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  1. You should check out the Canada/West Coast ports of call board.
  2. Correct on the 19 year old. Its to prevent crowds of college kids.
  3. They should have access to the Cruise Manager to do excursions and such.
  4. You might not find out until you get on board. They want to wait until the last possible second for changes in case they aren't necessary.
  5. The official parking is offsite and shuttles you in. There is also parking at the EDIC garage. Not sure a reservation is necessary, but if you know you will be there, why not make one?
  6. I see you are excited. However, your post should go on the Roll Call for your cruise. This is the board for those needing technical assistance with the boards as a whole.
  7. I guess it depends, are you going North or South? What time do you arrive in port? The answer of being up top really is the best one based on the information provided. Also depends on what you consider best.
  8. Its possible that things are being rescheduled since the ships are now going to Cadiz for revolution versus being done in Freeport due to the accident at the dry dock.
  9. I would tend to doubt he is purposely seeking the attention, just comes with the uniform. Odds are, if I saw you in a Starbucks in your fatigues, I might do the same thing.
  10. Have you asked on the Florida Departures board? That's where the Florida experts are.
  11. Just keep in mind the rules for vaping are the same as for smoking: Not in cabins/balconies and only in designated areas.
  12. Also, even if the cruise doesn't require it, I would mandate that the friend has a passport.
  13. Make sure he brings some hand sanitizer as he will probably get a few people coming up to shake his hand and thank him for his service. Will probably also get some beverages bought as well.
  14. Cabins aren't available until 1:30, but you can go to get your room cards and drop your carryons off. Muster is inside. Not sure where Budget is. Best way to get to the port is either Uber or a taxi. For concierge, you will be given luggage tags for a specific time, but there will be a lounge set up for you to wait in until its time.
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