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  1. Absolutely cruise length impacts this- our first cruise was a 2 night cruise to nowhere on NCL and it was like no one could get enough to drink. That being said, heavy drinking by itself isn't a problem and I've seen heavy drinking on every cruise that we've been on. When one cruises also can impact this, as cruising during spring break (especially on a shorter cruise) does tend to be on the rowdy side. Yes, some of Carnival's older ships are very gaudy in terms of decor' and I certainly wouldn't decorate my house the same way, but for a week it is tolerable (and I think many of those older ships have been retired, but I haven't researched that at all). We just returned from a cruise on one of their newer ships and we had a great time. There were several families along with us with kids of all ages and they all had a great time, as well. Nowadays you are more likely to see Family Feud onboard a Carnival ship then you would see a Hairy Chest contest.
  2. Why jump through all of those hoops? The only question at play was is he old enough to be present in the casino. If he isn't old enough he is asked to leave. That's it. If he didn't want to stay in the casino there would be no need for an ID, so if he "just disappeared" it wouldn't matter. There had been times when the boys were younger when we had to transit the casino, which is allowed even for those under age, but we were reminded by the staff to keep moving if it looked at all like we were lollygagging. And no, it wasn't a Carnival cruise in this case, it was NCL. (And I realize that this is a unique situation and only likely to come up rarely. I am not suggesting that everyone needs to carry an ID onboard, even those that look young. I am merely pointing out that statements such as "you will never need an ID onboard the ship because you have your cabin key" are not necessarily true.)
  3. The card he was carrying did indeed identify him as over 18, but the employee wanted to see his ID. She did not take him to a scanner but made him retrieve his ID from the cabin. This may have been an one off situation, so I am merely reporting this as something that may happen to anyone that appears to be overly young.
  4. Very true and since this is not an attribute that enjoys a good reputation few will admit to being a snob, since they will define the term so that they do not meet the definition in their own eyes.
  5. It varies by state. We may renew online here in Vermont as long as our picture was taken within the guidelines (I believe pictures need to be updated every 8 years or so here, which is also something that may vary).
  6. My son was just "milling about" in the casino when he was asked for his ID. If you are in a venue with an age restriction (such as the casino) and you look young you may be asked for your ID in order to be allowed to stay.
  7. Not all cruise lines have a picture on the card and the card doesn't display age. The employee that asked my son for ID did not have any type of scanner so had no way of knowing what the system said his age was. Granted, this is only going to apply to folks who look really young. Old farts like me would have no issues. (All I carry on the ship is the cabin card and maybe my phone.) 🙂
  8. When scanned the info comes up on a screen which is easier to read then the license itself. I believe all licenses are able to be scanned.
  9. It's not on the physical card but is part of the info embedded in the card. In the case of my son they didn't want that, they wanted his actual ID.
  10. I think those fall outside the area defined by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative and in order to be considered closed loop the cruise must depart from and return to the same US port and travel entirely within the area defined by WHTI. In any event since I've never cruised to those ports I've not researched the question in depth.
  11. For a closed loop cruise as long as it is issued by a government entity it is acceptable. If and when she applies for a passport she'll likely need a long form birth cert.
  12. Disruptive can mean many things and I would personally categorize it so if a business needs to make changes to the way it does things, even if others wouldn't categorize it that way.
  13. It boggles my mind that one state has the power to disrupt an entire industry.
  14. Unless they have another document that would allow them to board (for instance, a passport card, presuming a cruise out of the US) they will have to chill their heels while someone tries to locate the bag for them. I have read of this happening a time or two and worse case scenario is the passenger isn't allowed to board (heard of that happening to an older couple).
  15. When we first started cruising one of our sons was standing with us in the casino and one of the staff asked to see his ID because he didn't look 18. His cabin card was insufficient and he had to go back to get his ID. So, those who look really young may want to carry an ID with them onboard just in case.
  16. Good point and prudent, I had forgotten that you were still onboard. I know that fabric sofas may be more "elegant" but this thread does show a problem with them for sure. I'm glad it was taken care of for you.
  17. They only allow cans or cartons (IIRC), no bottles of any kind (it's not the plastic, bottles can be filled with liqour and resealed). You might be able to find cans online.
  18. Good. What cabin number are you in?
  19. You may still purchase buckets of beer, they just are not included in the price of Cheers. And they don't count against the 15. You are able to purchase anything that isn't covered in the price of Cheers, actually. (And if you buy something in a souvenir glass Cheers covers the contents but not the glass.)
  20. Mardi Gras has a great salad bar in the Serenity area and I was always able to find something on the buffet that was healthy. I have been on a diet for some time and only gained 4 pounds or so on our last sailing (probably mostly from the drink package).
  21. And yet if a story was posted that supported your view you would accept it without question. The reports have come from people without an are to grind.
  22. This poster is so obviously opposed to passengers traveling without a passport that it taints his advice and credibility. Whether anyone likes it or not US citizens can travel without a passport and if something goes wrong they will get home, very likely with less delay then you or others are willing to accept.
  23. I'm not really seeing a different spin here at all other than maybe REAL ID being a stealth way to have a national identity card. I personally don't think there is anything "stealth" about it, it is a way to standardize ID's across the country and has always been stated as such. As for our Canadian friends the last I read is that one province stopped offering EDLs because there was little demand for them but AFAIK the other four still issue them. As for recognition of the EDL only Cuba and Martinique do not accept it for cruisers (but then they don't accept passport cards for cruisers, either).
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