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  1. I am there opening night and will be there all weekend. Im so excited
  2. You could have caught any number of things. You could have caught the Flu. You could have gotten chicken pox. You could have gotten run over in the parking lot by someone coughing at the steering wheel
  3. It is no more a risk today than it was a year ago this time. In fact one could argue it is safer with more cleaning happening today and less cars on the road to get to the store
  4. If I am not infected, how is a mask stopping me from spreading a disease I don't have
  5. How about quickly pressing the close door elevator button before anyone else can get in? Is that better LOL?
  6. I can imagine. Nice warm breezes and sandy beaches and clear Caribbean water
  7. According to the new VP of Casino operations who has a NASCAR back ground , they will be using the tear away clear sheets like NASCAR cars use and will tear it off after each guest leaves a machine. All machines will be converted to touch screen buttons only.
  8. They are going to do it by weight. Everyone will have to get on a scale before they board
  9. I have used it twice on the admin fee
  10. Has bidding still been happening during the Corona? Has anyone had a bid accepted?
  11. I have had two comp cruises cancelled by NCL so far. Got 25% premium FCC to use towards my future bookings
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