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  1. We requested it before the cruise and they provided it at no additional cost. Another time, the F & B manager knew we liked green Chartreuse and since there was none on board, he went and bought a bottle for us!
  2. We had a bottle of special single malt on board which was kept in the main bar below the bar. We could have asked to have it moved to Panorama if we had so wanted.
  3. Spins. By any chance are you on the Shadow in November?
  4. I know of several crew and officers who have bikes on board from time to time.
  5. Would someone please ask Captain Destefano if he will be on board in November. We have so enjoyed sailing with him.
  6. Bon voyage to everyone. We are looking forward to reading all about it.
  7. We hope you have a wonderful trip!
  8. We were told that the steps were built specifically for a lady on the World Cruise. She has done many world cruises with SS, and she told me that she hopes to celebrate her 100th birthday year on the 2020 cruise. She is a delightful lady who travels alone except for the time when her son joins her for several weeks. She does water aerobics daily, and she used to climb up and down the pool ladder! I hope to be as fortunate when I turn 80.
  9. They should get rid of the shops and the highly overpriced and useless merchandise.
  10. If you are able to get off on Pitcairn, I would love to know if Bernice Christian is still alive. It should be an amazing experience, and we will follow along and wish we were there.
  11. Rally - Great to see you posting. We remember well our time traveling with you and also the wonderful birthday dinner where Gilbert and Chef Dotti went at it over the prep of the dessert. Gilbert was maitre dā€™ on this cruise as well. We still remember the code word for Pinch. Hope our paths cross again! CrusinPashmina - Hope you have better weather than we did. None the less, Iceland is a fabulous adventure which I am sure you will enjoy.
  12. J-P We received the information about the charity in the suite and filled out the opt out form. I never checked to see if it had been posted prior to that day, but if it was, it was removed before the end of the trip. Denny01 - Also, if there is something that you do not like, be sure to say something to the appropriate department head or Hotel Director.
  13. One of our favorite places on the Shadow is the Observation lounge on deck 9 overlooking the bow. There is no bar there, but if you want a drink, just call room service and it will be delivered to you. I understand that the refirb will include the addition of The Arts Cafe. We enjoyed it on the Muse for light snacks all day long. I assume that it will be similar on the Shadow. If you think you might like to dine in either La Terrazza or La Dame (upcharge), then you should go online 120 days prior to sailing to make reservations. They can be changed once on board, but it is better to have them than be shut out. We prefer having pre-dinner drinks in the Panorama Lounge on deck 8 rather than the main bar on deck 5. The bar is more lively and noisy while the Panorama Lounge gives you the opportunity to gaze out the windows or, weather permitting, have your drinks on the aft deck which is lovely especially on a port intensive cruise. Tipping is a very subjective matter, but you should know that tips are included in your fare. Having said that, we do contribute significantly to the Crew Welfare Fund rather than to any individual crew member. You should also be aware that a $1/day donation to the owner's foundation is added to your bill, but you can opt out by going to the Reception Desk and saying you do not want to participate. Above all, if you want something, just ask for it. They will do everything possible to accommodate your request. Hope you have a wonderful trip.
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