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  1. Thank you for the great information. We’ve never sailed with Silversea but did know it is high end. We are adventurous eaters so goat on the menu wouldn’t bother us at all.
  2. Thanks everyone - great information. I feel more informed now and will continue reviewing all the options.
  3. Have you taken the Silversea Origin for a Galapagos cruise? What did you like or dislike? We are researching options and the Silversea looks interesting even though we’ve never sailed that line before.
  4. Starting to seriously research the Galapagos. Been wanting to go for years and thinking it is finally going to happen within the next year. I rarely care which ship I am on, but, I see there are three ships with Celebrity - 100 passenger Flora, 48 passenger Xpedition and 16 passenger Xploration. I am curious which ship you chose and why? Did you like the ship? Also, was there a gym onboard and did you have time during the day to use it?
  5. Would love to hear how the Silver Origin was.
  6. I agree. I do wish the tour organizer would tell their story to educated the rest of us on what not to do.
  7. I have wondered the same thing. I would really like to hear the real story as I book mostly independent tours and want to understand what happened and learn from their experience. I doubt we will ever hear, but maybe one of the passengers left behind is on here and will respond.
  8. We saw a dock…not sure when it can be used. Good luck
  9. Most likely you won’t be able to make that decision. Unless something changes getting off the ship is not an option.
  10. I don’t think conditions have improved at James Island. When we were there late last fall our tour skipped going ashore there and just circled the island because the conditions were too risky to try to get anyone ashore. They didn’t give details other than the height of the boat vs the height of the dock was a problem.
  11. We just used Your Lucky Tours at the end of December and were very happy with Eduardo and the things we saw. We did the Tortuguero Canal & Cahuita National Park Tour. Good tour for all ages but I would suggest being mobile since the canals require you to get into a boat and in the national park you walk along an unpaved path.
  12. In late December I organized a private tour for 8 in Puerto, Limon and was very happy with Eduardo with Your Lucky Tours. He was very aware of the time and making sure he got us back to the port well before all aboard. Next time we are in Puerto Limon I will use the same company and possibly even do the same tour again - it was that good. We did the Tortuguero Canal Tour & Cahuita National Park Tour and was very happy with our choice. During the day we saw howler monkeys, lots of birds, iguanas, caiman, sloths (both 2 toed and 3 toed) and even a snake - an eyelash viper! After our wonderful boat ride in the canal and hike in the national park Eduardo was happy to stop for us to buy beer, sodas and water for the ride back to port.
  13. In the past the shop has done it. We have to get it on our own for Holland America World Cruise 2024.
  14. Thank you for the great info. Do you get one point per dollar spent?
  15. When you say paid back close to $10,000. How did it pay back?
  16. Starting to consider a HAL credit card. We’ve read the small print and looked on line but cannot find how much cash a point is actually worth. How many points per dollar of OBC?
  17. $480 for 4 people. I booked in advance online.
  18. We were just there and euro or USD are both acceptable as tips.
  19. We were just in Agadir and Casablanca a few days ago. No issues at all. Keep an eye on the current situation. Our captain is issuing recommendations based upon current events. I’m currently on the HAL Grand Africa.
  20. I don’t know how much taxis are. We did a private excursion - 4 of us - to Carthage, Sidi Bou Said and the Medina a few days ago. We were able to see places in Carthage that the buses couldn’t go. I recommend a private tour so you know you will have an English speaking guide and you know he will be with you the entire day.
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