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  1. Line of credit is free to use. Just set it up in advance of your cruise thru NCL.com
  2. Also dont forget on the last night to check and see if you qualify for additional comps. I have had them cover off certain purchases from gift shop, photos, spa, etc
  3. I have seen this happen. The guests were not happy but thats a risk you take
  4. Either way this will make Harvest Caye crowded
  5. My wife and I book two comps separately and then switch guests when we get on ship
  6. Beds do not come apart. Tub makes a great place to toss dirty laundry. Balcony is a great place to read. It is right below Haven proper and has separate key card access. Spa is wonderful is that is your cup of tea.
  7. Eliminate Moderno....too much meat and most isnt that great.
  8. Apparently you can use on 3 to 5 day cruises now. Wonder if you can double them also?
  9. Rooms are nice. Staff in Casino is friendliest of any Harrahs property. If you are diamond or above you can park for free there. No shuttles to airport
  10. As a Falcon fan Im glad I cant watch 🙂
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