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  1. Here is my "free cheers" package
  2. SWA has added MIA as a destination so I would expect fares to drop to MIA
  3. Well Covid you canceled me but I got the last laugh. Booked two more today https://youtu.be/hnt4rUg_zDw
  4. Miss hearing these stories, bet they will be hot once cruises start back up
  5. Change was made in Feb 2020 - pre covid lockdown
  6. Not sure I agree with solidly in business. They are preparing to offer $1.5 billion more in stock. Close to out of business no , but somewhere in between and 10 months of reduced capacity sailings in 2021 won't help
  7. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/10/15/cruise-lines-met-with-pence-but-they-could-be-looking-to-biden-for-guidance
  8. You can choose, computers are programed to apply it automatically as a default
  9. Are you referring to free casino Cruises Yes
  10. Source? NCL has told me on the phone it is a go
  11. Anyone else excited about this cruise. Awesome itinerary.
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