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  1. Our first ever cruise was 2010 on Voyager for a Western Med cruise. About 2 months before the cruise we had a D1 balcony and got to jump to a JS for $220. Then the price began to drop. That was back before they cut off price drops at final payment date. By the time we cruised our $220 investment was the JS and $800 OBC.
  2. Fault them? not at all. They are a business trying to make money. But I do miss the free or cheap upgrades
  3. Also on your question of parking there is a large lot behind the cinema where you can park overnight for $15 Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. If the OP ever comes back I was going to recommend using the app Turo. It's like AirBnB for cars as you rent from owners. We did this last month in Lahaina. Just picked up the car at the owner's house over by the Safeway, key was in it. Some owners will even bring car to the port.
  5. The free upgrades were few and far between but what I find more annoying is the low cost upgrades around final payment date are also gone thanks to bidding. At least four times we were able to upgrade to JSs for about $100 as Royal would drop prices around final payment date. So the advantage to being observant of price drops is gone as people just bid more.
  6. Which Maui port? Kahului or Lahaina?
  7. Love this whole Royal Up idea. Instead of giving free upgrades to free up lower cost, more in demand cabins Royal suckers people into paying for what they use to give away. P.T Barnum would have been proud. 🤣😂
  8. Thanks for the replies. 👍
  9. On the topic of formal night we are going to be on a 7 night Mexican Riviera cruise in May 2020. Any idea what nights would be the formal nights? I'm thinking day 2 and 6. Day 1 - LA Day 2 - At Sea Day 3 - Cabo Day 4 - Mazatlan Day 5 - Puerto Vallarta Day 6 - At Sea Day 7 - At Sea
  10. Thank you for the report on Royal Princess. We will be on her for a Mexican Riviera cruise in May 2020. We have 20+ cruises on Royal Caribbean but only one night on Princess so glad to get any information we can on Royal Princess.
  11. We stayed here, Marina Bay Sands. Close to the ship, close to the Maxwell Hawker Center with it's great food. Oh and the pool was good too.
  12. Thanks Sue. Sorry i kind of stopped after Molokai. We spent three more days on Oahu but the only pictures i took were on a fireworks show we viewed from our balcony and dinner at Dukes Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  13. Actually we have found everyone to be welcoming and friendly. Of course we are going to places that cater to visitors. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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