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  1. We've been to Florida Seafood twice and it has become our "go to" place for seafood. Very good!
  2. We docked in St. Maarten once and noticed an older gentleman sunning in his birthday suit on the ship next to ours. Another time we were coming in to St. Thomas and I noticed several men gathered on the starboard side of the ship gazing at something. I walked over to see what had their attention and on a nearby yacht was a woman in her birthday suit doing something X-rated. You see all kind of things on a cruise!
  3. We're booked on the October 3, 2020 Horizon sailing in an inside cabin, which we prefer. Today I got an email from Carnival offering me an upgrade to an ocean view cabin for $408 more. Ah...don't think so. I can use that money elsewhere during our cruise. Now if that was for a balcony cabin, then I might think about it.
  4. Get an Inogen oxygen generator. My mom used one prior to her death and was able to go ANYWHERE with it. Works great!
  5. On Thursday, we will only have 365 more days! Horizon on October 3, 2020!
  6. The Carnival Sunshine. We didn't like the layout of the ship at all.
  7. Was that cruise to Hawaii back in April of 2012, out of San Diego? If so, we were on that cruise too and witnessed the guy jumping off the ship. I was the one who spotted him floating about 400 yards from the ship. Heard that he hadn't been taking his medications. At least he survived. We also had to return to Honolulu on our way towards San Diego for an emergency.
  8. My wife bought a Kyss bag a couple of years ago and it works great! It has a built-in chain that locks the bag up and can be secured to a beach chair, umbrella or table. Safe and sound!
  9. My wife and I will be arriving late (8pm or so) into Orlando airport and need an inexpensive, but good, hotel to stay in the night prior to our cruise. Have checked many hotels online that sound good until you read the negative reviews. Just need a good place to rest up a few hours before heading to the port. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  10. We used Cocoa Beach Shuttle back in April. We had an established pickup time to take us to the port at 9:30am. At 10am, I made the first of 6 phone calls to check on our shuttle and was told "he'll be there in 10-minutes". At 10:30, I made another call. Got same response. At 11:30, and still no shuttle, I demanded to speak to a manager. He told me that "I should not get excited and just be ready to board in 5-minutes". At 12;15, the shuttle finally showed up, almost 3 hours late! We missed boarding with the Platinum and Diamond members and ended up waiting in the long line to board. Never again would I use Cocoa Beach Shuttle!
  11. Please keep those in the path of hurricane Dorian in your thoughts and prayers. My family experienced the devastation that Hurricane Hugo left in the Charleston (SC) area back in '89. Tremendous destruction everywhere. Lives lost. We were without power for 42 days! Imagine that in West Palm Beach or Miami. We have relatives in Palm Bay that have not experienced a huge hurricane like this and they are always in our thoughts and prayers. I know that some people will be upset because their cruise was either cancelled or altered because of this storm. Carnival will do everything it can to protect its customers. We've had a couple of cruises cancelled, but at least we lived to tell about it.
  12. Having lived through Hurricane Hugo a few years back, I can tell you one thing....it's devastating! It was a Cat 4 when it landed a few miles north of Charleston. Although our home was spared and we were without power for 42 days, those around us suffered horribly! I wouldn't wish a hurricane upon anyone, especially a Cat 4!
  13. A few months ago, there was a rumor that proof of measel shots would be required when checking in for your Carnival cruise. Has Carnival implemented this? Or was it just a rumor? Thanks
  14. I know what a no-show is, but how do you explain to the Carnival rep at check-in that your 14-year old son is not with you? Especially when he lives over 1,000 miles away? Is he going to just walk into the terminal on his own? Without a parent? His mother won't be dropping him off. C'mon, man!
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