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  1. Breakaway and Getaway were already in Europe due to regular schedule drydock maintenance
  2. guest services can create key only cards that can be used for the other cabin this is not done at check in at the terminal
  3. i wonder what the bottom of the hull looks like when it is being scraped against the ground during the beaching process. that might be worse then the ships colliding with each other
  4. Looks like they was some damage between the ships. There is some pictures that posted on a site i can not link to
  5. i read something a few days ago where Miami does not want ships to docked right now
  6. This was bound to happen with all of the covid cases on other cruise lines
  7. https://www.carnival.com/health-and-sailing-updates click on Canceled Cruises and you will see that all of the Magic Europe sailings is canceled
  8. I noticed this morning i was logged out. when i try to log in, i get an error message that said invalid password which is strange since my browser saved my password and my password was never changed. seems to be fine now
  9. Looks like the Princess did the safest thing by canceling all cruises until December. now other lines is almost doing the same thing
  10. what is the site, it is censored
  11. where will you cruise to? Canada is not accepting cruise ships By the time cruises do actual resume, it will be out of season to Bermuda so you cant go there Bahamas might be an option if the port allows it Caribbean might also be an option, depending on the islands it might be impossible to do it in a regular 7 day cruise With this pandemic, i got a feeling that the 3-4 days cruises will most likely be the most popular and they will hold off on the longer 7+ day cruises i would love to see a cruise to no where return like what they used to back in the day. if they allowed, it wont mind it
  12. i had the same problem. i was shocked at how fast i received my refund when i called compare to waiting.
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