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  1. Wonderful to hear that things are going well! I, along with Musky Ike will be boarding when you depart. Keep us updated!
  2. Yep, all we have gotten so far is who our Captain is...I guess that's the most important, at least someone will be in command of the ship 😂
  3. @WestcoastGirl12I'm beginning to think that we aren't going to have one, there is zero information! If I see anything, I will let our group know.
  4. Does anyone know who is taking over for CD when Matt O'Brien departs the Island? We haven't received any emails giving any indication of who anyone is other than our captain...hmph!
  5. They had $1 deposit last year on Valentine’s Day...I’m kinda hoping for it again to book our honeymoon cruise!
  6. They are to be switching over to the medallion in December 2020.
  7. Big fan of the pizza on Princess, and was pleasantly surprised by Alfredos. It is different from the generic slices in that you create your own, it's wood-fired, and a thicker crust. Can't help with comparisons, but just like all food is on ships, it's very subjective...just as it's subjective as to whether NY pizza is superior to Chicago pizza...oh who am I kidding, deep dish is king!
  8. Loving your live posts. We will be onboard the Island in 40 days! Hopefully your trip around Cape Horn are as smooth as they can be.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm down one pound since last week. I have joined an accountability program through my health insurance which just started yesterday so hopefully it keeps me on track! -Kara
  10. Unfortunately they don't allow you to utilize the dining credit online...you will have to call the DINE line once you board, or go the the restaurant of choice to make a reservation. Your credit will be applied as you finish your meal. -Kara
  11. Hi everyone, Hoping it's ok that I jump in and join the weekly weigh-in threads. I have a two week trip coming up mid-March with Disney and then a partial transit of the PC. I'm really hoping to lose at least 20 pounds between now and then! I'm hoping that this will add a bit of accountability each week...as of yesterday I am down 1lb. I have to keep up with drinking 8+ glasses of water each day to flush my system, as well as get on my bike for at least 30 min each night. Has anyone felt that bringing out the clothes and swim suits you plan on packing, and trying them on helps like a little fire to keep going, or does it lower that confidence and cause you to want to quit? -Kara
  12. We are going to be using Frederico and Relax Day Tours for our upcoming visit to Puerto Limon. I'm happy to hear that your experience was a good one.
  13. See you on board, we hop on, on the 17th for 10 days!
  14. This happened to me as well, I had to update my password to a more secure one. There was no email about it expiring, or anything, but I just did "forgot password" and created a new one with all of their new requirements and it has worked perfectly ever since. -Kara
  15. I've known my travel agent since I was five, she's basically family, so I know that she's going to go above and beyond anything that I ask...I mean, I didn't even ask her to make group bookings yet, but she went ahead and made sure we had 30 cabins on hold for the time being. Yep, tons of time-checked today to see if the day we want and time slot was still available on ROE's calendar, which it was.
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