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  1. YES. Also signed up for the Bourdoux dinner and Normandy tour.
  2. After several cruises requesting comp Zinfandel (red) finally wine connoisseur Mike LeBlanc has finally found a lost one in the depths. Will try it later. The food has been terrific so far and some new wines have appeared.
  3. Good luck! When we were on the last leg of the Whisper before drydock in the Bahamas (which we ended up on because they canceled the the next leg) the supplies were running low and workers were doing some night time prepping. Things were stored in empty cabins and sometimes covered over on deck.
  4. just curious, why does it matter?
  5. have taken that trip.most everybody wore minimum clothes (except Muslims). used very little, but 99% deet is great. it kept the dive bombers off while in tall grass on the outer banks for more than 8 hours. if you go to the Cambodia area they will probably not take your blood if you donate back home. we generally take the ship tours because if you miss the boat it gets to be a hussle if it's a tight schedule & the boat rarely waits for you.
  6. take it with you. FYI if you donate blood, they won't take it if you have been to the Cambodia area.
  7. it really don't matter! if they aren't any good they don't last!!
  8. Agree with above!
  9. We were on the Whisper when it was heading to drydock. Don't take a cruise just before drydock because they don't want leftovers. They were running low on quite a few things and had to pick up a little on the way. Plus there are workers hiding (?) in many nooks & cranny's. The menu is determined by a central HQ with a tight deviation.
  10. me too. that would be a very interesting email address.
  11. zqtchas


    They were referred to as trousers since that is what is on the form & is taken care of by spouse. It was my ineptitude to refer to them correctly. Also if they are bundled separately ie: all cold wash, all one color might help.
  12. zqtchas


    We're on free status. Pet peeve is that we like our pants creased in front. They like to press a flat front. We write that info on laundry on the instructions & it still happens. We tell the butler & sometimes that doesn't help. Even told next level up supervisor, still got thru. It's a constant battle if on a long cruise. I hope it's not just us!
  13. When you bring up cc to make a comment, at the bottom it shows a paper clip & click to choose files & it tells you fill size max. I am using a mini iPad & have loaded my pictures into photos. Just select. The amount of time depends on the satellite . I try one at a time. If it loads fast, I add more.
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