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  1. Hotels in NYC don't provide shuttles. Not to mention, they would have no place to park them if they did. NYC is a very walkable town, has decent public transit, and plenty of taxis.
  2. You might want to ask on the Florida Departures board.
  3. My guess is that you will be expected to park where you embark, with a shuttle to provide you back to your car when you return.
  4. My understanding is that only Carnival is changing, not all the lines under the corp umbrella. Though who knows what the future holds once the individual lines have their contracts expire.
  5. Not everyone cares about the Super Bowl.
  6. Have you asked on the East Coast Departures board?
  7. I would guess they are updating things right now.
  8. My two cents, spend the money at home at a local jeweler who you trust.
  9. I don't think there will be enough staff to handle this. But best to ask onboard.
  10. When you disembark ship 1, take a taxi to ship 2 (tip well), and embark there. You might want a later disembarkation to minimize your waiting.
  11. I would still go through the process of getting permission from NCL to do this.
  12. The IMAX movies change week to week. John Heald usually posts the weeks selection to his FB page Thursday or Friday before the following week. What's playing now or last week won't necessarily be what's playing next week.
  13. Carnival has requested that guests not email the Maitre D (unless there is a public list out there from an official Carnival source I'm not aware of). This was recently confirmed by Mr. Heald along with the request to just post on his FB page and he would send the info along. Maitre D's are not required nor expected to respond to guest emails. So emailing might get your request honored, or might not. Same with John. He just forwards the request, but always specifies that he knows the Maitre D will do their best.
  14. I never use that feature either. I just visit the particular boards I want to view.
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