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  1. I hesitated to say that some people, reading this thread, will be bothered by the level and frequency of tipping in the YC. I found this thread to be enlightening.
  2. I also prefer anonymity...but, as I have stated previously, tipping is a personal decision. I don’t believe the purpose of this thread is to brag about how much we tip. I think this thread illustrates that there is a wide variance in the amounts each pax tips and that is a good thing. Each person decides if, when, how much and the appropriate amount. It is a personal decision.
  3. So what is this I hear about Vishnu retiring to the upscale restaurant and bar he is building on Mauritius? All funded by generous YC pax on MSC! 🤩😋😎 “Vishnu put his hand over his heart” after Rattan gave him a $400 tip. Come to think of it...I would have put my hand over my heart if I ever gave out a $400 tip!!😱😳
  4. Brenda, you will NEVER offend any butler with a $150 tip!
  5. You tipped according to you own personal feelings and well you should. Each individual is free to tip or not to tip as they please. It is a personal decision.
  6. A Brandy Alexander with a beer cures any onset of seasickness for me.
  7. Hi Brenda, Your tip was very generous and totally appropriate. Not because there are some invisible guidelines for tipping but because YOU felt it was the right thing to do and the amount was one that you could easily afford. Tipping is a personal decision. The butler you had was very much in tune with your level of partying. A good butler, waiter, waitress, bar tender, steward, or stewardess appreciates any amount given to them as a tip wether it be a dollar bill in hand or $100 bills in an envelope. The amount you gave was the right amount because you felt it was right. I have seen people tip nothing more than the DSC and others I know have tipped their butler more than $200 for 1 week. Again what they felt they could afford. BTW...what was your butler’s name?
  8. Congratulations RKA, You will certainly enjoy the M. The Yacht Club is as close to the old First Class as you can get. Maybe not so much Italian Line but outstanding none the less. I hope you will report back to us when you return.
  9. Hi Jack, Great to hear from another refugee from a bygone era. Your description of your past experiences from those last glorious years of transatlantic travel were so apropos. All of us who were there feel exactly the same way. I also agree with you on MSC...especially in the Yacht Club. Great idea to start the Old Salts Club. Let’s see what we can do.
  10. GREAT REVIEW PS!! I had to laugh at the other couple you disembarked with. Same cruise...totally different experiences. You really know how to navigate the YC and get the most out of your cruise. Thanks so much for taking the time...MSC should hire you as a YC ambassador.
  11. LOL...how true. Only the Italian Line would have a true party atmosphere. I sailed transatlantic on Cunard and The French Line and the Bon Voyage was much more sedate. Home Lines and the Greek Lines were also festive. I remember our 10 day cruise on Amerikanis out of Boston. The departure was particularly festive/raucous. There were coolers carried in and cabin doors left open and folks wandering from cabin to cabin...in a total party atmosphere. So much so that one of the celebrants passed out on a couch in one of the public rooms and ended up staying on the cruise!
  12. A simple visit to the Concierge will answer any questions. We never plan on our cabin being ready until 2:00 PM. And we have never had any problem keeping ourselves busy until then. The Concierge always had the answers.
  13. Thank you Conte, What a great way way to celebrate your 16th! Those were the best times. The parties were outrageous frivolity that culminated with the ship departing with the band playing and streamers flying. Thanks so much for the great memories. How I would love to join you on the Mary for a libation in the Observation Bar with that wonderful mural by Doris Ziskind. I remember that the LDV arrived in NY about Noon and would stay berthed overnight and the LDV sailed for the Caribbean at 11:00 AM. If you got onboard the ship before 9:00 AM they would feed you breakfast! They had a fantastic breakfast menu with all the best offerings including steak. What an excellent way to start your cruise.
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