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  1. No they are not...contrary to other stories in circulation.
  2. Nice of you to do that PS. They usually conduct the tour mid morning when the TS Lounge is quiet. The YC is so secluded that most pax don’t even realize it’s there. It’s a good way to show off the ship and increase future bookings.
  3. Unless you intend to show up in the dining room wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip flops you really have nothing to worry about. If you show up in the dining room or Top Sail dressed neatly I seriously think you will not raise any eyebrows or upset those of us who decide to dress more traditionally. It’s not like the YC is black tie or anything close. I think you will find the YC to be warm and friendly. There is no reason why you can’t dine in the dining room on formal night.
  4. We have an old saying...”It all comes out in the wash”. If one butler delivers for another and receives a gratuity what’s to say that your butler isn’t doing the same for another butler. I very much enjoy the way MSC butlers cover for each other. Their system works very well. Tipping is a personal decision. What might seem excessive to us could be quite normal to others. I once talked to a Maitre D’ on the old SS France who told me about one passenger who routinely handed out $100 Dollar bills for any mundane service...and this was in the 1960’s when $100 really meant something! I really don’t get concerned about how much others are tipping as long as I know my conscience feels right when dealing with personal service rendered by the crew.
  5. Hello RK, We always tip the butler and his assistant at the end of the cruise...over and above the DSC (provided that the service was good). We had two different people delivering the coffee tray in the AM. We would tip them per delivery...usually five Dollars.
  6. In 54 years of crossing and cruising I have found it all depends on who is working in the galley (kitchen). It is possible to have great food one week and then horrible food the next week.
  7. Yummmm...you sold me...I’m moving in! What’s the recipe?
  8. My biggest complaint is the lack of condiments when they serve Indian food. You need chutney, lime pickle, mango pickle, riata, etc. to compliment a decent Indian meal.
  9. That would be correct. The ship was built by Sitmar in 1984 and named Fairsky. When she was sold to Princess the named changed to Sky Princess.
  10. Can’t wait for your next adventure Bea.
  11. Great review Bigblue...glad you had such a wonderful time.
  12. I think if you take the time to read the previous page it will give you the information you are seeking.
  13. Apparently the main themes on the MSC threads are all about “Whine and Dine”. You would think a visit to Ocean Cay is “the be all end all“. I suppose when you compare it to the alternative then OC has a certain appeal. At any rate I am sure MSC will get OC up and running shortly...better late than screwed up! I seriously doubt that MSC is enjoying the delay along with the generous compensation they are handing out. I do find a lot of agonizing over a day at the beach to be a tad overblown. Indeed, “ Enjoy the cruise and see life as beautiful”.
  14. Thanks for the nice cruise blog Bea. Always a pleasure to follow you along. I am living vicariously thru your adventures as I am currently in dry-dock...dialysis. Here’s hoping for a better 2020. When is your next cruise?
  15. Writing a nice note to go along with your additional gratuity is a tribute to your good manners. I, too, like to write a note of appreciation and place it in an envelope addressed to the proper person along with my monetary form of appreciation. I have been told many times by those same recipients just how much it meant to them to receive a personal note with the gratuity.
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