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  1. According to your signature you are a young pup...lol. I suppose even the X Zenith was still doing Midnight buffets in 1999. The buffets on Zenith were excellent in that era.
  2. February has school vacation around President’s Day. Some schools go a week before and some a week after. In April there is Easter vacation. Between February and April we also have the dreaded Spring Break for all the college kids (aka party animals). These months also provide the highest incidents of colds, flu and Noro virus. Longer cruises are the solution. Parents tend to stick to the 7 day or shorter cruises.
  3. The European school vacation period pretty much imitates the American schedule. Our rule of thumb is no cruising from second week in June until mid September. We also stopped cruising in February and April unless it is 12 days or longer.
  4. I think most of those complaints stem from school vacation. Parents just want to dump their kids and head for the pool. Lots of Europeans sailing with their kids during school vacation. They tend to be short tempered. Obvious solution...don’t cruise during school vacations! BTW...there are plenty of places to go for quiet time and I have never heard of anyone losing sleep except during school vacation.
  5. I would not care if I had to keep some of my clothes in my suitcase under the bed. It would be worth it just to be in the YC.😁
  6. Hi Marne, You were on the Fairsky II which was a new ship when you sailed on her...and was later sold to Princess.
  7. Mystery solved Leon! You were in Australia!! The Fairsky I and Fairstar were the lesser of the Sitmar fleet. I believe they were employed as migrant transports from UK to Australia and subsequently went into cruising.
  8. This is “a no-brainer”. If you can grab an inside YC...GO FOR IT!! The two experiences are like night and day. As our host says...let the pool deck be your balcony...and what a great balcony it is!!
  9. Welcome to NY Bea. Bon Voyage to you and Mr. Bea...don’t overdo it in the Big Apple. Hope you have an easy embarkation! CGT
  10. I am having a problem trying to understand why a pax, who is not receiving good service, would not go to the head butler and make an attempt to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Why would a pax spend an entire week going without the service that has been paid for and then just chalk it up to “oh well...better luck next time”??? This makes no sense.
  11. I think the Concierge was telling a fib...just to stimulate the tips.
  12. LOL...Welcome to NY Bea! You are dealing with the NY longshoremen...union gone wild. My advice...tip them when you surrender your luggage...or you might find it floating in the East River.
  13. Most of the responders paid the Daily Service Charge and have tipped beyond the DSC.
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