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  1. Years ago on the QE2 we shared a table with Gladys and Arthur. She was a housewife and he owned a hardware store. We had a great time and never were at a loss for relaxed conversation...totally enjoyable. Go to dinner in the MDR and have an adventure.
  2. Funny story: we were on the Norway in 1993...third time on that ship...twice when it was SS France. NCL built 2 more decks of suites on the top of the ship. We were getting ready for the first formal night and I was putting on my tux. I had the TV on and was watching the video version of The Only Way To Cross being narrated by JMG. I had no idea he was onboard. He closed the segment by saying that they (JMG and Mary) were dressed in their finest and ready to go to dinner. We walked out of our cabin and decided to take the stairs. As we started down I looked up to the top deck and there was JMG and Mary dressed in their formal attire. I thought I was having deja vu! I realized what was happening and stopped to introduce ourselves. I explained what had happened and we had a big laugh. We were able to see JMG the whole week and I can tell you he was a real gentleman and a connoisseur. His Titanic stories were the best. John had actually interviewed Violet Jessops who had survived the Titanic.
  3. Great discussion... I agree with all the above...it was a radar assisted collision...and yes..I have the book. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is how far out of the normal lane the Stockholm was. Stockholm was in the wrong lane. I do not think that (Carstens?) was telling the story accurately...just my opinion.
  4. Yes...we did have the same wait team each evening...probably because we arrived at about the same time each night. I also wrote thank you notes and put one in each envelope. I gave them great marks on the comment card.
  5. Tipping is an oft red hot topic. My own philosophy on tipping is that it is optional and at your own discretion. It is a personal decision. I tipped our butler, his assistant, two waiters, the Maitre D’ and the restaurant hostess...all in the YC. I also paid the DSC. All these people rendered superb service and deserved financial recognition for excellence. The bottom line is rewarding excellence...the decision is yours.
  6. Roll the dice. We have had some great crossings in September and rarely hit bad weather. We were on the QE II and had head winds of 100 MPH. Then again we have had seas so smooth that I forgot I was on a ship...lol.
  7. Understanding the history of ocean liner travel is critical for those who are in love with the romance of the seas and the great ships that sailed upon them. I bought The Only Way To Cross in 1972 and was a rabid fan of JMG from then on...enough so that I am an ocean liner historian and collector. I had the privilege of meeting John and Mary Maxtone Graham in 1993 while onboard the SS Norway ( former SS France). JMG was considered the Dean of the graduate school of Ocean Liner History. He was a highly skilled speaker and could captivate and regale his audience with a myriad of sea stories. Some of his videos are on You Tube and are worth watching. He was a wonderful person (fun to share a cocktail with) and we will never see another like him. By all means get a copy of The Only Way To Cross and be prepared to be thoroughly entertained and fascinated with the history of The Golden Era of transocean travel.
  8. You are right...should be in your name. A good idea to write a letter to a director. A letter always gets read.
  9. Hmmmmmm...and whose credit card did you use???
  10. You will have the equivalent...now called Premium. This will allow you to have just about everything and your YC card is good in all the bars except the specialty restaurants.
  11. Bravo Nikki, I really think you will be treated royally. Take your time when go through the lounge and have an extra flute of bubbly while you get ready to go on board...enjoy and think positively. Do let us know the outcome.
  12. Hi Nikki...so how are you going to handle this? “Inquiring minds want to know”.😁
  13. Hi Bea, I believe this is a great move in the right direction. You and I both know the kitchens (galleys) on MSC have been erratic although I have noticed a distinct improvement over two years ago. The menus are getting more impressive recently. Some of the recent menus on the new ships have impressed me (having worked professionally in some great kitchens over my lifetime).
  14. Some of us have experienced the old Queens...amazing. You would have loved watching the Elizabeth sailing by in the opposite direction of the Mary in mid ocean. Now that was really something. I am not a big fan of the reverse bow...but I will abide by it if it boosts fuel efficiency.
  15. Hi Nikki, YOU NEED TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE YC TENT TO CHECK IN! The staff there will sort out any confusion and send you in the right direction. Your cruise rep gave you some bad information. It would be a shame for you to miss the YC check-in. If you are booked into a YC cabin then you deserve the full treatment. You will NOT be denied any of the YC benefits. 98% of success in life is just showing up...so be there!
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