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  1. Homeland security requires passenger manifests to be submitted 72 hours prior to departure. So that would be the cutoff for booking, I believe. The definition of "last minute" has changed since 9/11. There's no such thing as showing up at the port to see if there are any empty staterooms still available. You are able to cruise at the most popular, busiest time in the Alaska cruise season. Many times, "deals" can start be seen beginning right after last payment due, which may be 60-90 days before sailing, depending on the cruise line. Making a deal after final payment will require full payment at time of booking so you will want to be confident that you have seen the lowest price before booking because there will be no refund in fare should the fare go down further. Generally speaking, after having watched the fares for Alaska...the RT fares aren't so cheap, even with last minute deals. I've seen very inexpensive one ways...usually northbound more than southbound. One of the more difficult aspects of cruising last minute and on a bare bones budget to Alaska will be on your expectations in each port. It is absolutely possible to have no planned excursions and enjoy the trip...but if you are hopeful of doing something more planned, many excursions are booked up to one year in advance, sell out, and are really expensive. My advice would be to get your expectations set appropriately...it is absolutely possible, so I'm not raining on the idea...just fulfilling the asked request for advice. Meanwhile...get a budget set and be watching the fares. Figure out what ships are possibilities for your idea...who is sailing out of what on what itinerary...become knowledgable about the ports on those itineraries and begin to be familiar with the fares so that you can distinguish between "clever marketing" and real discounts.
  2. Laurie! I love that suit! So from the back it looks like you are wearing a bikini right? I think it looks great. We are so hard on ourselves. The color is excellent...love the detail.
  3. Here you go Laurie...I'll share first. Here's my new suit. The one I altered the top on. After being in the hot tub so much...the top is a different color than the bottom now. My face is a little overly red too...because it's slightly embarrassing to take these photos... This is the cover up I wear with it for now: I love the pattern of this material...it's very Earth too. My tunic cover up...It's also a little on the bright side...but it's actually earth: I can't get the photo to flip...this is my new rash guard. I love the colors in the print. It's a nice change from the solid red ones I have. The new suit here goes with it as well as the black briefs under the teal briefs. The black ones have some gathers on the sides that are nice...they break up the expanse of fabric. It's a bit like sorry not sorry I don't have pictures of me in the suits on the ship. I only wore them exposed like this to go to the Thermal Suite and then the hot tubs. Neither of those places seems like photo ops to me...so many people around. I suppose I could have stepped out onto the balcony to be on the ship but we were always raring to go to either the spa or the hot tub so...pictures from home. My new EVA Birks are awesome. They were the perfect thing on the ship.
  4. I'm catching up on the posts in between dealing with stuff...just finished looking at the swim suits Margaret posted. I really like that keyhole designed tankini. Very nice styling. I absolutely LOVE the shorts...the bright eggplant geo print is a FANTASTIC color...and I love it. Wondering if the solid fabric is more earthy? Thinking that the print is't so much...but wondering if I really care? LOL. Here's a crazy...I've cruised quite a bit recently...and I was wearing a swim suit much more often that I have in the past...even at home with the kayaking, etc., and here's what I've determined for myself. As much as I enjoy the modesty of a tankini...I find them to be really annoying. Totally agree with you Laurie on the way they bubble up in a hot tub. Someone was wearing one on Harmony last week and I could tell it was so annoying for the woman wearing it. Also...if I actually go swimming...I ALWAYS wear a rash guard...so the extra fabric of the tankini is bothersome. Not needed. So I don't see why I would ever buy one again. Lately, I've been sporting full on bikinis...and I'm LOVING it. Don't like the way I look...and have decided to totally not care. The bikini tops work best under the rash guard...and they are the most comfortable thing in the hot tub. Why? Because I HATE, really strong word...but absolutely I do...I really HATE going to the toilet in a one piece suit. It's why I started wearing tankinis, but they are so annoying...bikini it is. It's very challenging to get a decent coverage bikini top. I have found two though...and both have higher waist briefs...so they stay put on me (my belly makes some bikini brief waistbands roll down...very sad...and annoying). The latest bikini I got on clearance from Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Women-s-Plus-Solid-Cabo-Ruffle-Bikini-Swimsuit-Top/676251857 I got the pieces for $15 each. The top was full coverage on the front. I had to buy the 1X size to get the full coverage and then I took about 5-6" of material out of the back of the swim suit. I've figured it out. I'm like a 1X in front (size 16 or so) and a L in the back. So if I just plan to alter stuff for a while, I can get what I want. The color in the suit I got is a lovely teal color. Not the color currently online. This is the style that's really close to the other bikini I have: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Time-and-Tru-Women-s-high-neck-printed-halter-bikini-top/900733255 Mine is a burgundy and rosy toned pattern. Again, pretty good coverage. The coverage is what helps it feel comfortable in terms of wearability. I don't love the way I look...but everything is covered and fitting properly...I don't need to make adjustments to the fit of the suit. The suits are easy to wear. Lately, I've just been wearing a sports bra under my rash guard. With a brief bottom. My swim suits didn't dry much between wearings on the cruise...if it wasn't already dry when I headed back to the stateroom. I brought the two bikinis...and another pair of briefs and a sports bra to wear with a rash guard. I kind of sort of flip flopped between the bikinis on the ship for using the thermal spa and the hot tubs. I did the rash guard outfit for the beach day. I forgot to bring my kayaking shorts to wear over the briefs for leaving the ship on the beach day. I did have a pair of quick dry, but more normal shorts, to wear on board for being able to eat breakfast and feeling more appropriately dressed. I also brought along two different cover ups for wearing with the two different bikinis on the ship. One is one of those sheer black robe styles that have a time right under the bust line. The kind that is really square when flat...with a seam up the sides and all that extra fabric hanging below the arms? The other is a long sleeved tunic style...I've had it for a while. It's a warm fushia color with orange embroidery. It pulls over head and has the same tie under the bust line. I like the ease of getting the robe style on and off...nice to not pull some thing over head...but I hate the way it flaps open when I walk around. The other solves that but the pull over head is annoying sometimes. Other than the missing kayak shorts to wear over the swim briefs...I think I did well for the 7-night cruise. Basically, 3 swim suits, 2 cover ups, rash guard...in future, remember the kayaking shorts. IF I had cute short style, board short style swim bottoms...then I wouldn't need the kayaking shorts to feel more comfortable walking around in just swim bottoms. If that makes sense. It helps me to do these little write ups...hope it isn't too annoying to read how I sort though my thoughts!
  5. Could someone please answer? I don't have a cruise close enough on the books to figure out the answer for myself. Do you pay 18% on top of the cost per day for the beverage package as it is listed in the cruise planner? Does it get added when you add it to the cart and then pay? I'm asking because I just returned from sailing Harmony, didn't buy a package, and now I'm trying to see about where we might get a benefit for cruising with a package versus paying OOP. It held steady at $61 pppd...and I might recall seeing it drop to $54 at some point...trying to figure out if that advertised price is the full price or if you pay 18% on top of that when you check out. TIA
  6. Membership expires and all points are lost if three years time passes without cruising with MSC. So, if your status match and membership was done longer than 3 years ago, and you never sailed with MSC, then your membership did indeed expire and you will need to apply for membership again.
  7. Happy Monday! We're back from our fabulous week on Harmony! I must confess...even though many photos were requested...I didn't end up taking very many photos at all. This cruise was all about relaxing and being on vacation...as opposed to TRAVELing...which can involve more activity and more alarms and schedules and DOING...and for this cruise...we were all about BEING. I loved our itinerary. We started off with two Sea Days...then two port days...another Sea Day...and then CocoCay on the last day. What a fabulous itinerary! Starting off with the relaxation do whatever you want to kind of days was an excellent start to the week...and then having two easy ports...a bit of activity...and then a FULL Sea Day to get back to doing whatever you want...and then the private beach...SUPER easy day on the last day was wonderful. At the beach, I didn't worry about packing later, etc., and the fact that it was the last day...I was too distracted to be bothered about such worries so I definitely enjoyed the last day of the cruise as much as the first...and that's kind of rare for me on that last day. It'll take me a while to deal with my photos... We did however...for one of the first times EVER...take a LOT of the formal portraits. I realized how much I enjoy my formal cruise portraits (they are hanging on the wall) and I wanted more. It's hard otherwise to get photos of DH and I together. I spent quite a bit of time figuring out my evening outfits...and then I helped DH plan his so that he at least coordinated with mine so that we had a chance at better photos. I did buy the 6 digital photo package...which represents 5 different nights on board (two were from the same night)...so I have those photos. Really...I just don't have photos of me wearing my swim suits...not a problem LOL...and the two activewear outfits I brought along. I need to mix up getting some things done around the house...which is slightly at war with my desire to share all about our cruise...but I do greatly desire to get home back into the shape it was in when Debbie left. It's really nice to be in such a clean and tidy space!! LOL. I'll be on and off today...
  8. Mariner 3-night. November 29, 2019. Cruise Compass. Day 1. Embarkation. Departing Port Canaveral. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dHVegWT5PzyzO3Z5YgLdgPfjjEDxtsvt/view?usp=sharing Day 2. Nassau. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LovCar0mLiSo2bp6wp9v6kPwOKwfoOde/view?usp=sharing Day 3. Perfect Day at CocoCay https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pu8fr8UxmYKBlDU58X222lBGmjONG2AY/view?usp=sharing
  9. We sail Sunday. February 9. Won’t have internet until San Juan...question?
  10. Sally...I think I'm happy to hear that you might have an accurate diagnosis? I looked up that other lung thing and it sounded like rough business...and while this resistant pneumonia doesn't sound like a picnic...maybe the recovery will be quicker than what I had read about the other. I hope that with treatment targeted toward the actual situation that you can finally be on the road to recovery and put this whole situation behind you. Enjoy and eat! Laurie...I wouldn't ever laugh at checking in early. I think part of my reasoning for pushing it is because we are driving to the port...it's like I used to think about the vacation starting with the flight...nothing more to do...all packed and heading out...and that doesn't happen until you are literally in your car driving to the port if all you are doing is driving to the port...so the whole check in process is a bit like that signal that vacation is starting... I do have another indicator this time...Debbie and family is coming to stay in our apartment and keep our Grace kitty company while we are on the cruise. I had been wondering what in the world we were going to do about Grace...she is a rescue kitty...and spent the early years on her own...found pregnant and guessed to be about 18 months old...and then we adopted her...she does seem to be sensitive to being left alone...and I just can't stand the thought of her in a kennel....and so...Debbie answered the call to help a Florida kitty have company! Woot woot! Yay Debbie! It's a win win really. We have an empty apartment and Debbie's family is able to heed the call of Disney with the "grands" as she says. Our 3-bedroom apt is well suited for the trip she has planned and DH and I are absolutely thrilled. She is taking us to and from the port!! LOL...arriving on Saturday...whenever they drive into town...could be early Sunday...they'll pack in and adjust after we leave and hopefully everyone will have an excellent week...DH and I on the cruise...Debbie et al in Orlando/Disney/whatever else they decide to do! Super fun stuff! And while I know that Debbie doesn't want me to go to any trouble with them coming...it has been a great incentive for me to get some cleaning and organizing done. Something that I always relied on in the past (hosting family events, etc.) to help give that little bit of motivation that helps me do things that otherwise might slide... I still haven't figured out exactly what I'm bringing. I'm wanting to NOT necessarily wear my activewear on the port days...but it'll be a lot of walking...so... Tomorrow is an off Friday for DH but because of the timing of things...he will need to put in some hours tomorrow...which is just as well...I have things to do to prep for the cruise...not the least of which is doing all my nails after figuring out my travel wardrobe!!
  11. Sooooooo...I know this thread is about Project Runway...but I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen Next in Fashion on Netflix? It's another sewing design runway challenge type reality show.
  12. 3 days!! We sail Sunday. OMG...They say you can check in on line up to 3 days before sailing...and so today...I was so worried because we still hadn't checked in...so I checked in this morning, but DH was at work...so I took the selfie of a picture of him using a photo of him on my computer! OMG...it worked...I mean...It looks like him...and they accepted it...so...there you go. I showed DH that photo of the lips and the model and he liked it...so I might give it a go on one of the formal nights. I'm wearing the same dress for both nights. Think I will just play with my hair, etc...go for two different looks which will be a little challenging because the dress is distinctive with the black and dark blue lace. I know you are all packed up but I'm still deciding what I'm bringing. We're taking a fair amount of "stuff" so I'm really wanting to have my clothing choices be streamlined. I have a few alterations that I'm going to work on today. I'm hoping that I can get this one Soft Surroundings dress to fit properly.
  13. Question...what do you think of lip liner? I was able to check out the Feb 2020 Vogue from the Library and there is an article in there about 90s lip liner making a comeback...that is to say...lip liner that is a standout, not trying to blend, against a lighter lip color. A quick google search and I found the tweet from January: Funny thing...today I was playing with lip color and I used my trusty lip liner...which is the recommended 1-2 shades darker than my natural lip color...and the lip gloss that I wanted to wear didn't blend...and I struggled because I wanted the lip liner so that my lips looked fuller and I didn't mind the look...but being the NOT fashion person that I am...I didn't realize that this was EVER a thing...and so I figured out a way to fix the look and not have the big contrast... What do you think of the contrast though...it's kind of dramatic...and I'm wondering what it might be like to do it for photos on a formal night. Opinions?
  14. So sorry! I'll aim to get the compasses loaded before this weekend. We didn't go to any shows. Not sure what other entertainment options you might be referring to?
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