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  1. Your stepmother is thinking about events from years ago. MSC did have teething problems while they built their fleet. Comparing MSC from 10 years ago and now is like comparing apples to oranges. You can look forward to your cruise on Divina without your DMIL’s concern.
  2. Starboard will catch the afternoon sun. You will be taking the southern route and will be in fairly mild temperatures…high 60’s to low 70’s and a bit warmer in the Mediterranean.
  3. We also have several companies making fresh baked Asiago Cheese bagels…grilled with butter…delish!
  4. Nothing better than a well made bagel. They can be found in NY, Boston, Portland and Montreal. Give me an everything with smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese and sliced onion.
  5. I have often made up an entire meal from the appetizers. When you don’t feel like eating a lot and the main menu doesn’t appeal…the small appetizer plates fill the bill.
  6. The Conservancy continues to hang on. Some of the donations have been significant in the hundreds of thousands. There is still great interest in preserving the SSUS. The ship can be preserved and used for multiple venues. It is my opinion that this can only be done if she is raised out of water. This can be done by parking her at a suitable pier and then building a solid platform beneath her and then gently raising her as the platform is constructed to above sea level. There has been zero interest from the government.
  7. Correct…time sure does fly. I was a 7 year old glued to a TV set watching the tragedy.
  8. Thanks for the pix. Like I said…a benevolent billionaire. The bones in the SSUS are still good. If they turned the ship into an inside convention venue it could work. They would not have to restore the entire interior. I envision a convention venue where the ship is raised and covered while being attached to a larger convention center. This could work. The Big U is a great achievement of American industrial might and should be saved if possible. The SSUS Conservatory has done a heroic job keeping the dream alive. Thanks to Susan Gibbs and many others. Susan Gibbs is Francis Gibbs gr
  9. Thanks for the display NB. Funny story…somewhere in my attic there is a stack of those blue ash trays. The bar man wanted to get rid of them so I obliged…lol. I must have at least 5… lol.
  10. It was July 14, 1965 that I set sail from NY onboard the original Queen Elizabeth for my first sailing on n ocean liner. Ironically it was on a Wednesday.
  11. RK, I do believe that we could have a separate thread based on the gluttony we have witnessed at the buffet…LOL. Call me perverse but I have even taken pictures of pax loading up like it was The Last Supper…lol. Some of the scenes at the buffet on embarkation day are priceless. The crew members must think these people are crazy.
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