's about sailing yachts and sailboats. I learned a lot about maintaining sailboats - none of which is remotely useful to me.
  2. Do you really mean this? All this was provided to you by the State? When I lived in CA, I had to buy my own house, pay for my own food, pay for my college education and earn my own way in the workplace. I did pay high taxes, but I never knew that the State assumed responsibility to house, feed, educate and employ my neighbors. I guess, unlike others, I was not dependent on the State and I worry for those who are.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the judge's 60 day pre-approval doesn't stop CCL ships from sailing outside of US waters/ports as Costa and Aida are planning to do next month.
  4. Why indeed? UNLESS..... corporate leadership knows that they have no plans to resume cruising in the US in the near term. IF their plan is to focus on European/Far East cruising in the near term and only consider US cruising further down the road after the pandemic is under better control, ignoring US regulations for now is completely rational.
  5. I'm guessing California. Gov. Newsom made the inane statement that diners should wear a mask between bites when eating in a restaurant. Even more comical, he was standing in front of a poster that implored people to touch their masks a little as possible. As far as I know this is not actually a requirement in CA.
  6. It's important to recognize that the risk is different for customers and shareholders. Customers MAY lose their deposits if a cruise line reorganizes under bankruptcy and the new entity doesn't honor prior commitments (this would be a departure from past practices). Shareholders, on the other hand, would likely lose their entire investment. The later is precisely why bankruptcy will become an ever more attractive option for cruise lines. By wiping out existing shareholders and reorganizing into a "new" company, cruise lines will be able to recapitalize by selling shares in the "new' company. It may be the only way they can come out the other side with the necessary capital to service the huge debt they have taken on and have the working capital to sustain operations. For this reason, cruise line bankruptcies may become the rule not the exception.
  7. Now here's a great question for the next time a cruise line CEO is interviewed..... Is your cruise line committed to being transparent? Will you notify the public of any Covid outbreaks? It's sad to admit, but I'm not sure how they would answer.😟
  8. My source was the US Census Bureau. It is current up to 2019 - they won't have 2020 data until 2021 for reasons that should be obvious. It should also be noted that the middle class, as well as those in poverty, have seen improvements. The median household income in 2019 increased 6.8% from 2018. Sure Covid has thrown a wrench in the economy - it's what happens when you close things down in order to slow the spread of a virus. This is an aberration and takes nothing away from the fact that up until the Covid disruption we have had 5 straight years of a decreasing poverty rate. Put another way, the poverty rate in 2014 was 40% higher than it was in 2019. This is something to celebrate. One hopes that once we get past the Covid disruption, we can resume this remarkable progress.
  9. However, b2b had nothing to do with this. The outbreak occurred during the first leg. That said, it's obvious that the longer the cruise - the greater the odds of an outbreak.
  10. Then cheer up. As I posted above, the poverty rate in the USA has been in decline.
  11. That's true. It's also true that there is a huge disconnect between the economy and the stock market. Does anyone actually believe that the economy is in better shape now than pre-Covid? That's what the stock market would have you believe.
  12. I'll call it a realistic analysis. The economic impact of Covid will far outlive the pandemic itself.
  13. 16 months to turn cash flow positive - that's going to be quite a challenge.
  14. Are you overlooking the bottom line or do you dispute that frequent washing of cloth face masks is important for them to be effective?
  15. Did you notice that I also posted a link to the scientific study?
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