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  1. tommui987

    European Cruise - what lens to take

    VIC: Planning on three-four days in Rome. Been there several years ago. If my 86-year old legs can take it, will try for the 4th and basement! Might just spend time photographing gelato stands!
  2. tommui987

    European Cruise - what lens to take

    JUSTIN and VIC: Thanks - and JUSTIN, that was what I was debating - prime or zoom. During my old Nikon days, I seem to had gravitate towards my 180mm f2.8! VIC: Great shots! I think laziness would make me use the 18mm-135mm as a primary! Decisions, decisions, decisions ..
  3. tommui987

    European Cruise - what lens to take

    Dave: Remind me to check the equipment before writing from the top of my head. I have the 12mm Rokinon. And mskaufman, there were many times in various churches, buildings etc where I really needed a long lens and only had a 105mm!
  4. Planning on a European cruise which will take me to Norway and ending up in Rome. I plan to take two camera bodies - both Sony A6300s and thinking of taking Sonys 10-18mm, 18-135mm and 70-300mm - the latter for close-ups in churches and architectural details. But I keep on wondering whether I should take along the 8mm Rokinon and a (Sony) 35mm, 50mm and/or 85mm instead of the zoom 18-135mm. Of course if the A7000 is released (or A6400 is REALLY worthwhile, the bodies may change! Not going till September - any thoughts on this?
  5. While it can be more expensive, we book private tours with full explanations as to our physical limitations and agencies like Rome by Taxi, Tours by Locals etc would response and let us know what would be entailed, what can be done etc. We do this so that we won't hold people up.
  6. tommui987

    Why take pictures?

    I also did that about 20+/- years ago and it was (and still is) a pain after being stored in a wet area of our city. Great place for fugus, mold etc but great opportunity to make corrections - not to mention getting rid of all inperfections!
  7. tommui987

    Nieuw Statendam

    Rich: Short of breaking a door down, would you have any idea of what C-1149 is like? I know it is mid-ship - though I would have preferred more aft. Thanks!
  8. tommui987

    Nieuw Statendam

    Looking forward to it. My wife, Eric and I will be on B2B in September and need you as a trivia partner!
  9. tommui987

    JPEG converted to RAW?

    Dave: The latest cameras does a great job on jpegs files as you pointed out. The Topaz RAW conversion program is rather slow in its conversion and for the heck of it, I tried using Photolemur on some old slides (converted to CDs many years ago). While versions of AIs may vary between various programs, the AI in Photolemur did some significant changes in the slides. I am waiting to see - when the Topaz finished its conversion - as to what its AI does to the same slide.
  10. Nice shot - except that your photo is of the old Cathedral in the old town (Barri Gotic) and not of the Sagrada Familia. But a crowd is a crowd no matter where!
  11. tommui987

    Amsterdam Plan - Comments Appreciated

    Ine: How far is the Catholic Cathedral from the Movenpick Hotel? Can't find a scale on the map!
  12. tommui987

    John and Diane's Lucky Number 7

    Thank you - nice to get a "face" on people mentioned on the blog!
  13. Thanks but ... 🙂 The eye-focus is appealing to me plus the firmware upgrade. Having a bunch of batteries for the A6300 and my RX10-III, all Sony lenses stabilized except for the 10mm, I don't think the IBIS, dual slots is that big a deal. Would IBIS and stabilized lenses be redundant? On the other hand, who knows what wonders will be in the A7000? Should wait and see but the temptation is there!