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  1. the videos is also on youtube for those that do not do Tiktok: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTmXbyewAfswf0vFx1pP-xA
  2. this is mostly likely the 5 year or so dry dock that is just for maintenance and some minor enhancements like new carpet and upholstery
  3. Gem is docking at Miami to get some supplies for the trip to the shipyard up north to Boston for its scheduled drydock maintenance
  4. My June 21 cruise on the Carnival Magic shows this:
  5. Look at the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach that can be an example of an accommodation ship. It is like temporary housing which Carnival did many many years ago when the hurricanes hit New Orleans
  6. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23764-former-carnival-ship-heading-to-new-home-in-asia.html
  7. Virgin just canceled all December cruises. Expect more cancellations as cruise lines follow what each other does
  8. i think we might have to fly to Europe, Asia and other places to cruise out of now if we can no longer cruise out of the states
  9. if this is true, then they may never be any cruises out of US
  10. once nice thing with the app is it tells you the estimate time you have to wait. on my last carnival cruise i used the app on, the time estimate is pretty accurate
  11. At one time, Choir of Man had about 3-4 different casts doing shows on 2 ships and a land a based show. Due to covid, they might be having the cast shortage
  12. this is the result of false test results, the same problem that exists pretty much everywhere now
  13. I wish the dinning room was open for lunch, it reduces the crowds in the buffet. Based on the past cruises i've been on, no one knows it is open except for mostly past cruisers. it will be nice if the staff onboard the ship doing crowd control tells people to go to dinning room instead of helping direct people to the buffet
  14. Bermuda cruising season is almost over in a few weeks. During the winter months there is not that many ships docking
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