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  1. Given your requests, a visit to a travel agent might be in order.
  2. Just an fyi, I'm on the equinox right now in Puerto Rico and they are loading supplies that never made it to Spain.
  3. You are probably seeing the panorama at the dock yard.
  4. Currently on the equinox, ship seems fine. Pencils replaced pens, but I assume for environmental purposes. Shows seem the same as they were 2 years ago. Food appears the same. We get a daily they night with the usual amount of paper going straight to the rubbish bin.
  5. Assuming you are in Bermuda for me than a few hours port stop, there is no need to do a ships excursion.
  6. I believe e2 is the starboard side of the dining room on Deck 4. E1 is on the port side
  7. Unfortunately, at this time the app is not supported. It hasn't been done the boards were upgraded in October. Really, at the minute the browser is your only option.
  8. No, we just got on. I already tossed it. I see no need to pay 25 for a service I don't need. Plus, I usually need to access my luggage before checking it so I can shuffle stuff.
  9. I'm currently cruising with a broken arm 🙂
  10. Its also possible that for unknown reasons, the priest assigned for the sailing didn't make it.
  11. They show up on the side. While they aren't intrusive, I know my eyes tend to gaze to them. The fact that they have no relevance to the post is my issue.
  12. They tried, it was too popular, they stopped it.
  13. Yes, but they show up on the page of a thread, and have no context to the thread itself.
  14. Yes, the chairs recline, but I can't imagine it being comfortable without elevating one's legs.
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