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  1. We were on the Whisper when it was heading to drydock. Don't take a cruise just before drydock because they don't want leftovers. They were running low on quite a few things and had to pick up a little on the way. Plus there are workers hiding (?) in many nooks & cranny's. The menu is determined by a central HQ with a tight deviation.
  2. me too. that would be a very interesting email address.
  3. zqtchas


    They were referred to as trousers since that is what is on the form & is taken care of by spouse. It was my ineptitude to refer to them correctly. Also if they are bundled separately ie: all cold wash, all one color might help.
  4. zqtchas


    We're on free status. Pet peeve is that we like our pants creased in front. They like to press a flat front. We write that info on laundry on the instructions & it still happens. We tell the butler & sometimes that doesn't help. Even told next level up supervisor, still got thru. It's a constant battle if on a long cruise. I hope it's not just us!
  5. When you bring up cc to make a comment, at the bottom it shows a paper clip & click to choose files & it tells you fill size max. I am using a mini iPad & have loaded my pictures into photos. Just select. The amount of time depends on the satellite . I try one at a time. If it loads fast, I add more.
  6. Chef Anne-Mari Cornelius & Jimmy opening a food demonstration. A strawberry rosemary balsamic ice cream with a netted crepe & miso & caramel glazed Alaskan salmon. So far have seen more totem poles than whales. Last town missed seeing a small fire engine museum that I hear was great, but saw no mention of it in any write ups.( Prince Rupert ) Nice little walkable town, only ship.
  7. Are we having fun yet? Where ‘s the seals?
  8. Here we are anchored off shore at the busy port of Ketchikan with 4 big ships docked & float planes buzzing by. Rain expected later when our tour starts.
  9. This is the scene that the last zodiac tour (us) missed out on up close. Seals floating on the ice. NCL CORPORATE was on board for a night or 2. Will probably be off today to transfer to their big ship docked here at Ketchikan while we sit in the harbor to tender in.
  10. Today in Wrangell we walked around town , no tour. The little museum sure packed in a lot. It was free & had nice clean restrooms. Was an easy walk from the ship. Didn’t have to sign up for a tour in a crowded tiny bus. Tomorrow we take another tiny bus to visit another animal refuge. The people are very friendly and as bus/tour guide will tell you more than you can remember but will hear over and over from town to town on long bus rides. The scenery is beautiful, when the fog & rain lift. Uploading still slow.
  11. Tracy Ann Fjord with some zodiacs & kayaks. When it was our time to zodiac out they took us out to a different glacier spot so we didn’t get to see the tons of seals floating on the ice that was up close to the glacier. Spoke to chef today & she going to try to get some more fish. What we had was King. There are about 17 bikes on board, don’t know if they are part of the program . There are about 197 passengers on from Tokyo to Vancouver.
  12. Loading up below our balcony. very slow loading internet. Previous pix black dots on floating ice are seals.
  13. Tracy Ann Fjord with some zodiacs & kayaks.
  14. Another great dinner. Fresh salmon & crab legs, hot plates. Great team, Antonio, Samuel & Anna Maria. Maybe the new HD Jimmy had something to do with it too!?
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