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  1. Just to add info...because somehow it seems like any first hand info...even if from a message board like this is helpful. So I have totally zeroed in on Target for my shopping needs. Compared to my local Publix and Walmart, if you need to go INTO the store, for my area, Target is the place to be...the others do not compare in terms of what they are doing to protect the shoppers. When I went shopping the other day...this is my experience... I drive into the parking lot area and before I have even entered the parking lot area, there is a sign that is advising everyone about Social Distancing, both in the parking lot and in the store. Only one entrance is open. The entrance near away from the grocery is all taped off with notices on everyday as well. No entrance there. Go over to the one closest to the grocery area and there is a sign, "Line starts here" on the auto sliding doors. Two workers are near the grocery carts. Both are wearing face masks and gloves. One is standing at the front of the collective of carts with what I would normally use to for a weed killer in a yard, spraying whatever on the floor and around the grocery carts. The other is closer to the people entering the store, and they wipe down the cart and ask if I would like one. And then shove the wiped down cart in my direction. The store is filled with respectful shoppers. If you hit the TP/paper towel aisle, there is at least one worker there who mans the aisle. You can see down the aisle to stock on hand, but basically a line forms and you will tell the person manning the aisle what product you want from what is available. There are limits so that inventory has a chance to reach everyone. The limits I observed were 1 Tp per person, 1 paper towel per person, 2 eggs, 2 breads, 2 meats. Bagels didn't count towards the loaves of bread. Size didn't matter. I bought the biggest package of Charmin!!!! (sorry to any Scotts fans...and maybe we got the septic tank friendly on the last run...not wonderful but better than nothing). I bought 2 packages of 18-count eggs, for example. In my experience, I have never seen such limited stock for purchase choices. For example, for rice, would you like parboiled brown or long-grain white from a brand I have never heard of before. With a grateful heart, I snagged a bag of the normal white rice. I was conscious of not picking and choosing items in the manner that I have in the past. Forget you break it, you buy it...it was you touch you, you buy it for me. And I hoped that others were the same way. It is self-check only. You will have to deal with everything, but as I pulled up to the available check out station, the one attendant there asked if I would like an extra cart to deal with the whole transfer...and yes, I would and did. In between each customer, the check out station was wiped down. Throughout the store, there were employees wiping down things like the handles on the doors for the freezer and refrigerated sections. I tell you that the set up the local Target store is far and above what I had been experiencing in other stores. It may not be true in other areas, but I could be at other stores in about 5 minutes, but I drive about 30 minutes to the Target because I feel like they do a good job of being as smart and as conscientious as you can be in these times, especially when I want things that aren't available for pick up. I share this in such detail because I know that there are lurkers, etc, reading this thread...people who may have a sense of knowing me from my posts, and I want to share this information because if I hadn't already scoped it out, this is info I would want to know. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  2. Cooking every night is HARD! I've always had issues with it. I've analyzed my issue though...and I have found that two things are what make it hard. 1. the CLEANING. Cooking can use so many prep dishes, cooking dishes, the eating dishes...OMG. With everyone home...multiple meals per day...just so. many. dishes. And then, 2. OMG...I get so sick of trying to figure out what to eat all the time! I don't have a regular rotation of meals...my shopping has always been very fluid...I used to be the queen of manager's specials...and then whatever is on sale in the produce department and then, somehow, I figure out dinner. It's nothing that is especially planned. I like the YOYO lunch but that just doesn't work for us. DH did his time sheet for yesterday and he had already worked almost 60 hours this week (carry over from Friday and then working over the weekend). He's pulling 12-16 hour days and he is often on a call and eating his lunch with his headset on mute...pausing in his meal when he has to speak. There is no time for him to get his own lunch. The closest I get to YOYO lunch is when I plan the make your own sandwich, build your own taco, build your own bowl kind of meal. I get the components ready...and often this is just chopping. Like poke bowls...OMG...we love our poke bowls, which is like sushi in rice bowl form. I thank God I have a rice cooker...made the poke, and the add ons and bam, done. I do a lot of meals that are stir fry like...one pot -ish. So I do a lot of chopping...and I actually love chopping. Very Zen. Very rhythmic. I have my fall back meals that I do when I just can't think of what else to do...but I like cooking so much that I generally seek out things. I must admit that I was feeling more lazy than not when DS was home over the break...and after he left, I was feeling bad that there were things that I didn't make for him while he was here. So I'm making up for that in a way...it's nice to have an appreciate audience! LOL. I had to go to the store today. I was going to try to put it off as long as possible, but then I ultimately decided that I should just get it done. I guess the latest talk is that Florida is going to peak around April 21 and all this talk about only going to even the grocery store if it is absolutely essential in the next two weeks...so I decided to just get it done. I shopped like the Zombie Apocalypse is happening...but I was seriously running out of everything, even pantry essentials like olive oil, etc. But it's all sorted now...and I'm hoping and praying that my too stuffed fridge won't freeze everything due to lack of air circulation!! How funny on the hummus. I feel that way about grits. OMG...DH and DS LOVE grits and I'm like...meh. I did figure out how to cook a cheesy version that is outstanding though. I like those. I need to do my nails...AGAIN. Did them over the weekend, but between cleaning the kitchen and other chores, I have casualties that are just bugging me to see...so I think I'll sit here and do my nails. I haven't posted purple hair pictures...the ones I took aren't the best...I wanted Dh to help me take some in the sunshine but it's just been so crazy around here...I keep forgetting.
  3. Hey @pacruise804! I have no idea how close you are to Philly? Have you ever eaten at Dizengoff? For that matter...has anyone else ever eaten there? It's in Philly. I've recently discovered it online because I was looking for different ways to eat hummus. I love hummus...and I have a great recipe for it. I still have 2 cans of chickpeas...was thinking about making hummus but was wondering how to turn hummus into a meal...and OMG, I found out how to do it. I guess there are Israeli restaurant called hummusiyas...which is basically a place where you can get hummus bowls. Think rice bowl, but instead of rice on the bottom, it's HUMMUS. The topping possibilities are endless. Serve with pita bread. So I go to the Dizengoff website to see if I can get a clue, knowing this will be difficult because it's the kind of place whose menu changes daily...and lo and behold, they have a COOKBOOK called Israeli Soul. My Overdrive library has it...now I have it...and I'm all over this idea of a hummus bowl for lunch sometime this week. I have to see what veg I have that will work the best...but I'm feeling good about this. AND...there's a pita bread recipe!!! The dough is entirely made in the food processor, whips up in 2 minutes...and you spend most of the time waiting for the dough to rise and rest. OMG...I'm so excited for this. But I was wondering if anyone had actually been there and if they had any favorite combinations that they could recommend... And for anyone interested...this is the hummus recipe that I love so much: https://www.inspiredtaste.net/15938/easy-and-smooth-hummus-recipe/ It's all about the methodology. That whole blend the lemon and tahini together first into a whip is KEY. IIRC, my food processor needs the quantity of a double batch to do it right. FYI.
  4. This was lunch I made last week: We love Indian food and used to regularly go to Indian buffets for lunch. We haven't been to one since moving to Florida. The broccoli dish is one that I have made for a long time now...it helps to put off the Indian craving. It's called Broccoli Do Pyaza, which literally means broccoli with onions. The other is Chana Masala which is a spicy chickpea dish...we love our spice so I actually don't add any sugar at all (the recipe does). I used the leftover broccoli over the weekend for a brunch meal (after morning smoothies). Roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes with the broccoli mix on top and over medium eggs on top of it all. Today's lunch will be the leftover Chana Masala with a Cabbage with Peas dish. I have falling into a pattern of a meatless lunch...or meatless dinner if lunch is meaty. Not just for health reasons...a bit of being able to use pantry items (chickpeas, beans, lentils) with helps to extend my time between grocery store visits. I haven't been to the grocery store in a bit. I've gone to Target to get the TP and then I did grab a few items while I was there (berries for oatmeal, etc.) and the one more extensive shopping I did when Publix didn't get the TP in and I tried to make it worth my while to be in the store. I've been thinking that I need to plan a visit to the store, but then I look at my fridge for real, and I realize that I have more food than I'm giving my kitchen credit for. I think I'm just used to seeing MORE in my fridge and that's making me think that I need to go shopping. So today, thanks to the couple of supplemental shopping trips (the TP search), I'm finally needing to prepare for another stock up type shopping trip like I did back around March 14. BUT, I don't want to go prematurely. I'm going to make myself a mask so that I can join the effort. I've shared this quote on other threads here, but I love the sentiment. "I wear a mask to protect you from me. You wear a mask to protect me from you." I'm going to take the time to really look at what I have on hand. Produce is what sends me back to the store...fast thoughts at my stock on hand though...and I keep thinking that I have several meals still. The house smells fabulous right now because I'm trying pumpkin bread. I have one can of Libby's and had 6 cans of Trader Joe's. There's only one egg left so I found an egg-free recipe for the bread using flax seed eggs so fingers crossed. I had bought so much pumpkin because I LOVE pumpkin bread so I stocked up back around Thanksgiving, but just never made any. I think that's the case with a lot of stuff in my pantry...things I've bought that I planned to do but because they weren't already in my rotation of things I normally do...I don't do them! So I'm getting over that. I think that's one very good thing about this situation...it's been forcing me to take a look at the way I do somethings and I think that I will be able to streamline some household responsibilities that have always been something of a headache for me.
  5. Did you see the update on the mask that uses a shoe lace instead of any elastic? You thread the shoe lace through the sides of the mask creating a loop at the top of the mask. That loop goes over your head, then you adjust the mask on the laces and then tie the laces together behind the neck. Think swim goggles. I'm going to be making them that way because I think the behind the ear elastics would be annoying with my glasses, and I like the idea of tying the mask into place.
  6. I’ve settled on this pattern for myself: https://www.craftpassion.com/face-mask-sewing-pattern/ I like the nose wire area and especially the adaption for the shoe string, which I think will be more comfortable than elastics, especially since I wear glasses. I think there may the option for a filter pocket too? I’ve been reading that vacuum bags make good filters, however, I’ve also been reading that it cuts down on the breathability of the face mask by a tremendous amount. If I make any with the pocket, it will definitely be just one or two because I don’t anticipate needing that much...seems excessive for my situation. I’m so glad I recently catalogued all my fabric...think I’ll be sewing tomorrow.
  7. I recently read a motto, I guess you could say, regarding the wearing of masks. It is, “I wear a mask to protect you from me, you wear a mask to protect me from you.” I understand that it’s become almost the polite thing to do now...especially if you live in an urban or are visiting a population dense area. Especially in grocery stores now, wearing a mask is perceived to help keep stock on hand more sanitary than if people were not wearing one. I dont want my earlier post interpreted to be negative on mask wearing. I think it is important to understand how mask wearing is beneficial and how it isn’t. People could get a false sense of security with some safety precautions. Im thinking I’ll be making some masks soon...
  8. Laurie...such an interesting answer about how you are so busy. It makes so much sense to read but I wouldn't have gotten there on my own. There is so much great entertainment to be hand online right now. Is everyone aware of the YouTube channel "The Show Must Go On"? The current show is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat...and there will be other Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals released every Friday, beginning with a "live" showing that begins at 7:00 PM London time. And then the musical is available to stream for 48 hours following that production. The Metropolitan Opera has nightly streams and some availability for 20 hours following? This is big news...the Bolshoi ballet online! http://www.danceaustralia.com.au/news/watch-the-bolshoi-online-for-the-first-time-in-its-history If you have any interest in performances of arts that may not be feasible to go to...now is the time to look and see if they are offering some online performances. Several popular artists are also doing "living room concerts". There's just a lot going on though online community right now. I watched the Joseph Dreamcoat film last night. What a hoot!! Very entertaining...really cheesy in some places but a lot of good quality singing and dancing. Margaret was telling me about the Apache dance. Maybe she could share that here too. She's the knowledgeable one on that. I just finished doing a pedi/mani on the veranda. I love that word... Toes are green and fingers are bright red/orange...the color is called geranium.
  9. I believe the whole scarf wearing recommendations are coming from the idea that so many are asymptomatic and still spreading the virus...wearing the scarf is one of the best protections to help prevent those that are contagious from spreading the virus. I was doing a bit of research to see about ways to wear a scarf for sun protection a while back...and if you look that up...there are videos that are out there, intended for that purpose, that can help you transform a scarf into a face mask. It may be a bit too reminiscent of certain religions for some? But this was the simplest video I had found when doing the sun protection research:
  10. I can't believe it's April!! OMG...IDK...it feels like I was just getting ready for our February cruise... I want to do more of a clean out with my wardrobe. I put off thinking about some things because I was waiting to see how the cooler weather would actually be down here. I recall there being some significant cold snaps in Houston...but wasn't sure how it would be here. I know each year and season can be different...and I wouldn't want to necessarily get rid of all clothing that is cooler weather related...I do like to travel...when we can...but I think I have way more than I would need. I'm slightly concerned over making too many decisions in this current situation though... It just seems like the perfect time to really go through stuff though...
  11. Wow Melody...always blows my mind to see your snow! I'm sitting here on the patio, listening to the birds...the sun is shining, the skies are clear...it's going to be mid-80s today. We had the most fabulous news yesterday. I have expressed how having all of DS's stuff still in his hall room has been weighing on me. The residence contract ends late June and he was going to have to extend it through the end of his academic year (RAM goes longer than UL) and while I figured that we were good through the contract...I'm not sure that June will even be long enough with the way things are going...and having to continue to pay the rent on the hall while he isn't even there...UGH. So we got word that there have been so many that have moved out of the halls...and so many who left all their belongings there...that the halls are offering for everyone to be able to store their belonging in their room while they are not living there. They are recognizing that there were many who just got the h*ll out of Dodge, so to speak, and basically abandoned non-essentials in their escape to a safer place, usually "home" which could be outside the UK, if not just out of London. Everyone who wishes to can store their belongings in their own room for a FRACTION of the price of rent, like less than 10%!! At least until the stay-at-home restrictions have been loosed enough to make moving around London a possibility. Whew. I'm so relieved!! Even afterwards, they have made it clear that you can appoint designated people to be your representative to clear out your stuff if you are unable to be there. We can cross that bridge when we get there...meanwhile...it would appear that there are a bunch of us in that boat I was concerned about...and I am beyond thrilled with how reasonable the halls are being in this situation!
  12. We were fortunate enough to take a cruise in early February. DH and I had a lot of fun dressing up and really didn't spend too much time on it. I wanted some good pictures of the two of us and so we did spend some time looking nice. I can back thinking that it would be fun for us to plan at home date nights. Not necessarily formal nights at home, but something along those lines. Something a bit nicer than the norm. And maybe even once a month, or a quarter, or whenever we feel like, but more often than NEVER...do have a formal night. Have an excuse to wear fancy clothes. So what if we are just eating at home? I had also thought that it would be fun to have a more dressed up table. Use the silver. Use the must be washed by hand glasses. But still have "normal" food. Don't think that the kitchen needs to go into overdrive just because we are going to use nicer place settings. Your post totally reminds me of these ideas...
  13. Cruisemom...I hope you can get outside! I think my family would all be going a bit loopy here if we weren't able to at least walk/be around outside here. The fresh air...even if it's cold...and hopefully sunshine would be really therapeutic.
  14. I've read that lack of crisp is the biggest difference between the air fryer and a convection oven. I wonder what people cook in their air fryer? I use the toaster function for breakfast sandwiches and bagels. I roast veggies A LOT...like A LOT. I've discovered that my family is all very partial to roast veg. DS has always been hypersensitive to texture...roast vegetables hit that sweet spot. Of course, potatoes, sweet potatoes, other roots like beetroot, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, etc etc. I rarely use the oven for meat. Meat is grilled more often than not, though I did broil some in NC where our living situation limited grilled access. My oven is big enough to be the second oven on big cooking events like Thanksgiving. The air fryer seems like it would have a limited capacity...and I guess I don't get what people use it for? I don't think I do the kind of cooking that a pressure cooker would be good for either. It seems like all the food would be wet and mushy? What do you cook in a pressure cooker? I used to use my slow cooker a lot more...and I still use it occasionally. Mostly soup and a few braised meat dishes, but I've found that I end up precooking a lot of the food for such things in on the stove first...like onions, etc. and then add it to the slow cooker...unless I have a need to have food be able to hang around and "be ready"...I resent having to clean the slow cooker. It's a PITA LOL. Last night I made comfort pasta. A riff on a Cacio e Pepe type recipe and a pasta dish we had at Wolfgang Puck's Express in what used to be Downtown Disney. 1 half onion diced, 1 large glove of garlic, 3 pieces of bacon, 1 chicken breast, 1 cup of peas. BUTTER!! Tons of fresh ground pepper. Spaghetti pasta. Parmesan. Parmesan isn't the preferred cheese...it doesn't melt as nicely into a creamy sauce thing with the pasta water (look up the recipes) but it worked well enough to make a batch of seriously tasty feels special pasta. I'm mentioning here because a Cacio e Pepe pasta is so easy and fast. Today's menu is Indian for lunch...making a broccoli based dish and a chickpea masala to serve over rice. Dinner will be tacos again. I made tacos two nights ago and we have some left over meat. I think we'll have breakfast tacos for dinner...let the eggs and potatoes stretch the little bit of meat left over...and of course, the homemade pico! Melody...I'm so glad to hear how Les is improving. Have fun making pasta tonight! I kind of wish you could record your pasta making session...then we ALL could learn to make fagiole!
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