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  1. Isn’t the S2 cabin cool? We loved going to sleep and waking up with the curtains left open so we could look out at the ocean! We also initially wondered why they had that window between the bathroom and main cabin and kept the slider closed for the first few days. Then we decided to keep it open and what a difference it made with bringing light into an otherwise dark bathroom area! We also had a lot of fun with the Luminae staff as we were there for 3 weeks. Marco was the maitre d’ in August and he was a lot of fun to talk with when you get him talking about some of the characters he sees coming to dine in the Luminae. 😎
  2. I just noticed if you do a search for cruises on the =X= website, there is a new option in the "Filter By" section to refine your search - "Cruise Only Rates" Give it a try and see if it helps you narrow your search.
  3. FWIW we have sailed a few times in Sky Suites and, you’re right, it’s nothing like cruising in a Princess Vista Suite. But, on our 25 day Easter Island cruise from FtLauderdale to Santiago is a VS on the Island Princess, we were very well treated. If I might add there is a Panama Canal cruise out of SFO in April on the Caribbean Princess you may also want to check out. We’re booked in an aft-facing VS on her and let me tell you, we are definitely looking forward to that 18 day itinerary! The key for us with Princess is her longer itineraries, which unfortunately X has very few of.
  4. If I might ask, what special perks are you afraid of losing if you upgrade to a higher category which will include the All Included perks?
  5. Can’t wait to compare your impressions of the Edge to our experiences on her in August! You are going to have a great cruise!!
  6. That is so weird. We had a HAL PCC from 2012-2018, we told them we were both retired military and they said they only on occasion give military discounts to active duty personnel. Oh well, learn something new everyday. What’s also interesting is it’s not mentioned anywhere on the HAL site.
  7. I always think it's interesting how they include the additional "refundable" charge in with the military discount on a nonrefundable booking confirmation to make it look like you're getting a big discount where in fact you're just getting $100 for the military perk and avoiding the $380 charge for making the booking refundable.
  8. Spif, I was referring to their reference to HAL giving out booking perks for retired military. Celebrity definitely does as well as Princess.
  9. My DW and I are both retired military and have sailed with HAL for many years except for the last few. I was aware they periodically gave active duty personnel some discounts at times, but was unaware they provide any form of a military discount to retired individuals. Has their policy changed? If so, would you mind sharing what that is as I can't find any reference to it on their website.
  10. Also, not quite sure NCL has their COVID strategy down yet, as all of their ships sailing from US ports right now (i.e., Breakaway, Encore and Gem, all with the CDC Restricted status designation) are either Yellow or Orange. But, in time, I'm sure they'll figure what the necessary combination of preventative measures should be to get their ships into the Green. Cruise Ship Color Status | Quarantine | CDC
  11. Just checked and it seems to add the $100 credit per person for previously sailing with Princess. At least it appears that way on the cruises we currently have booked.
  12. NCL seems to be having an issue with all of their ships sailing out of US ports with the "Restricted" status, Breakaway, Encore and Gem. Cruise Ship Color Status | Quarantine | CDC
  13. From what I can tell, the price has definitely gone up on your cruise since you booked it, especially since your booking confirmation suggests you booked a refundable fare and the "fake booking" reflects a nonrefundable fare. The fare on a couple of our more popular booked itineraries have gone up $1,700 pp for an AQ since we booked them last winter. But, then, on some of our others the price went down and we were able to cash in via either getting a refund posted back to our CC or having OBC posted to our account if it was after FP.
  14. Just curious, were you ever required to wear a mask while on the ship? Also, could you book your own private excursions or just walk around the port on your own or were you limited to the excursions offered by NCL?
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