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  1. AUWE! (Hawaiian for "ouch" or "good grief') NO A6700/7000! Only white cloud is that I picked up a A6400 on e-Bay (thanks to Aaron for all his comments on that camera).
  2. Great shot! IT's no fun! Tomorow is the day? A6700/7000?
  3. My favorite island - and I live in Hawaii (State) for 80-years! Your ship is only on Kauai for the day and there will be enough for you to do for that day. Mcrcruiser is correct if you were on Kauai for more than, say, three days but it is a great place to kick your shoes off and just relax!
  4. Did you just stay around the port at Eidfjord or did you take any of the tours - waterfalls, nature center etc.? Sounds as if you just stayed near the port.
  5. Thank you! Sent a message to the e-car place. Sounds like our best bet!
  6. The problem with the "wrong" answers is that people who hear the answer will assume it is true. For example, if the question was "what was the name of the country that has the largest population?" And the Seattle set had "Russia" as the correct answer. There may be people that will assume it to be true.
  7. Shssame the new season of Mighty Ships is not showing in the U.S. But there are a bunch on the NS as well as the Koningsdam on YouTube.
  8. Hallasm: Thank you for taking the time and effort is answering questions about the Norwegian fjords. One of our stops will be in Eidfjord/Hardangerfjord. My (adult) son would probably be interested in hiking to see the Voringsfossen Waterfall. As I have physical problems in walking, I would probably be better off at the Nature Center! How would one get to either site? Thank you! Tom
  9. Ine: Thanks again for your help! I do a lot of research on ports and disability facvtors - watching videos on YouTube and looking at roadways (how many potholes, cobblestones etc) and have used a mobility scooter in Europe before (Florence, Naples, Cordoba etc). However what I needed was specific information on Cartagena and Gibratar.. Ine: Thanks on the tip on the train. Sent them an e-mail!
  10. If you don't drink, is the dinner worthwhile?
  11. Has anyone used a scooter in either Gibratar or Cartagena? I can walk but only for short distances. Been to Gibratar before and I was thinking of the town itself and perhaps to the cable car lift. (Obviously not to the caves) 🙂 Thanks!
  12. Interesting read - thanks Adam! (Got it right this time?)
  13. beautiful flame-point. What sort of breed is he/she?
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