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  1. After reading that article I would imagine if at all possible a cruise line will opt for the 95%/98% vaccination option to avoid the test cruise option for fear of hitting the 1.5% infection rate and having to stop the cruise and possibly have to do it all over again.
  2. Sure hope that's the case as we just finished paying for a B2B2B on the Edge out of Ft Lauderdale starting July 24th. 🤞🤞
  3. Just as a side note, we have a B2B2B booked on the Edge scheduled to sail from Ft Lauderdale starting July 24th, with the 3rd leg being directly booked through Celebrity yesterday and all 3 cruises being successfully hooked together. So our fingers are definitely crossed that we will actually be able to sail on all 3 B2B2B legs.
  4. Actually, CDC has some significant power over the states regarding this proof of vaccination issue when it comes to the cruise lines. For more information if you're interested in the breakdown of this new Florida law and the governor's EO as it pertains to the cruise lines, you may want to start reading at post #5043 posted by @Homosassa on the "vaccine" thread over on the Celebrity forum. It definitely helped clear up some worrisome issues for me as well as others. Are vaccines the light at the end of the tunnel? - Page 202 - Celebrity Cruises - Cruise Critic Community
  5. If I might ask, what are SXM cruises? Update: Ahhh, SXM is the code for San Maarten airport.
  6. The crew of ships going out of Port Everglades (Ft Lauderdale) can probably also get their vaccine over at PortMiami as the two ports are only 32 miles away
  7. Looks like the Equinox crew got their vaccinations this morning at PortMiami before heading back out to sea. Crew Members Begin to Get Vaccinated as Cruise Industry Prepares Return (cruisehive.com)
  8. Can anyone watch? If so, would it be possible for you to share the link?
  9. Since the CSO states that only 7 day cruises will be allowed to/from a US port before Nov 1st, maybe they're going to discuss the new sailing schedules for the Equinox (Caribbean) and Millennium (Panama Canal) out of Ft Lauderdale and the Millennium (Panama Canal) out of San Diego as they both are offering longer than 7 day cruises. But, that's just a guess.
  10. OK, I got the CB (Caribbean Princess) and PE (Port Everglades), but what is PC?
  11. That would be great! Hopefully Celebrity will come up with an app for that real soon to allow us to upload that information into our online accounts.
  12. Then those folks with comorbidities should really think hard about going on a cruise this summer. I know we have no concerns about cruising this summer as we're in our late 60s, in good health and will hopefully be leaving on July 24th on the Edge out of Ft Lauderdale. The reason we have no concerns is (1) we've both been vaccinated, (2) knowing my DW we'll probably be wearing masks in all indoor public areas, (3) we will definitely social distance from folks, (4) spend a lot of sea time on our balcony and (5) always dine at a table for 2. We'll pre-book cruise line excursions until we spend a
  13. I may have missed it somewhere, but does anyone have an educated guess if Princess will opt to bypass the Phase 2B simulated cruises by conforming to the CDC 95%/98% vaccination rule on their Phase 4 restricted cruises? If so, which Princess ship looks like it has the best chance to be chosen to do the first restricted cruises and out of which port?
  14. No idea, but I would imagine you're probably correct as the CDC guidance that came out last Thursday along with Florida and other states all of the sudden allowing crew to get vaccinated, caught all of the cruise lines a little off guard, of which I'm sure none are complaining. All I know is that the Edge has been hanging out around Antigua for the past few weeks and is now heading back towards Miami. The Equinox is now heading back to out to sea after being docked this morning at PortMiami for a period of time, maybe long enough to get their existing crew vaccinated.
  15. That falls in line with what I just noticed on the X website. The Inside and Oceanview cabins on the Edge's scheduled July-Aug cruises have now been marked as Sold Out while the Equinox cruises in the same time frame are listed as bookable. X initially applied the same strategy with their start-up St Maarten cruises, but recently opened them back up when they couldn't reach their target 50% capacity.
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