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  1. Thanks Dave for your critique. I noticed that I use their Photolemur quite a bit - it is one of the filters in my Photoshop.
  2. It is much easier using a rollator especially on grass, cobblestones etc (make sure you have your hands on the brakes!) The rollator is probably better for balance problems as I usually had to use both hands on a walker and the rollator, being heavier and with four wheels, could be manuvered with one hand. The advice about a (rented) scooter on the ship is good advice too - and handy on tours if the bus can handle it
  3. I booked with ToursbyLocals for a tour (Cadiz to Seville).
  4. Technically speaking, Aloha Tower is a lighthouse at the ocean-end of Fort Street. Facing Aloha Tower, Pier 11 would be on your right-hand side.
  5. Pier 11 and the pier at the Aloha Tower is one and the same.
  6. WOW! Great shot of a lovely lady. Grandfather shows a lot of love in his photo.
  7. Agree with the posters about the dining room scenario - on HAL, the wait staff do take your scooter and park it for you. On tours, I usually have to contact guides, such as ToursbyLocals, Spain Day Tours, Rome by Taxi or the like, A scooter usually would fit into the trunk of a sedan like a Mercedes if the seat is removed and the control/steering handle is collapsed. By spending the bucks for a private tour, you avoid the problems of tying up your fellow-passengers on tour buses like the picture painted by mets123 in post #6
  8. How does one determine how many cabins remain unsold?
  9. Aloha Justin! After reading your post, I looked at the Verge for more details and probably will look at some more sites for their imputl Would be asking too much if the Osmo had a zoom! Be interested in seeing your blog post if you should do one. Incidentally, any comments on gimbals for the Sony A6xxx? Best wishes
  10. We went to Orvieto a couple of years ago from Livorno by (I think) Rome by Taxi and it was in a Mercedes. The trunk was wide enough to fit the scooter (control handle folded and the seat removed). I got around quite well with the scooter even though the town was cobbled-stoned. Interesting town but the Duomo was the big attraction for me. There was an entrance on the left side of the cathedral for handicaps and the scooter.
  11. I have had a Sony RX10-III for over a year though I usually shoot with my A6300s. You can't beat having that extreme zoom when you need it! I have a bunch of SanDisk ExtremePro 95 MB/S 64GB chips and a bunch of extra batteries - fortunately they are used in the A6300s as well as the RX-10-III. I should mention that Dave has mentioned a couple of posts ago that he has been switching from SanDisk to the new Sony chips.
  12. Mis-spoke - sorry about that but I have been on the Volendam on two cruises so far and it did remind me of cruises on the Azamara Quest - small ship, great crew!
  13. Your "foodie" pictures always sets uncontrolled mouth-watering and makes a mess on my keyboard ... I don't think the condo association will allow a smoker in my apartment!
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